Compatibility Test (99.9% ACCURATE)<3

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This quiz aims to help you work through the confusion of relationships and find out whether you and your crush are actually compatible. Take this fun and easy quiz to find out the truth.

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    Do you talk to him/her?


    Do you talk to him/her? (BE HONEST, OR YOUR RESULT WON'T BE ACCURATE!)

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12 days ago
so there is this guy, who I consider as a friend - I don't know if he does consider me asa friend lmao sad i know - and he is hella cute. I'm pretty insecure, so I can't like pick up if he likes me but he does pay attention and like gives me attention which is very nice of him 🥺 but the thing is that he is really close with my friend and i asked a few times if theyre together, and she says that they aren't, which i believe. But just she is so pretty and they fit really well together while im here being that shy, insecure, inexperienced, thic💗black girl :')
14 days ago
so theres this girl that i like, and ive been into her room a few times to watch her while she sleeps peacefully. anyways, a few weeks ago she forgot to wear her buttplug for protection and i couldnt help myself, what do i do?
21 days ago
There is this guy I sit next to in math class and we work together on assignments... He is always nervous around me soooo... Yeah...... He is also really cute
22 days ago
there’s this guy. and we’ll we used to be really really close and i thought the he maybe liked me. i thought that i didn’t have feelings for him but later on i realised i was falling for him the whole time. and when i realised it i tried to get closer to him and sort of see if he likes me back. until one night i was a sort of drunk but not too drunk that i couldn’t remember what i did the next day. i told him that i liked him and that i would be the best girlfriend and i had so much love to give him. and when i woke up the next morning i checked my messages and he had said. “look i’m sorry but i’m really not interested in having a girlfriend right now.” and y’all going to laugh at me and say that it’s just a silly crush and you’ll get over it. but it was different with him. i’m 15 and never been in love and he was the closest i’ve ever been. i just want to forget him but he is so different 😿
26 days ago
my crush and me got together on Monday, he is super sweet!💖💖😘😘💕💕💜💜
28 days ago
So me and this girl have the same English class and the day we learned each other’s name(after 3 months btw) we started sharing interest and secrets but later when I found out she was bully I thought I could be a good friend. Never had feelings for her but then a day came where we had a table to our selfs. She wanted to know if I had a friend that wasn’t to much of a douche bag ( her words) I sadly to say no because I’d love to hook her up with a friend of mine. Soon after she asked me if I was a good kisser and I had the balls to say “want to find out” as a 💗 joke. She laughed at me then moved to my side. Cutting this story short she thought we got along great as friends but as the somewhat shy girl she is she stated that she needed a intimate relationship before she transfers to a all girl school DECLARING us and I do quote 💗 buddys ( note nothing more than a test kiss Has happened so far) plz help is this ok for high schoolers?
30 days ago
theres this guy, and honestly, after I meet him, I think I believed in love at first site.
106 days ago
I thought it would be fun to see how close you guys could guess but part way through I thought to myself “what am I doing?” How can I take advice from someone that does t even know us and some of the questions were spelled wrong. It’s “you’re” NOT you friend. Why would I take advice from someone that Delors t sound educated or intelligent enough to even spell that.
107 days ago
I’ve gone out with this dude and we’ve hugged and stuff but I want to get back with him because I really like him but he dumped me SO SAD
108 days ago
Glad we ended up compatible. The grandkids would hate if we broke up.
110 days ago
I have classes with this boy and I like him and we talk but I think he friend zoned me today and idk what to do
112 days ago
This compatibility test made me realise that the girl I met in the cafe was the girl I wanted to marry. xoxoxo Thank you, definitely recommend.
130 days ago
come on truth tella
140 days ago
If you think there is any chance at all that she likes you, go for it! If I was you I would start by asking her to the movies (let her choose), out to coffee, or a ball game or something like that, so nothing too serious. If she likes it, do it again! Oh and dont flat out say that you like her, but if she asks think carefully before you answer about the consequences, but I dont know her so thats up to her.
150 days ago

Hopefully... *nervous shrug*
155 days ago
I meant count for a relationship
155 days ago
Quick question does this count as a gay relationship?
160 days ago
So theres a boy who I've seen a couple of times and I wanna dm him or something but idk if I should like he's really cute but he doesn't really know me. Do I being a girl dm him first or just wait?
163 days ago
Hi, so basically I need this question answered fast. I really like this girl in my year and her name is Megan, the thing is tho I've got until the end of year 11 (6 months) until we go to different colleges. I know pretty much everything about her as she has told me allot of stuff that happened in her life and we r like really close. I NEED to ask her out and I don't know how... I'm usually really shy around her and the compatibility score was really high. Please help me.

Ps I do have her number