What Is My Romantic Orientation?

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You must be wondering about this, since you're here.:-) This quiz will help you figure out your romantic orientation - that is, whether you are homoromantic, biromantic, heteroromantic, or aromatic. I have now edited this test to include PANROMANTIC! Your result awaits - try the test now!

  • 1
    First off, who are you romantically attracted to?*

    *If you skip any questions, it might affect your score.
    First off, who are you romantically attracted to?* *If you skip any questions, it might affect your score.
  • 2
    Who do you see yourself with in the future?
  • 3
    Scenario time! You’re at the mall and see someone cute of the same sex as you. They come up and ask you out. What do you say?

  • 4
    Now, this time, same scenario as above - but it's the opposite gender who approaches and asks you out. Would you go out with them?
  • 5
    Who did you have a crush on in school?
  • 6
    Who have you dated before?

  • 7
    What do you think you are? If you don’t know, pick the one you can most relate to.
  • 8
    What would you be happy getting as an answer?
  • 9
    What sounds most realistic to you?
  • 10
    Did you like my quiz? (Whichever you pick, it won’t affect your score.)

Comments (116)


9 days ago
Not a fan of the scenario questions because if it's a random person asking me that I'm going to say no but if it's someone that I already know and get along with then I'll probably say yes so I don't know how to answer those 2 questions.
9 days ago
So I'm pretty sure I'm a panromantic lesbian (but I'm young and not entirely sure)and I answered same sex,both,and anyone and I got heteromantic?like what how did I get that?
9 days ago
It's me again I got aromantic... I'm a gray aro but uhh
15 days ago
I got homoromantic because i think I'm asexual. I tried to tell my mum but she said i was 'just confused' because i'm 13 and she thinks i'll 'grow into it' ugh
15 days ago
I got panromantic and I really think I am that, but I definitely tend to female individuals (they can be nonbinary etc.) And I have only been in love with 2 guys but now only 1 of them and with 5 like 5 girls...HELP I'm a mess😂 I think in the future I'm maybe homoromantic
15 days ago
I'm polyromantic but pan does good I guess
16 days ago
I gave mostly biromantic and panromantic answers and I get heteromantic? This 💗 is confusing
19 days ago
i do like to think of both hetro and homo💗senarios but in reality all my crushes and LOVES ARE OF OPPOSITE GENDER
20 days ago
I took this quiz to see if I was panromantic or biromantic because I am an asexual, but this told me that I was aromantic. I said multiple times that I would be in a relationship so I don’t know what happened...
25 days ago
I got panromantic which I identify with so yeah good quiz
29 days ago
tbh I've taken like five online tests and all of them as well as my the💗 confirm that I am a homosexual aromantic male but this test said that I was heteromantic.
39 days ago
So I feel that I haven't felt any sexual attraction to anyone I've ever dated or had contact with really but I do feel that I would date someone who had a good personality, does anyone know what I would be? I'm not sure if my age affects anything (I'm 15) but I've been struggling for a while and any help would be greatly appreciated!
41 days ago
Well I already know im an ace aro but... i hve a boyfriend. its not I don't love him. idk . like a squish. I am confused. i need help.
42 days ago
This quiz is nice. I’m asexual and I’m just trying to figure out whether I’m aromantic or homoromantic. Aromantic was just a reason for me to not date and love anyone. I’m still a bit confused but, thanks for putting so much effort into this quiz.
42 days ago
I answered lot of things same💗or pansexual answers but none straight and got straight. Tf is wrong with this quiz?
44 days ago
((Is hetroromantic the only answer? I am biromantic. I got the wrong answer.))
45 days ago
I mostly answered females but somehow still got heteroromantic? im a girl so it is not really accurate
46 days ago
Bro I answered almost all panromantic stuff and it gave me aromantic
that’s like
the opposite of what I was going for lmao
48 days ago
I'm panromantic but i'm heterosexual...
55 days ago
I’m not biiiiiiiiiii men are gross to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee