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Older Sister

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“Hey Jessica, I’ve been thinking about what happened between you and that guy, and I think you need to get over it.” Olivia Santos sat down next to her twin sister Jessica Santos who had just recently divorced.
“You’ve been wearing the same shirt and shorts for a couple days now.” Olivia pointed at Jessica’s yellow stomach shirt which was quite tight on her, and then her white jean shorts which only covered one half of her butt. But Olivia couldn’t talk either, she had gray yoga shorts that covered one half of her butt and then she had a long sleeved black, tight shirt.
“B-but...It’s just that he left me for an idiotic girl.” Olivia hugged Jessica who laid her head on her shoulder.
“Yeah, but you need to get over it. Come on! That big Brazilian girl body of yours needs to get out to the world, just like I do with mine.” Olivia stood up and grabbed Jessica’s hands, then she helped her up. “Okay, I want you to cheer up, so what do you want to do today?” Olivia was still holding Jessica’s hands.
“I want to go to the gym.” Jessica pointed at her stomach, she was actually in good shape just like Olivia, the only exception being their huge proportions.
“Alright, can we kiss on the cheek like we always did?” Olivia joked. Jessica got close to kiss her cheek, but she moved slightly too much and then they both kissed two lips.
“That never happened by the way.” Jessica pushed Olivia out of her room and grabbed some gym clothes.

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