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This Quiz May Help You Understand The Confusion Of Relationships And If You And Your Crush Are Actually Compatible. Take This Fun And Easy Quiz To Find The Truth.

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    Do you talk to him/her?

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DepressedNoodle (59148)
8 hours ago
Guys!! Plz help me, idk how to talk to my crush, he supposedly *maybe* likes me but idk, anytime I want to talk to him (in a friend group) he only laughs or smiles but doesn't say anything. HELP
Hopefully (01633)
2 days ago
I hope things will work out for me and Logan💕💕💕 and I hope we have a future together.
Some Lucky Guy (09032)
2 days ago
Yo, yall you dude out there doing this test (the very few percentage of them lol) need to realize that a girl is a lot harder to win then hold her hand and kiss her on the lips.You have to show her intimacy, and that you really care about her. If you don't, sure she'll feel great being with you but soon she'll get sick of you and dump you for someone who's much kinder. Moral of the story: Its the little things that really count. Compliment her on her outfit everyday. Offer to carry her backpack or books. Anything to show her that you care. Trust me, these tactics worked for me and im the happiest guy ive ever been
Juice Box (58630)
6 days ago
It says 99.9% chance its gonna happen but I messed up. I thought this was a friendship test. When it asked about living together I was leaning more towards roommates. LmaoTHIS IS CONFUSING. I DONT WANT TO DATE XD
Jaden Vickers (22650)
9 days ago
So, this is long story, but, me and a guy in my class have been flirting for 2 years straight, also I'm failing to mention we have dated 10 time in the past two years, me and him are so good together everyone says but we break up because of small little things that others say, then we go through heart break, he cheated on me once, I cheated on him and he doesn't even know, I love him and I have for Two years now, and he says he loves me, we know everything about each other I sit in his lap were very sexual and I'd totally have💗with him if I could, he's so cute and we've been dating for 2 weeks now, and I'm planning on kissing him soon, but IDK how to. Anyway yeah. Just thought I'd share a story like everyone else.
Julie (70096)
18 days ago
not gonna lie, we just started talking but when a feeling about him just won't go away and seeing him and being around him makes me happy I just always wanna be near him and close to himbut another girl likes him so idk man
Casey (63838)
19 days ago
I’ve been talking to this boy non stop for a week we met at a football game and have been texting I feel like we really have a connection but he seems to be pulling back idk why idk what to say
ELLA.T. (41314)
21 days ago
Ella (37025)
24 days ago
dear mj, yes! he obviously wants to get to know you better- probably even more-,but if you dont feel the same way, you should still be polite with him. If you do want to be friends with him and maybe even more, then go for it! just make sure he knows your limits and he dont get to touchy, hon. I hope that you see my advice and adn take it. Ly ~ella
Elizabeth (94719)
24 days ago
I'm a Leo and he's a Leo are we compatible?
mj (76535)
26 days ago
HELPPPPP! So theres this guy in my english class, and before we moved seats in class, we sat on the opposite sides of the room from each other. he would constantly stare at me, and whenever i caught him and like smiled he looked away but i usually always caught him. anyways we moved seats and now he sits directly behind me. so now i dont know if he stares at me bc yeah but like he constantly brings up convos with me. help do u think he likes me
Invisible girl (80329)
26 days ago
So there’s this guy who I really like. He’s a year older than me
It started like this. During a vacation, he randomly sends me a message Snapchat, asking whether I was this other girl. So from there we started talking. A lot. He knew so much about me. I knew stuff about him too. But I had so many exams. I needed to focus. I liked him a lot already then. We constantly flirted. He gave me motivation to push myself foreword. He is a very smart guy. You know the guy who is cute, is super smart and plus plays football. He asked me out on multiple dates. But since I had my exams I declined all of them. When I said I had exams, he said he’d wait. We even exchanged numbers at one point. After I finished my tenth grade, he asked me out on another date I went on a date with him. He was charming. But now, we barely talk. I talk to his sister. We’re pretty tight. She says I’m the only girl he’s ever talked to her about. But he apparently doesn’t want to date because he think that I won’t be able to handle him. And he says he’s going to college next year. I don’t understand this. I mean he still stares at me in school. We have long eye contacts. I like him a lot. Like too much. Now I’m helpless and don’t know what to do. I’ve tried moving on but I can’t. It’s too difficult.
Re: Some Girl (79302)
26 days ago
So, my friends & I have read your well-written story and this is what we have to say:
1. Girl, please don’t let him influence your decision on where you decide to go to school. Don’t torture yourself like that.
2. As hard as it may be, don’t settle for someone that doesn’t put you first. If this guy said that he loved you, but continued to stay with his long-distance girlfriend... clearly something is up.
3. You might not be able to get over him and that’s okay, your first love will always have a special spot, but it’s time for you to accept that this is not your time. You need to let nature work it’s path. Though this is extremely cliche, if it’s meant to be, it will all work out. This time is yours, to figure out yourself and your needs.
4. Be strong. We have all been in a similar positions and we are here for you! You deserve someone to love you as much as you love this boy.

