Have I started Puberty? GIRLS! -most accurate-

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I am going to tell you whether you have started puberty or not.
Take my follow up puberty quizzes- when will I start my first period?
Puberty quiz

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    How long have you been developing pubic hair?

    (down there)

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13 days ago
So I’m scared because I’m already 12 and I still have flat chess. Plz help.
16 days ago
Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hello
22 days ago
Hey everyone!
29 days ago
This is way more accurate
52 days ago
I'm 10, almost 11 in a month or so, but I'm a 30A bra size is that big for my age? I got my first menstrual period at 10 but it is not regular yet.
59 days ago
Woo yay i have started puberty...
79 days ago
Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
85 days ago
Halloween=sugar and candy. This test=stay away from sugar
127 days ago
135 days ago
LOL YES XD #pubertysucks-.-
136 days ago
•Grow Taller Quickly Than Boys (it’s a true fact XD)
136 days ago
If you are in puberty, then you would have—

•Slight Underarm Hair
•White Gloop = Red Periods
•Age 10-11
•Tiny hair on your legs
•”Down” hair
•BO = Wearing Deodorant
•Mood swings or dramatic probs (big issue for girls like ”pinkiepieplaysyay11” [my friend’s Roblox Username] XP)
•Greasy Hair
•Some acne
146 days ago
Hi! I just turned 11 and i developed breast buds 3 months ago. I wear a padded bra because i have "fatty tissue" which isn't real b reast tissue. so should i be wearing a padded bra or not and when do you think ill have REAL b oobs?
152 days ago
If u have had Ur period then yes. U have started puberty
158 days ago
It says no and I am only ten and all of my family weren't early but my best friend is really cute and she's eleven and almost full, I kinda wish I would hit puberty early...
162 days ago
And I’ve definitely started puberty becuz I had my first period 5 months ago
162 days ago
I wasn’t happy about the choices for the shaving question. I shave multiple times a week but the most similar answer was 3 or more times a month.
184 days ago
So my 💗 are double DDs and my parents think I shouldn’t wear a bra. My nipples are really small though. So should I or should I not. Also I am 12 and already have really 💗 and don’t have any other things related to puberty happening to me. Please tell me what’s happening.
185 days ago
Potato I’m 11 and my period is probably coming soon I started puberty a while ago, don’t worry it is completely normal
187 days ago
I am nervous..