The First Period Test!

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This quiz will help you determine the time of your first period.

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    What's the distance between your age and the age of your female relative when she got it?
  • 3
    Do you have pubic/underarm/leg hair?
  • 4
    What's your breast shape?
  • 5
    What bra size do you wear?
  • 6
    Do you get discharge? How often?
  • 7
    How long do you have discharge?
  • 8
    Do you seem to fall in love/make friendships easier?
  • 9
    How much do you weight? (I know, but it's important.)
    *in kg
  • 10
    Last question (doesn't affect your score):
    Do you want your period?

Comments (15)


Hi (37786)
11 hours ago
Pls estimate 
Don't know when mum got here
Spotting once (I think)
No discharge
Short but painful cramps
Over half full curly hair down there 
Full armpit hair
Full leg hair
Arm hair becoming defined 
Cravings for pretzels
Sore 💗 
Mood swing
Growth spurt of 5 cm in a month
100+ lb
Good curving
4 ft 6 in I think
Please help me!!!!!
thank you in advance
Alex (89364)
3 days ago

Honey... Not to be. A buzz quill but..... that’s just not how it works... it’s more like you can get it any time after that. I’ve had discharge for a lil mor than a year and still no piriod, so if you have it this day that doesn’t mean that ext6 month later you’ll get it. If you see this then hopefully my kinda rudeness helps
Emma (32646)
9 days ago
I got my period the other day. I’m mostly just taking these test for fun now...
Lina (83085)
10 days ago
@Zoe thats not how it works :/ like some girls have discharge like for 2 years and get it so...
isabella (47744)
11 days ago
it said 2 to 6 months also is it weird that i want my period? i feel likes it's kinda a rite of passage from tween too teen
some girl(creator) (48180)
11 days ago
@Soph well good luck and wear some pads with you. Aand don't forget to tell your mum, she'll probably be very excited.
Soph (41742)
11 days ago
Soccer is life (47644)
12 days ago
I have about 6 months till I get mine. I don’t know if I want it or not kinda freaked out. Any advice would help. 😐
cass (33809)
12 days ago
Nikki (10290)
12 days ago
For the girls who want there periods it’s the worst pain of worst you feel nauseous and your cramps make you want to cry it’s not the best I did my quizzes and it said 2-6 months and I already have it so...
Elle (51257)
13 days ago
It said 2-6 months I got it yesterday.... idk why I took this quiz if I already had it I just wanted to know. And to anyone who doesn’t have it and wants it, I know it can seem like you’ve been waiting forever and you just want to finally have it to be like your friends or sisters or whatever but I would actually love for it to go away and I could get it again in like a few years not weeks, because I feel like I can’t do anything because I’m scared of hurting myself (I know, stupid) and it is kind of just annoying so enjoy your time without it.
spongebob (08976)
13 days ago
I have cramps so bad rn
Jess (08490)
13 days ago
2-6 months!! SO EXCITED!!!! My sisters all have theirs so I feel like a baby rn. :,( I know it's not always the nicest feeling (one time me and my sisters went to the shops but my oldest sister felt like she was gonna faint.. She's fainted a few times before so she knows what it feels like.. so we took her home and my mum said it was her period) but I REALLY WANT IT!!!!!! I'm nervous to talk to my mum about these things so I'm just gonna wait.. Once I get my period I'll tell my mum and use one of my sisters' pads. :) SO EXCITED!!!!! Hope it's soon!
Zoe (42478)
14 days ago
It's says 6 months and the thing is I already know that cuz I go discharge on June 9 and I will get it on December 9. I already calculated
Julie (53591)
15 days ago
Just god my period today and it said 2-6 months I’d say decently accurate! Nice job