Hope this helps
Some dude (92067)
28 days ago
So there’s girl who is a year younger than me I’ve had a crush on her since 1st grade one of my good friends also likes her but he is like a brother to her but anyways the girl and me talked last year for probably almost 8 hours a day but she was with my best friend and we talk that whole year and we had a lot of intemint moments and honestly I loved her and still do. And then summer happened and we didn’t talk and at the end of the summer she comes up to me and says something about seeing me about a month ago and I had forgotten about it and she kept asking all about me and then she finally said I broke up with my boyfriend (which me and my best friend hadn’t talked that whole year because he was jealous) and I was thinking great and then school started up and we were talking again and I thought I had a really good chance. I finally told her one day that I liked her and she never said anything back and now she is dating someone else. But my best friend for the last year or so is dating her best friend and said that his girlfriend (who is my crushes best friend) said that probably the reason she says she likes this other guy is just to make me jealous so I don’t know what to do
Some girl (16802)
45 days ago
[My story starts at Part 1 three comments below]

I felt betrayed and disillusioned. So I quit all contact with him and erased him from my life. Later he broke up with his girlfriend but I would find out later. Keep in mind, the fact that he was falling for me, that he enjoyed our time together beyond the physical aspect, this was all revealed to me later. At the time, I thought he cared nothing about me. He would never tell me how he felt because he was afraid of saying it out loud.

I didn’t know he liked the wildness of my hair, the crinkle in my nose when I laugh, or the nervous habit I have of rambling. I didn’t know he noticed my distress or my anguish. I didn’t know he felt anything for me. I only thought he was indifferent, a liar.

I didn’t know that because I blocked him in every social media app and on my phone that he had written a letter of apology, drove to my house, and then last minute decided he shouldn’t deliver it because he thought he’d be crossing boundaries. Except, had he done so, I would have forgiven him instantly. Just like I did when a year later, I contacted him for the first time.

I was sick and tired of dreaming about him apologizing to me, tired of being traumatized by him. And that’s when he revealed everything.

And now, I don’t know what do. He’s gotten back together with that other girl, I’m applying to a college that is coincidentally two hours away from his, and I find that I’ve forgiven him. That after all this time, after seven years, I still love him. And i don’t know how he feels about me.

I don’t know if when we see each other again for the first time in a year, I’ll be the cause of disruption between him and his girlfriend or if I won’t matter at all. Either one will destroy me.

Am I doomed to be stuck in this unrequited love? I don’t know. All I know is that he’s still handsome, quirky, funny, caring, and kind. He’s still the same person who reached out for me in sixth grade when no one else would. He still appreciates me for who I am without me ever having to fake appearances.

I know that if we were to ever properly get together in the future, he wouldn’t care if I shaved or if I walk around in underwear and socks at home. He would laugh at all the commentary I make on TV shows and movies. He’d watch with adoration as I napped by his side just like I’ve done before.

He would be a good man to me.

The question is, is it meant to be?

Please help me resolve the conflict within me, I need as much help as I can get. Thank you for listening to my story.

Some girl (16802)
45 days ago
At first I was against it, despite the fact that I was swooning and about to faint from the pure joy in my heart. Again it was very movie like. I was against it because I thought he had feelings for his girlfriend and either way he had a 💗 girlfriend. Long story short, he convinced me and I had the most magnificent first kiss of my life. It was glorious. It felt like it was just me and him and we were twirling in the air high above the clouds.

We stayed together for a few months. Later he would tell me that he was falling in love with me in ways that he never thought he could before. We were both in love with each other. And he knew this. Which is why multiple times he would be right at the precipice of calling is long distance girlfriend and breaking things off with her. (He would later find out she was also being unfaithful, more so than him).

