Hogwarts House Sorting Test - Personality Archetypes

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Your Hogwarts house is more than a group: it’s a personality archetype!

Developed by Sofia Euthymiou.

  • 1
    You enter the Great Hall and your name is called. You sit on the chair and as you wear the hat, you think:
    You enter the Great Hall and your name is called. You sit on the chair and as you wear the hat, you think:
  • 2
    The hat listens to your thoughts.

    Interesting... And you think good things should be?
  • 3
    I see... And as good and bad, you think of...
  • 4
    Very interesting... And you may trust the most when you...
  • 5
    I see... And you find power...
  • 6
    Very well. And love, you say, is?
  • 7
    Oh... Yes... I understand... What do you worry most about?
  • 8
    I see... What is the most important?
  • 9
    I see... And what is money?
  • 10
    Very interesting... You see, I do take into account your personal preference, so I'll ask you this:
    What do you wish to obtain during your studies in Hogwarts?
  • 11
    Oh! Of course.... I can see... But is there right and wrong?
  • 12
    Hm... Complete this: “I learn...”
  • 13
    Interesting... I see you handle your suffering with...
  • 14
    Of course. Yes... very interesting... I can see you have a strong internal need to...
  • 15
    Oh yes... And you are annoyed by...
  • 16
    Oh yes... And in a conflict you’d rather...
  • 17
    Hm... I see... And what is your favorite type of intelligence?
  • 18
    I see... And your favorite type of bravery?
  • 19
    I see... And to what are you ultimately loyal?
  • 20
    Of course. And I can see you see ambition as...
  • 21
    I understand... Oh yes... And when it comes to other people... I see you’d like to know how to better...
  • 22
    Oh... Yes... And how competitive are you?
  • 23
    Ha! Of course. Very interesting... Now this: if you could fix one world problem, what would it be?
  • 24
    I see... And what is your inner struggle?
  • 25
    That sounds difficult... So tell me, what are rules to you?
  • 26
    Very interesting, yes... And you solve a problem with...
  • 27
    I can see you’d rather be seen as...
  • 28
    Tell me, you’d describe your role model as...
  • 29
    Other people’s ignorance is...
  • 30
    I see you invest your energy and attention with...
  • 31
    Hm... I can see your most common way of defense is to...
  • 32
    And you clearly believe life favors the most...
  • 33
    Of course. And in a group you prefer to be...
  • 34
    Interesting... How do you feel over the unknown?
  • 35
    And how do you feel over danger?
  • 36
    I see... Truly, you secretly crave...
  • 37
    I can finally see how you are truly moved by...

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Comments (20)


15 days ago
I mostly Slytherin! I've been wondering for ages if I'm in Slytherin or RAVENCLAW because I'm smart and evil but now I'm mostly evil so GO ME!
19 days ago
i am so happy i got Gryffindor
20 days ago
So many questions! boring boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21 days ago
I got RavenClaw yippee!
24 days ago
btw my least fav house is gryffindore
24 days ago
i am a ravenclaw. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27 days ago
O my goodness, this is so right! I am exactly split between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw! I am a Ravenclaw on pottermore, but I have really strong moral values, and quizzes always give me Hufflepuff or Gryffindor! And I love that the quiz wasn't biased like most online sorting quizzes tend to be. I'm bookmarking this and making my family take it.
38 days ago
I am very glad you guys liked it! Thanks for the feedback!! :)
69 days ago
YESSSSS! I'm a gryffindor!too happy!
95 days ago
I am in grifindor and i love it
105 days ago
I'm 43% slytherin and 22% ravenclaw.nice results.these are my most favourite houses.and I totally agree with 'Me' . It's really a nice test and not at all like the other tests. 5 stars from me.

I love slytherin......

109 days ago
120 days ago
I got slytherin and grifindor
122 days ago
I really enjoyed how the test required you to think about your own personality traits and goals instead of just asking really generic questions with answers you would instantly know which result they would contribute to.

And I liked how this test wasn’t biased against Slytherin like a lot of other these kind of tests are.
Happy with my results too. Pretty evenly spilt inbetween Slytherin and Rawenclaw here.
128 days ago
I got all of them
150 days ago
I got hufflepuff (yay ) this is the one I wanted hufflepuff this website is great
162 days ago
Wow this test was awesome and very in-depth I got the classic ravenclaw which is my house according to pottermore 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 five stars
166 days ago
Hello! What are your opinions on the test so far? :)
167 days ago
167 days ago
I love you griffin door