Are You And Your Crush A Perfect Match?

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Are you and your crush a perfect match? Try this quiz and you’ll find out if you should ask him/her out or just be friends and try someone else.

  • 1
    Does he/her know you like them?
  • 2
    When he/her is around are what do you feel like?
  • 3
    How much older/younger than you is he/her?

  • 4
    What does he/her look like?
  • 5
    What do you look like?
  • 6
    Do you both have the same interests?

  • 7
    What’s your favourite animal?
  • 8
    What’s his/her favourite animal?
  • 9
    Do you think he likes you?
  • 10
    Does he try flirt with you?

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725 days ago
oop, replying to Elaina, me too, xd
1379 days ago
Replying to the person below
Lmao, I'm 15, and I feel old here.
1381 days ago
Why is everyone on here 5
1402 days ago
omg its said where soulmates but his gf is my best friend and she is 7 and hey is 9 me and him are the same age boys are so ugh I have known him 4 years since first grade and a parentally hey loves some one hey met 1-4 months and they knew eachother for 4 weeks and then they got together and now I cant go out with him cause is gf is my bff ugh #boys are so ugh#
1420 days ago
This quiz sucks
He's literaly asking me out tomorrow and it said 40 percent like 💋
1501 days ago
i got 60% yay i think he likes me or maybe he likes juno the girl who likes him ahdvjdgcjshhsje I HAVE NO CLUE 😭😭😭
1691 days ago
I got 50%! There's this guy i like in church and u could say to d extent dat i began to dream about him honestly! (I tot i was mad) all test i've taken say our relationship will work out but we don't even talk except other people are there so how will we ask each other out? and we r underaged
1770 days ago
lol so apparently my score wasn't clear.. I got 40% though. Haha so here is MY story. We at first weren't really friends when I first moved here, and then this year I started sitting with him and his friends to get away from the drama going around my old friends. We started talking a bit, just as friends and all the time very jokingly. Then you know some jokes got a bit dirty and of course being me I was trying to hint him. ...then on HALLOWEEN we ended up meeting up, I was his first kiss (and about my 11th...fat oof). We were FwB after that and he ended up falling in love with me and vice versa. Tried dating, but I needed a break after a past toxic relationship. Thing is, we still had major feelings for eachother. Now, we're FwB again, (friends with benefits, if you didn't know what it particularly meant) and both happy. I feel so comfortable and safe around him. I mean, if you feel all excited with butterflies, that love probably isn't the best. you need someone you feel safe around {( I guess that is for later in life, perhaps you get some experience) and just have fun while you're young!! stay safe though} anyway, he has stopped my, well, rising "body count" and life is steady, strong, and amazing. :))))
1779 days ago
Maybe, maybe not. Wow. I'm 100% certain we would be together already except that we are both too shy to make the first move
1837 days ago
50% Not meant to be... ‘Scuse me while I jump off a bridge.
1849 days ago
I wish this was true... But.... He has a gf and I'm sure he'll never leaver her, a beautiful, smart, caring girl, for me, a not so beautiful, pretty smart, and I could care less about the world...
1854 days ago
I meant 😍
1854 days ago
100% compatible bro ! My names Olivia and his is Oliver WRF
1871 days ago
40% compatible. Surprise. I’m tall-ish; she’s short. I’m a Republican, she’s a moderate Democrat. I like old bands (Bon Jovi is a favorite); she likes modern pop and rap. I’m religious, she’s not a secularist, but I’m betting cash that she’s not a regular churchgoer. Etc.
1872 days ago
Bruh I took this a couple days ago and it said 20%; then my crush comes up to me and she says she likes me. Sir, highly inaccurate
1878 days ago
60% Maybe. Maybe not. Ok I am not surprised.😎
1878 days ago
He/her is definitely into you! Soul mates! You’re perfect! Ask him/her out, definitely. I tried...and failed
1879 days ago
iminlurv is he your friend? try to become friends. sit next to him whenevrr you can. when you feel lke its time, flirt with him, his response will tell you the answer
1881 days ago
40% haha excuse me while i go die
1884 days ago
I hat my life !!!!!!!!!!!. My crush does't like me BACK!!!!!!!!......screw you all