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Lesbian scenario. This test is not 100% sure if you’re a lesbian that is for you decide alone. If you could feel yourself in these situations and like the idea of that there is a possibility that you could be a lesbian. Also, this test does not confirm you are straight.

  • 1
    Your crush (girl) worked up the nerve to ask you to prom. What are you thinking/what do you saying?
    ‘ = thinking
    “ = saying
  • 2
    (Time skip cause I’m a lazy test maker person... whatever...)
    You’re at home and are thinking about how the prom might be with your crush who we will name Victoria because why not. Anyways, what are you thinking?
  • 3
    (Time skip cause hopefully you understand how lazy I am by now....)
    You’re in school when Victoria walks up to you. She tells you that she has to change her plans and is going to have to pick you up at seven instead of you picking her up because she just told her parents she was a lesbian and they don’t approve.
  • 4
    She starts crying and you comfort her obviously. When she asks if it’s still okay for y’all to go to prom if you have to do it without her parents knowing....
  • 5
    (Time skip cause you know me... I know this a terrible test just bear with me please....)
    You’re at prom dancing to slow song when you catch a few people staring at y’all.
  • 6
    Then she kisses you. How do you feel.
  • 7
    You go home with Victoria and your parents in this scenario are homophobics. They ask you who your friend is and you say...
  • 8
    How do you feel about these scenarios?
  • 9
    Do you think you could go through stated and homophobia?
  • 10
    Okay... When Victoria kissed you did you think that yeah, I think I might be lesbian or I don’t know I could ever do that?

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Comments (34)


Hi (23607)
Hey What’s up, I would say to ignore their friend. I’m a also in a similar situation, but I don’t know if my crush likes both or not. Do you have any classes with them? If so, try to get closer to them that way. Honestly, I probably don’t give the best advice but it might be helpful to tell a friend. That’s what I did.
What's up? :3 (54957)
2 days ago
Like why am I always ignored?
Bbit (22092)
3 days ago
It said im a lesbian or still questioning but I do find my friend attractive but idc what am i actually~
ksksksks (60486)
8 days ago
IM A LESBIAN AND IM PROUD👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👭👯‍♀️👩‍👩‍👧👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👧❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
What's up? :3 (54957)
9 days ago
I like a very beautiful girl too, and I just don't know anymore...I know she likes both...and this is the first time ever I felt like this...we don't know each other very well...and her friend always tries to make me feel bad...but I want to get closer with her...Please can anyone give me tips? Or just chat w/ me, maybe somewhere else too? Or in here...also I'm sorry for being so annoying and commenting everywhere :D
springtrapxnick (31654)
11 days ago
@ im 6. a lesbian is a female who is attracted to other women. and i dont think you should be here for your age
im 6 (71442)
15 days ago
((purple)Im 6 and i tock this tesst and whot is a lesbean?
Crying Inside (44376)
16 days ago
Dude... the similarities between this quiz and going to Homecoming with my girlfriend are SCARY
Breakmyheart 💔 (95150)
17 days ago
Hola.no no soy lesbiana No los odiaré a todos porque yo solo amo. ser tu Si te gusta ser lesbiana o bi, está bien. otros no te definen Fuiste hecho por una razón especial y eres muy bueno, ok. Si alguien te dice lo contrario, no los escuches. ¡eres hermosa!
bananaboatgayyy (74607)
42 days ago
I love this test
Lalisa Manoban BLACKPINK (25637)
46 days ago
My score:
You are most likely a lesbian. Sorry if I’m wrong. You believe love is love and a few people can’t change that feeling you get down deep inside that tells you that you’re in love with that lovable weirdo you have a crush on.
UnicornLoverGirl (93789)
56 days ago
UnicornLoverGirl (93789)
56 days ago
Thank you for creating this test!!!! I have always been unsure if I am lesbian, straight, or bisexual. This test really boosted my confidence knowing that I’m not alone out there and that other people know how I feel being confused and wondering if they have a purpose in this world. I am PROUD knowing that I am lesbian!
Salaya (74632)
73 days ago
Gabby/ a freakin lesbo
Ok so theres this girl that just wants me and I just let go.♥ Gal just act like ya don't care.
Ash (90450)
73 days ago
And Angelica Schuyler thanks so much for support i feel like im ready to come out to my class none are on my bus atleast and i wear a pin that is lesbian love i wear it and i wear it proud i dont care if homophobics are hating but i know my mom and dad arent at least so i will make my decison when to come out to my parents but aleast i know i have someone that will support me like to be honest i like how i am and i also dress like a boy have a haircut like a boy and almost act like a boy im almost beliving im a boy but im not
Ash (90450)
73 days ago
Gabby/freakin lesbo im lesbian too just dont wait for her go for her you have a big heart and if she says sorry i dont like you then just move on she might like the opposite gender not the same gender so i say just go for her dont wait for her i mean i have a crush but im scared because i know she is straight not bent so i thinking and ill be a loner for now
Lesbian (45145)
103 days ago
Gabby / A freakin lesbo,
You don’t know how to come out to her? Can u maybe like talk to her or text her and tell her to meeet u somewhere a little private where u and her can just talk. And then u can tell her. Just like don’t be super hurt if she says she’s not lesbian or if she says she doesn’t like u. I have a girlfriend and when I first came out to her she said “Ew. I’m straight as hell. Nasty.” And now look at us... we’re dating! And we even had s** together the other day and it was HOT. So yes, if u are rlly sure that ur lesbian... and u rlly like her then I think u should just go and talk to her. Don’t be scared
Kairos (02808)
103 days ago
Chloe, you should send them the link to 'coming out song' by Ally Hills.
Gabby / A freakin lesbo (53285)
104 days ago
I’m a lesbian..and it got it correct! I have a crush on a beautiful blond haired girl who’s name is Cora. I love her but I just don’t know how to come out!
CLH (57585)
113 days ago
Hey. I’m pansexual. Love hearts not parts.