Am I A Lesbian For My Best Friend?

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Think you might be attracted to your best friend? Don't feel embarrassed if you do - it's truly not uncommon. Take this quiz to find out if it’s true love, just a phase, or nothing at all, really.

  • 1
    Think of the person you might be a lesbian for. Now, got her in your brain?
    Think of the person you might be a lesbian for. Now, got her in your brain?
  • 2
    If this person asked you to hang out, but you already had other plans, you would:
  • 3
    You and this person are having a casual conversation. You:

  • 4
    This person asks you to spend the night. You're watching a movie and she puts her arm around you. What do you do?
  • 5
    How long have you known her?
  • 6
    Has she ever flirted with you?

  • 7
    Are you comfortable changing clothes in front of her?
  • 8
    How do you flirt with her?
  • 9
    How often do you see this person?
  • 10
    Have you ever wanted to kiss this person?

  • 11
    Do you think about this person when you're waking up or going to bed?
  • 12
    How do you feel when you first see her in a day?
  • 13
    If this person told you they liked someone of the opposite gender, you would feel:
  • 14
    If this person told you she had a crush on you, which of these would you most likely do?
  • 15
    If this person told you she likes you, which of these would you most likely do?
  • 16
    Are you sad/lonely when you haven't seen this person in a while?

  • 17
    Do people ever joke about you and this person being a couple?

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Seriously? No one? Come on!!!! I rly need advice!!!!
10 days ago
Incase there was any confusion, I used there initials instead of there names
10 days ago
So, I am in a relationship with PP, but I am starting to catch feelings for FC, I Don't want to loose FC if I ask her and she doesn't return the feelings,because I have known her my whole life! And I am really lucky to have her as a friend. I also don't want to cheat on PP, because I love her too! And I don't want to break her heart, she is sweet, kind and funny, and so is FC! I am really confused as to what to do, so if someone is out there, willing to give advice, I really need it! Help! Plz!
15 days ago
Brin you def may have a chance, but be cautious because if you two are super close, you wouldn't want to make your bond weaker...
I say go for it, though
But who am I? It's your choice!
16 days ago
She's also been hugging me more often... And her cousin who's 17 jokes around of us being a couple...
16 days ago
You might like her enough to start something with her. But be careful. You wouldn't want to lose her as a friend. So go into this, if you do, with the idea in mind of what you'd do if it didn't work out as a romance. Could you go back to being friends? You need to consider things like that. Talk to her or to a good friend who knows both of you and wouldn't be freaked out by the idea of you two together.

