Are you bisexual? ( sorry only girls)

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Maybe you just caught sight of a pretty girl and wanted her attention? Maybe you have just started feeling like being more than friends with the same sex? Or maybe you just seem to can't stop thinking about one particular person but also find the opposite gender attractive? If any of these apply to you ( or you just think you might be bi) take this quiz to find out your real sexuality...

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    How often do you find yourself staring at attractive women?

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Ugh (15969)
I don’t know if I am or not ugh I don’t know what to do.... someone came out at my town and they are judged by people including my two homophobic friends
Rando (00256)
3 days ago
I’ve had crushes on guys but my best friend, I think I might have a Crush on her but I’m not sure...
JustAgurll (20510)
4 days ago
It said I was straight but another test said I was bi. i am so confused what do I do???
Gay as (07437)
9 days ago
lmao I'm lesbian
Random girl (26990)
9 days ago
It said I’m bi but favor boys, but I still don’t know what to think because a couple of my friends are bi and I don’t know if I got the results I did just because I want to BE bi, and if my friends weren’t then I wouldn’t be. HELP
jamie (08441)
12 days ago
i'm in middle school but i feel like i'm in love with my best friend but at the same time i have a boyfriend i am so confused.
JustAKid (16324)
12 days ago
it says im bi but favour boys but i actually favour girls :/
BI OR GAYY (36018)
12 days ago
E💗a Mukherjee (87836)
12 days ago
I am bisexual. My partner loves my body more than myself...
Unknown Girl (24302)
13 days ago
Oh, 💗, my comment is all mushed up lol
Unknown Girl (24302)
13 days ago
I"M BI AND I'M PROUDDDDDDDDDDxDI'm a girl and my bestie is, too.AND, we're both bi :)I once had a crush on her, but the crush only lasted a day :PWelp, BYEEEEEEEEEEe
X x (82937)
15 days ago
It said I’m mostly bi and I favour men more... I have told no one about these feelings because I’m worried it might just be a phase and if I fall for a boy then it wouldn’t matter anyways.
Mlp girl (12084)
19 days ago
Only some of my friends know I'm bi,and I'm scared to tell my mom and dad
Mlp girl (12084)
19 days ago
I already know I'm bi,I'm acculy dating a girl at the moment
confuzzled (32973)
24 days ago
why am i so confused?
Enter here your formatted idk what to do
Brooklyn (31594)
26 days ago
I think I'm bi. I've been doing loads of these kind of tests and I almost always get bi but I'm only 12 and I'm afraid of coming out because my parents will ask loads of questions why I'm bi and I feel like they wouldn't understand. Idk what to do right now. No one knows and I don't know how to tell anyone :( I really admire openly bi and gay people.
Leah (17329)
35 days ago
I’ve had crushes on lots of boys, but I’ve had a HUGE crush on a girl in my orchestra. I’ve wanted to kiss her so bad and my best friend knows but I haven’t told my parents. Then I moved and found a boy I have a crush on, and he’s my best friend. But now I have a crush on this cute girl in almost every single one of my classes and I don’t know what to do.
Jasmine;)) (60517)
39 days ago
The test said I’m mostly bi but favor men more but tbh I favor women more...
What ev. (16718)
39 days ago
It said I’m undecided... I’m only in Middle School, but I’m pretty sure I’m bi. I’m getting mixed results from diff tests. What should I do? (My parents are Christians, I heard it’s against my religion ;-;)
Why do ya care? (60359)
41 days ago
I have known I have been bi, but I still can't come out, I am only nine so my parents would just think it's some kind of phase. I guess when I get my own counselor in school next year I will tell them but, I just think it's so hard. I need help coming out! lol...