He would look forward to spending time with me. Instead of seeing me as his liver, he saw me as his real girlfriend. We’d go out on dates, he introduced me to his mom, we took walks by the seashore, went to art museums, are together, hung out together, kissed in ways that always lasted forever and those pieces of forever were magical. Too magical.

By the time he’s get home, by the time I would get home, the magic would fall apart and we’d see our relationship for what it truly was: an illusion formed out of passion. He was falling for me hard and fast and this was dangerous. He broke things off with me after three months, because he felt dishonorable. I was okay with that. I too felt dishonorable and ashamed. I had gone from being a loyal friend to a mistress. The other woman. And the amount of pain I was probably causing his other girlfriend was too much for me to bear.

We tried to remain as friends. Neither of us knew how to handle it. We both craved the other’s attention but could do nothing about it. One day, admidst his conflicting feelings while also applying to college, losing his friends due to his indecisiveness regarding me, he lashed out and said unforgivable things to me.

[Part 4]
Some girl (16802)
45 days ago
When I was in tenth and he was a senior, we were closer than ever before. I had become much prettier with long brown hair that became less frizzy a more voluminous. He became taller, his features more refined and facial hair adding years to his age. We talked endlessly. A sparkle was always in our eyes when we spoke to each other.

Nevertheless he fell for someone else, always in a state of indecisiveness. I mean he was a kid. I couldn’t blame him. When I found out, I was heartbroken. Only because of the way I found out. I caught them kissing in the courtyard, imagine how I felt in that moment. But afterwards, I continued to support him and his relationship.

Until a little later in that year, she moved away. She was coming back eventually but the distance was long, and she was unable to even visit. They decided to stay in a long distance despite their dwindling feelings.

However while she was away, I was not. I was determined to support him as a friend. Again you have to remember, I was in complete denial. I never once thought he even had the capability to even find me attractive. I was so wrong.

We were in his car at 1:00 AM talking about life. We talked about college and how we’ll miss each other and how much we mean to each other when he grabbed my hand. Me, being stupid in denial and naive, didn’t think much of it. I mean, me and my best friend (girl) hold hands every now and then just like how I do with family. No biggie. Then he played with my hair. Again, my best friend likes to play with my hair so no biggie. Then he drove me home and as I was about to go inside he made a proposition to start a relationship.

[Part 3]
Some girl (16802)
45 days ago
Every now and then I’d spot him and the same routine would happen. We’d then catch each other up on our lives and tell each other how much we miss being together all the time. By eighth grade I had my first phone and when that happened we’d text every day nonstop.

We talked about silly things and serious things. He would tell me later that that’s around the time he started getting interested in me. I should’ve known. All the signs were there. But I was too insecure to ever believe he could see me as more than a sister.

By this point I knew I was in love with him. And I mean it when I say love. I would’ve done anything for him just like I would’ve for my family and best friend. When I was in ninth grade and he was in eleventh, we were in the same school but wouldn’t talk as much. It was at this time when I found out he had a girlfriend who would later break up with him.

I wasn’t heart broken. I was determined to support him just like any friend would. I was happy for them and saddened when they broke up. Of course I was also a bit happy because then I could allow myself to love him a bit more freely.

[Part 2]
Some girl (16802)
45 days ago
So me and this guy have had the most complicated relationship/friendship ever. It starts out like a movie. I first met him in sixth grade, he was in eighth and I didn’t have any friends back then, I was super shy and was wayyy too into books for anyone to be comfortable with me.

Nevertheless he reached out his hand and became my first friend ever. He was tall and beautiful, godly to any sixth grader in an elementary-middle school. And for him to pick me out of all the other sixth graders was momentuous. He changed my life. He introduced me to this beautiful golden world filled with laughter and sea grape trees. He introduced me to his friends and we got along thick as thieves. Those were some of the best moments in my life.

Then, he left to high school leaving me behind. I didn’t have a phone back then, and it’s not like I even knew where he lived or hung out at his house before. So we lost contact for a couple months.

Back then I was too naive to realize I had a huge crush on him. Until one day I spotted him in amongst a crowd of middle schoolers during dismissal in seventh or eighth grade. When we saw each other for the first time in forever, we ran straight for each other with wide smiles and flushed cheeks and he wrapped his arms around me and twirled me around in an embrace as we both giggled with delight. It’s probably one of the most precious memories I have.

[continued in next comments. Part 1]
Denise (42033)
45 days ago
Inn dating her though? Lmao how can something start soon if is already started?