When will you get your first period? ( Accurate ) 💓

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Here are a few questions that should help determine how far away your first period is!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much older/younger was your mum when she got her first period??
  • 3
    Do you get discharge??
  • 4
    What is your discharge like??
  • 5
    Have you ever spotted??
  • 6
    Do you wear a bra?
  • 7
    Do you have pubic hair? ........... ( around the vagina )?
  • 8
    Do you have leg hair??
  • 9
    Underarm hair??
  • 10
    Do you get mood swings??
  • 11
    The next 5 questions won’t effect your score!

    Do you want your period?
  • 12
    Has your mum spoke to you about getting your period?
  • 13
    Do you carry period supplies around school??
  • 14
    Have your friends got their periods yet??
  • 15
    How embarrassing do you
    think periods are?

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Julia (60926)
91 days ago
@ Irish Dancer
I’m no doctor but I’m guessing 6 months to a year at least since no cramps spotting or mood swings
Irish dancer (08353)
104 days ago
Btw I have no spotting mood swings cramps ptms or cravings
Irish dancer (08353)
104 days ago
Age 11 turning 12 in October. Mom got hers at 14 same with my grandma.

Breast: stage 2 , pubic hair stage 2/3 (dark) , armpit hair is blond only a little bit no cramps spotting cravings mood swings. Discharge barely get it maybe once every 1/2 months. One time discharge was light brown.

Weight : 80 pounds 5 foot
Shoe size: kids 3 😂 (I have small feet and hands
spongebob (08976)
130 days ago
I think a little less than 4-8 months but whatev
Sydney (99878)
134 days ago
Could someone plz estimate me?

Breasts geting rounder
Pubric hair dark and curly
I shave my armpits every day
my legs are VERY hairy
i have a about 5 mood swings a week
i've had discharge everyday (ALOT)
I woke up with cramps this morning
my discharge stopped this morning(???)
i am 11

Emily (60901)
134 days ago
@Brigett you might get yours soon in about 4-8 months... Be prepared for it, it could come sooner
Brigett (48191)
138 days ago
Estimate me
.10 years old
.32B cup
.cramps 3 days a week
. headaches
. curly hair down there
.a lot of hair on my legs,arms and armpits
.acne on face
.bit of mood swings
. cravings 2 day a month
.85 pounds
.mom had hers at 13 years old

So what do you think?
Soon or later
Siana (64699)
138 days ago
Estimate me
.10 year old
.1A cup
.Cramps like 3 days out of the month
.tiny bit of headaches
.A little bit of hair down there and on my legs arms and under my arms
.Some acne
.A little bit of mood swings
.Cravings 1 day out of the month
.my mom had hers at 13
So what do u think soon later never ? Reply
Kaiya (21969)
139 days ago
Can someone estimate me please, thanks❤️
•12 year old
•32A cup breasts
•cramps everyday(and they suck)
•constant headaches
•curly pubic hair everywhere
•straight, but thick underarm hair
•bloated and looks pregnant😂
• a couple acne patches
•mood swings
•a💗load of cravings(for the past week)
•THICK clear discharge
•sweating like its 100000 degrees
•been crying over food😂
•81 pounds
•my 💗 have been hurting lately
•my mom started in 8th grade and I’m in 7th
•spotting once
(Annddd I just got a cramp, crap)
And that all😂💀
Well, have a lovely day everyone who took the time to read this❤️
Alli (58450)
139 days ago
Can someone please estimate me? Thx so much if you did 💙 ok so I am 13 I have size a cup bra but that’s normal cause I come from a family with small breasts. I am 131 pounds I have had hair (down there) since I was eight and I know it’s weird but it’s thigh to thigh. I’ve had discharge for over 7 months and about a week ago I have been getting a bit more than I usually do. I have pain in my lower back and below my belly button a couple times a week but I’m not sure there cramps but they could be. I have never had spotting but I’m not sure I could have I have had leg hair and armpit hair for a long time so I can’t really remember how long ago I got it. My mom got hers when she turned 13 and so did my older sister. I have lots of acne on my forehead and that’s it. My mom says I’m the good child in the house but she says I have been way more emotional lately. I get bloated quite frequently I’m 5 foot thx for estimating me 💙
Someone (58450)
139 days ago
Anytime now!!!! I’m kinda scared but exited
Candy (64535)
140 days ago
Your welcome I am very happy to help other girls like me
Lame name 🖤 (64535)
140 days ago
Jay I THINK your getting close around 2-4 months or even weeks
Gabby (48769)
141 days ago
@Jay 1-3 months good luck!
Jay (39184)
141 days ago
Pls estimate me


Bra:A cup

Leg Hair: becoming noticeable

Armpit hair: brown and curly

Pubic hair: brown and curly

Discharge: had it for 1. 1/2 years get it everyday and A LOT

Mom: got hers at 14 but I’m more developed than my mom was at my age

Emotional: ALL the Time


Height: 5’1

Cramps: 1-3 times a week

Spotting: a few times

Sweating: I sweat so much MAKE IT STOP

Bloating: frequently

Acne: yes a lot and finally it’s starting to clear up

B🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️bs:triangular/ sore

Shoe size 7 1/2 - 8 in women’s

Please someone estimate me
Anna (20353)
141 days ago
@candy thank you for helpings !!!
Candy (61502)
142 days ago
Anna I think your period is coming soon but in between 3-5 months get ready
Candy (61502)
142 days ago
Estimate? I think u have 6-8 months good luck and get ready it could come a few months before but it's possible 😉till your period
Estimate? (89635)
142 days ago
Plz estimate me if u can

Age: 10

Bra: training bra

Leg hair: a little bit and blond

Armpit hair: full,dark,curly, and have to shave everyday

Pubic hair: straight and brown

Discharge: alot of it about 4-5 times a week

Mom: had hers when she was 11

Moodiness: every once in awhile


Height: 4,8

Cramps: only once

Spotting: never


Bloating: never

Pimples/acne: only a little bit

Weight: 80 lbs.

B💗💗bs: breast buds/sore/triangle shaped

Shoe size: 4 in kids and 6 in woman's

Someone plz estimate me
Regan (37214)
143 days ago
Can someone estimate me
Age 12
Height 4’6
Hair down their dark curly
Never spotted
Bra -a/b
Cramps all the time
Mood swings all the time
Cravings all the time
Leg hair -I literally look like a bear
Bloating Yeassss
Mom got hers at 12
So much discharge
Sweat so much
I have medium amount of pimples