REALLY HARD Miraculous Ladybug Quiz - SPOILER ALERT!

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For the ultimate fan! Includes numerous spoilers about future episodes, so if you don't want to find out about some cool new things, don't click on this. (Oh, just click on it already!)

  • 1
    When will the big reveal occur?
  • 2
    What is Carapace's Kawami's name?
  • 3
    Will Chloe become a superhero?

  • 4
    In the upcoming episode, "Frozer," what is Frozer trying to do (apart from trying to take the Miraculous)?
  • 5
    Where does "Troublemaker" take place?
  • 6
    Who is Carapace?

  • 7
    Who gets akumatized into Queen Wasp?
  • 8
    Who gets akumatized into Reverser?
  • 9
    Who does Style Queen want to attack? (Attacking Ladybug and Cat Noir don't count.)
  • 10
    Who is Mayura?

Comments (47)


878 days ago
I really want to be in your miraculous fan club now!
878 days ago
I am 13 years old and I like miraculous ladybug, drawing, and puppys and for me these questions were not hard at all and the reaveal must happen in season 4, 5, 6......
878 days ago
I love miraculous sooooo much and I have watched every episode and the New York movie that come out and I am still waiting for the new movie about Sangai and I am really waiting to see season 4 and five because it says that Ladybug will be AKUMATIZED to Lady Misfortune!!!
883 days ago
%@_@% its unicorn uuu play it cool >_
883 days ago
I got 0/
927 days ago
this test hurt me alot i thought i was an expert but it is okay but to be honest i spend half of my day just thinking about miraculous ladybug and the other half about food🤣
1069 days ago
I liked it
1115 days ago
Hi, this quiz was awesome! I got 10 out of 10 right😁
1176 days ago
THIS questions are so hard
1192 days ago
Wow i got 9/10 it means i am a super fan and i like to watch miraculous show and my best friend also like to watch miraculous we can do anything for this show okay bye and one thing i want to say .bug out
1365 days ago
hey quizmaker don't you know CHLOE is QUEEN WASP?
1383 days ago
exactly! chloe was akumatiezed and this option is not given
1427 days ago
The one who turns into Queen Bee is Chloe ! I got it wrong!🥺😢😭
1446 days ago
in the queen wasp episode chloe was akumatized its not in the option
1505 days ago
In the question of the queen wasp episode it was Chloe as queen bee who was akumatized but it didn’t said her name.
1551 days ago
I got 7/10 but it's really out of date plus Queen Wasp is Chloe but she was not an answer...... plz update😅😅
1554 days ago
7/10 but it's out of date so...
1577 days ago
Just so you know, Queen Wasp was actually Chloe. Not trying to be rude, just making sure you were aware.
1596 days ago
Got 10/10 cause I know my ml and raged how they don’t know simple things like Nathalie is Le paeon I mean also queen wasp queen bee ya know I mean sorry I like ranting oof
1603 days ago
got 10/10