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Dramione: Taunts and Tests, Part 1

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This is Part 1 of the sequel to Dramione: Just the Beginning. In this story, Hermione and Draco are encountered by people that were not intended to know about their relationship. What will they do?

    Dramione: Taunts and Tests, Part 1:
    "Mmmm...." Hermione moaned as Draco's tongue swirled around her warm mouth. The lovebirds broke apart and took in everything about the other. They were in the Room of Requirement, which, upon their request, had transformed into a tiny, dimly lit room with roses embroidering the ceiling like there was a garden up there instead of on the ground. Draco smiled, and Hermione felt like she was in paradise.
    "That was good," he sighed.
    "Yes." Hermione stared down at her thin, pale hands, wondering what it would be like if they ended up married and had children.
    "Can I have another one?" Draco murmured, more of a demand than a question. Without responding, Hermione quickly cupped her hands around his handsome face and edged closer, her mouth playing with his. Oh...this was amazing...better than kissing Ron, which had never been very romantic.
    Suddenly, the door of the Room of Requirement opened, and Harry and Ginny locked in a tight embrace and kissing with a fiery passion, tumbling through the door.
    Neither Draco nor Hermione noticed. But Harry and Ginny noticed THEM. Their eyes grew wide, and Harry, who knew that Hermione was in love with Malfoy but hadn't expected this, shouted, "HERMIONE!"
    Hermione whipped around, and Draco's eyes, which briefly had had warmth in them, immediately turned cold again as he glared at Harry. Ginny gaped and whispered, "Hermione? What are you doing?"

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16 days ago
What is the chapter before this called?
57 days ago
I don't think this ship would ever be possible but if it was I would have been very happy. Nice fanfic, GryffindorChaser!
68 days ago
the most 💗iest thing in the world . why woupl kjh
226 days ago
Cool! Can't wait to see what happens next 😄
253 days ago
Hahaha, @kitty. I luv ur devotion!!! lol :)
273 days ago
348 days ago
COOLIO!!!!!!!! I half-ship Dramione
396 days ago
Hi, guys, so I just wrote the first chapter of my next series. (about the Penderwicks). It is on allthetests, and I would love it if you guys could go check it out, comment on it (reviews and constructive criticism are very much appreciated), and rate it!
399 days ago
Actually, I have changed my mind. I am going to write a fanfic series on the Penderwicks. Can anyone guess who the two main characters are in this fanfic? I am going to start writing the first chapter today.
401 days ago
Also, guys, if you could rate my quizzes and stories, that would be amazing! I love you guys!
404 days ago
I will continue writing until I die, hopefully! Can anyone guess how old I am?
404 days ago
Thank you so much, ORPINM! You're an amazing fan!
405 days ago
Hi, GryffindorChaser, I couldn’t possibly choose which of your AMAZING stories is worst, but I do really like the second story, when Ginny and Harry find Dramione in the Room of Requirement!!!!! Keep writing, and I can’t wait to read your next story!!!!!
405 days ago
Hi, guys! Also, once you've read this, PLS comment down below (if you've read the whole series) the order of the stories from best to worst.
406 days ago
Next, guys, I am going to write my own fanfic. (Not based on any published books)
409 days ago
Hi, guys! I just wrote and submitted the last chapter!
410 days ago
Thank you, ORPINM! I am kind of busy, but I'll make sure to write the final chapter soon.
415 days ago
Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! OMG, what the hell is going to happen, I really need to go do something, but it has to wait, I NEEEEEEEEED to read Part II!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye!!!!!!
418 days ago
Hi, guys, I am coming out with the final chapter of this Dramione series soon!
424 days ago
Thank you, Gryffindor Seeker, for writing that comment on my story! Also, I love what you did with the name!