She's bi... You think I got a chance?
34 days ago
I like my bff but she likes boys TwT
So I just be friends with her and hope the feelings I have for her maybe go away
42 days ago
**(mostly platonically)
42 days ago
I've known her ever since 5th grade and she's always been a very close friend of mine, we've always loved the same stuff and share a bunch of hobbies. I don't think I developed a crush on her until we started talking about the future where we both revealed (in true lesbian fashion) that one of our dreams was to live on a farm and care for a bunch of animals, I can't stop thinking about a possible future with her and I want tell her; but, she has a boyfriend, and even though they're not on the best of terms, I feel like it would still be disrespectful to confess. A part of me feels like she likes me back but I don't have enough evidence to defer whether I'm right or wrong. But in the end I will always love her (platonically) and no matter what happens in the future, if she's happy, that'll make me happy.
42 days ago
I have a crush on my best friend but she is asexual and aromantic (no attraction or interest in a relationship) as far as I know. The reason I like her is because she HUGGED me once and she NEVER hugs anyone so I've liked her for more than half of a year HELP ME
45 days ago
Ok! (Yes i have suicidal thoughts) But! I love my bff and like shes told me she liked me and i blushed and went on talking to my other bff BUT THEN I BECAME GAY AND IM IN A CORNER LOOKING AT GAY MEMES AND FNAF/ BATIM, WAITING FOR THE DAY I FIND COURAGE UNDER ALL MY DEPRESSION!!! Im lonley and dying on the inside out what do i do?!?!?!?!? PLEASE HELP!!!
65 days ago
i think i like her, well she admitted that she likes me pero im not sure. we always plan our future together and all pero, im not sure if im lesbian or not.
71 days ago
I have a crush on my classmate but we arent exactly friends she never talks to me (do I even exist to her) I keep my mind off her so I dont blush like crazy but I still wonder why she dosent talk to me I over hear her and her friends so she is obviously straight and will have a crush later on but we both are moving next year but I'm not sure if we are moving to the same place or not (does that part even matter) as a VERY antisocial person like me I'm basically mute at school (I'm also a loner and my crush is in the popularity group :( and I am invisible to everyone :( I just hope things get better I'm tired of being invisible) sorry if you didnt like reading this....
93 days ago
Wow I just read all the comments and most of them are so sad 😢. I’m so sorry that you guys had to go through all of that. I took this about my best friend and it said I probably like her but I think I’m straight... either way, I don’t think I like her like that. Why I’m not sure if I’m straight is I’ve had a crush on a girl before, it was at this 2-week-long summercamp for about a week, I think I just wanted to be her friend but it was a crush. I also sometimes find myself wondering what it would be like to be in a relationship with a girl or considering a girl’s attractiveness. It might just be wishful thinking though, recently I’ve been wishing slightly that I wasn’t so straight cause all the guys my age are just SO annoying, even the ones I’m crushing on right now (no I’m not gross it’s only two and one is a really small crush). I always say straight to avoid confusion when people ask and cause that’s what I currently identify as. I feel like a lot of people are privately suspecting slightly that me and my best friend have something more than friendship, we’re one of those pairs that you literally almost never see apart as if we’re attached at the hip. As I mentioned before, there’s not actually anything between us, we’re just really good friends. I do think she has a friend/idol crush on me though...
111 days ago
I’ve been thinking if I love my friends because I’ve been so jealous of her boyfriend lately...I would tell her if she wasn’t in a relationship considering she’s bi but I don’t know. She seems so happy with her now boyfriend and I can help but feel sad/jealous when she’s with him and holding his hand and stuff. I never really realized how much I love love her until now and I can’t even tell her. And the worst part of it all is that her family is extremely Christian:(
126 days ago
i feel so bad about this but i have to get it off my chest. there’s this friend of mine that i’ve known for two years and i honestly don’t know what i would do without her. she’s so funny, kind, and gorgeous. her and i have always been super close, even the first day we met. last year i discovered that i had a crush on her. she told me that she liked me back. one day in class, i asked her out. she never responded so i assumed it was a no. we kept being friends and acted as if nothing happened and i forgot about it. after a bit, she started talking behind my back and i left the school. we’ve just now started talking again and we’re going to be hanging out tomorrow. last time we hung out, i figured out that i still really like her. she had a girlfriend recently and when i saw that, i was really bummed. i don’t know why. after that, we never found time to talk so we sort of drifted. we just started texting more today and i think i like her still. it’s messed up though because i have a boyfriend and yet i have feeling for her.. i don’t want to break up with him in case she doesn’t like me back but i feel bad that i like her while i’m dating him..
135 days ago
Baby Lesbian, GO FOR IT!! Tell this pan friend u like her. Based on what she's displaying, she's totally into u! GO ON! Tell her before it's too late!
141 days ago
I just came out last year when I realized I had a crush on my best friend. I told her and she said it was ok but she didn’t like me back. We didn’t talk about it for months after, whenever I brought it up she said that it’s fine. I could feel that we were drifting apart. I blamed myself for ruining our friendship and I broke down to some other friends about it. Later that day I accidentally brought it up to her in an email. She pulled me aside and we talked about it. She said that we should take a break (basically from talking to each other) it was only supposed to be for a week or 2 but it’s still going on to this day. Now I’m starting to have feelings for a different friend who is pan. She’s one of the sweetest people I know and I’m already “out” to her. Sometimes she’ll touch my arm or leg and I can’t focus on anything else when that happens. She also rests her head on my shoulder ever once and awhile. But I’m scared of my possible feelings for her because of last year. What should I do????
162 days ago
Ok so I might like my bestie. I liked her and she liked me but at separate times. When I told her I liked her a long time ago she said she didn’t like me back but she flirts with me sometimes.
Fast foreword 3 months

I was her first kiss and she was mine. We kissed at a sleepover and we both liked it. When it’s late we sometimes text about that kiss and how we both liked it.
We were playing truth or dare and the question “who would you kiss back if they kissed you” came up. She listed a bunch of people but my name was first.
That was a few months ago.
I’m wondering if I should just go up to her and kiss her.
Btw were both lesbian and want gfs
We go to school together. I’m in high school.
171 days ago
i love her a lot i think a lot about her she says she likes me but i just don't know if shes lying ((maroon)