Have I started Puberty? GIRLS! -most accurate-

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I am going to tell you whether you have started puberty or not.
Take my follow up puberty quizzes- when will I start my first period?
Puberty quiz

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    How long have you been developing pubic hair?

    (down there)

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Boi I’ve been in puberty over 2 years and just felt like taking this. I consider myself flat but I’d efinatly have more than buds (a lot more) just not womanly. Most of you guys are 10 or 11 while I’m 14 entering high school next year. I have defiantly started and I’ve been through all of it but, I haven’t started my period yet. So yah idk why I took this.But I should be starting g my period already but I’m not so don’t worry,
2 days ago
The same thing happened to me. Whenever me and my mom were out shopping in a store that sold bras, I would just say that I didn't have enough, or they were hurting me. Saying these things would encourage my mom to buys me more or even get a formal fitting.
3 days ago
It says I haven't started puberty but I feel like I am but only one of my nipples have breast buds
32 days ago
Im 10 almost 11 and i smell bad very bad (body odor) it also said i have started puberty and guess what i checked my armpits and found a dark curly hair heh but im super nervous couse idk how to ask my mom for a bigger bra
34 days ago
And PPS: messy potato I so agree with u about the sugar
34 days ago
This quiz is AWESOME! Hey peeps I’m 10 and I’m actually going through puberty and I’ve ACTUALLY GOT MY PERIOD, I SHAVE MY LEGS AND I WEAR A BRA. PS sorry if I’m overreacting or boasting or something it’s just the sort of person I am.
43 days ago
i have buds that show through my shirt but don't know how to ask if I could wear a bra
44 days ago
(I’m 12 in 6th grade this is relevant info) I got breast buds in 4th grade when I was around 8-9 and I was told around 2 year until I got my period and it’s been 2 years and I’m showing signs of it coming but I don’t know when and it’s been a whileee
50 days ago
You cant stop me from eating my sugar!
62 days ago
It says I’ve hit puberty and I think it’s kinda accurate because I’ve been developing a lot signs of puberty like white discharge, breast budding, underarm and “down there” hair, mild cramps and acne...although I haven’t gotten my period yet my doctor says I should wait 6-12 months before I can get my period, I’m 11 turning 12 btw!
75 days ago
Mine says... yes you are definitely in puberty... I’m 11 soon to be 12
93 days ago
So I’m scared because I’m already 12 and I still have flat chess. Plz help.
97 days ago
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103 days ago
Hey everyone!
110 days ago
This is way more accurate
133 days ago
I'm 10, almost 11 in a month or so, but I'm a 30A bra size is that big for my age? I got my first menstrual period at 10 but it is not regular yet.
139 days ago
Woo yay i have started puberty...
160 days ago
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165 days ago
Halloween=sugar and candy. This test=stay away from sugar
208 days ago