When will you get your first period? ( Accurate ) 💓

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Here are a few questions that should help determine how far away your first period is!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much older/younger was your mum when she got her first period??
  • 3
    Do you get discharge??
  • 4
    What is your discharge like??
  • 5
    Have you ever spotted??
  • 6
    Do you wear a bra?
  • 7
    Do you have pubic hair? ........... ( around the vagina )?
  • 8
    Do you have leg hair??
  • 9
    Underarm hair??
  • 10
    Do you get mood swings??
  • 11
    The next 5 questions won’t effect your score!

    Do you want your period?
  • 12
    Has your mum spoke to you about getting your period?
  • 13
    Do you carry period supplies around school??
  • 14
    Have your friends got their periods yet??
  • 15
    How embarrassing do you
    think periods are?

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Wavewatergodes (64429)
11 hours ago
4-6 months the other time I got any time now
Loooooony Lovegood (69348)
15 hours ago
Hey belles, my email is

Loooooony Lovegood (69348)
15 hours ago
And I rarely get cramps
Loooooony Lovegood (69348)
15 hours ago
I weigh between 71 lb and 75 lb
Loooooony Lovegood (69348)
15 hours ago
Someone please estimate me:

I get a few pimples and breakout very rarely

I don't have very much armpit hair but enough that I shave

I wear an A/AA size bra or just a sports bra

I have sore 💗

My hips look about an inch wider

My 'hair down there' is dark brown and starting to curl

I get a normal amount of discharge every day (sometimes I get a lot)

My leg hair amount is a bit over average, so I shave

I wear a size 3 in children's shoes and a size 5 in women's shoes

I am 10 (I'll be 11 in 6 months)

My mum got hers at either 12 or 13 (she can't remember)

Someone please estimate me. It would really help
Please estimate me (20353)
Age 12,13 in 2 months
Pubic hair:lots it’s dark brown and slightly curly covers almost the whole area
Armpit hair:straight but dark brown shave every day
Leg hair:getting darker and need to shave 4 times a week
Sweat: a lot
My mom got her period at 12 but my sister got hers at 14
Pimples: medium amount even if I wash my face everyday
Discharge:had it for about a month but started getting a lot more the past couple days
Over 120 lbs
Moody: often
Bra:not sure what size but I wear sport bras
Doda dodić (50613)
Can someone estimate me
12 year old,13 in 2 months
Brown and curly pubic hair
Armpit hair started getting brown and its straight
I had stomachache but i dont know if it was cramps
Leg hair dark but getting even darker
Sweating SO MUCH
Mom got her when she was 12
No bloatings
Never had spotting
I have medium amount of pimples
I get discharge almost everyday and not that much,I've had it for like 11 months
167 cm still going through a grow spurt
63 kg
Not that moody buut
I wear a real bra😂
Cece (64101)
age:13 turn 14 in October

Height: 161 centimetres I don’t know what is it in feets

Weight: 54.4 kilograms

Get cramps every week

Back cramps sometimes

ALOT of cravings

ALOT of pubic hair at front those are dark but at back blond

Lots of armpit hair long and curly but blonde

Leg hair much but blond but that might be because I’m really light haired anyways from head

Use b cup bra

Sweat ALOT

Bloating sometimes

Really moody

I don’t know when my sisters and mom got theirs

Alot of discharge it’s white and have gotten spotting few times
Started discharge few years ago

Someone estimate pls
Rachel (pls help) (03470)
Age 10
training bra
Mostly blonde pubic hair but a couple strands of black
Never shave my legs
Cramps Rarely like once a month or so
Alot of discharge
kinda moody
mom got hers at 14 sis got hers at 11
bloating every now and then
I sweat ALOT
Please help
brooke (73334)
2 days ago
please estimate mee

13 1/2
34 A 💗
straight brown pubic hair
brown hair under my arms
have to shave every other shower
cramps every week
95 lbs
small amount of discharge for 6-7 months
sore 💗
5’3” going through a growth spurt
veryyy moody
i get bloated sometimes

thanks!! please estimate
ItzEma (79441)
2 days ago
Im 11,6 months
My mum got hers when she was 11-12
I had discharge for about 1 year now
I weigh 41 kg
A training bra
Im always moody
I had a few cramps before
I have A LOT of hair everywhere
I had acne for about 2-3 years on my forehead and back
Sweat alot

Please estimate if you can! thx :D
please help (36236)
3 days ago
Please estimate me
Just turned 13
Mum got hers when she was 12
I have had a lot of discharge everyday since 16 months ago
I weigh 42 kg
A cup
I’m always moody
I don’t really know if I’ve gotten cramps before
Always have cravings
I have a lot of pubic hair, armpit hair and leg hair
I also get pimples but I don’t have a lot
I sweat A LOT
I also get headaches
please estimate me
Please help (81433)
3 days ago
It said it's coming in 4-8 months I think it might be 2-3 tho.
It said i might get a pimple soon and I have had tins of pimples before and have alot of acne on my nose.
I just turned 12 three days ago and have had discharge for about 11 months
Help Me! (47644)
4 days ago
I think I'm going to have mine soon…My Mother seems to think I'm still a child, even though I am 12 now and want to be treated as such. I spotted the other day and I avoided telling her, because I knew she wouldn't of belived me. How do I convince her to trust me?
Belles (Author of quiz) (50670)
4 days ago
@Mee (26271)

You sound very close! I would say in the next month or two. Especially since you’ve spotted so many times! Make sure you carry round some pads!
Amelia (95440)
5 days ago
MEE (26271)
5 days ago
And by the way I'm not 11 Im 12. Some one estimate please!!
MEE (26271)
5 days ago
Help me

Height: 4'11
Weight: 93 pounds
💗- 32 B
Lots of hair everywhere, shave every or every other shower
Lots of discharge
Same age my mom and sister got there
Cramps more recently
Some mood swings and cravings
Spotting 3-4 times
Some acne
I've gained weight and grew a bit.
💗 are sore sometimes.

Someone estimate mee please!!
Kylee (60843)
5 days ago
@everyone, I made a girl help discord server very recently. we are still looking for members and staff, if yall could take the time to join.

here's the invite link:

Belles (author of quiz) (50670)
5 days ago
@Ughh (41170)
You sound real close to getting your period! I would say no longer than 3 months away at most! Probably will come in the next month.💓