Will You Make A Good Parent?

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Do you want to be a parent and especially a good one? Then this is the quiz for you!

  • 1
    Do you think you'd be a good parent?
  • 2
    Are you responsible?
  • 3
    What would you let your kids listen too? (Night Time.)

  • 4
    What's the kids bedtime?
  • 5
    What Would You Do If Your Kid's Being Bullied.
  • 6
    Your Kid Just Broke Your Favorite Antique, What Do You Do?

  • 7
    What Do You Do When Your Kid Wants To Play, But You Have To Go To A Black Friday Sale?
  • 8
    When Your Child Says A Curse Word What Do You Do?
  • 9
    Your Kid Brings Home A Friend Who You Don't Know, What Do You Do?
  • 10
    It's Your Child's B-Day! What Do You Do?

Comments (5)


1229 days ago
a THEY CAN DO ANYTHING WHAT THE LIKE HAHAHA It's thier life but I'm always here As parent 🤣
1333 days ago
It depends on the kids age though
1897 days ago
It turns out my results ended up that the kid is just like me 🙄
1898 days ago
It said I’d be a perfect parent, and I’m really happy with that. Good to know for babysitting and stuff in future, but I don’t know if I want many kids...?
1898 days ago
It said I’d be a good parent, I’m glad, because I want lots of children! 😉🙃