Am I Queer? For girls 12-16

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This quiz may aid in helping you discover your identity. In no way is this scientific, or going to be 100% right for everyone.

  • 1
    Your at school, and you spot a rather attractive girl looking at you. How do you feel?
  • 2
    You happen to sit near the same girl at lunch. You catch her staring, but she looks away as soon as you notice. Your bestie texts you, saying that you have a crush. What do you send back?
  • 3
    You go through the day, catching her looking at you all day. She approaches you after school, and goes to say something. She hesitates, then walks away. What’s your reaction?

  • 4
    You walk back to your bestie, and she starts squealing. She exclaims that you have a massive crush. You grab her, and pull her into the bathroom. What do you say?
  • 5
    (Time skip. P.S. the girls name is now Brooke. Sorry if your name is in fact Brooke.) You are walking down the halls, when you hear two girls talking about Brooke. You...
  • 6
    The girls proceed to ask what your problem is

  • 7
    They tell you to fuck off, you dyke. Your reaction?
  • 8
    They repeat what they said, but slower. Girl one gives a shove, what are you prepared to do.
  • 9
    Things are about to get ugly when you feel someone pull you away. You turn around, and it’s Brooke. What do you say.
  • 10
    Time passes, and you go over to your besties house for a sleepover. She decides to play spin the bottle, and before you could argue the bottle gets spun. You land with your bestie. You...

  • 11
    It’s your turn, and you spin it. Of course, it lands on Brooke. You share a quick kiss, but a soon as it started it finished. Thoughts...
  • 12
    It’s about 4, everyone’s fallen asleep except you, because of 4 cokes. Your sitting on the bed, watching YouTube. You suddenly see Brooke walk in. She beckons you out, and you follow. She says she wants to address everything. You say..
  • 13
    You continue kissing/ you start kissing, when she pulls away. She says that she has had a crush on you for a long time, and that she hopes it can go somewhere. The problem is, that her parents don’t know. You....
  • 14
    Time skip, you are dating now, in a closeted relationship. Brooke, comes over, crying. You ask her what’s wrong, and she says her parents disapprove of her being a lesbian, and said that no other women that aren’t my closest friends may enter my house. You...
  • 15
    What sexual orientation did you identify with before you took this test,

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8 days ago
I'm 12, and i'm a lesbian, my friend and I dated, then we broke up, but I still like her......
12 days ago
Also...anyone have advice about coming out? My parents are kinda homophobic but I have a gay, waay older, cousin. My mom seems annoyed about his gay pride shirts.
12 days ago
Same Bisexual Potato. I’ve only ever told people about my guy crush, but I’m rlly attracted to girls. I’m about to come out to a friend that is also bisexual. If anything only tell people you feel comfortable telling.
39 days ago
I’m biiiii, well I had only had boy crushes but I had felt attraction for other girls, I’m 12 btw, but I think my whole school is homophobic, and scared to never get to be who I really am. Someone halp!
55 days ago
I thought i might have a lesbian celeb crush but idk if it’s admiration or if I’m crushing because i can’t tell so now I’m questioning hard 😅
81 days ago
sup, anyone else have a straight crush that doesn't even know they exist? :/
81 days ago
lesbian i knew it! all i did was imagine my crush actually liked me! well..... this is gonna be awkward cus i got to have a sleepover with my homophobic friend soon... my life is sad:/also anyone listen to girl in red?
86 days ago
I’m Bi! I knew I was bi before I took this
90 days ago
Hey Luna! You could be lesbian or pan! Now, there is nothing wrong with this. But you are still young, and have LOTS of time to figure out what genders you like! I would be careful. I have a question for you though! Are your parents LGBTQ+ Allys? If you could get back to me, I would love to help 💜
91 days ago
I like girls but I don't know how I feel about everyone else please give me advice im 11 by the way
93 days ago
It’s says i am 99.9 percent lesbian what about the other . 1 present 🤭
95 days ago
Okay- Again, it says I'm lesbian, but other tests say I'm pan...
96 days ago
According to this quiz, there doesn't seem to be a difference between being ace and being homophobic :/
102 days ago
Oml I think I’m queer but I also think I’m bi and I think it’s better coming out as bi because more people know what that is. I’m still scared as hell and don’t know what to do
106 days ago
Imma be questioning for a while, but i like girls a lot
115 days ago
I know it’s fake but I feel bad for Brooke
115 days ago
Lmao I don't miss chances if Ik something good when I see one ;)
129 days ago
Stupid typing that literally drive me crazy
129 days ago
Agreed lol it told me i was gay and im so happy
129 days ago
Agreed lol
it told me i was gay and im so happy
Agreed lol it told me i was gay and im so happy