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There’s a Foreign Dude in my Class - Love at First Sight!

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This is pretty much just a peaceful story about a young immigrant who makes new friends in the United States. This is part of a series of stories/comics I like to write, and I made up the characters in it. I hope you like it!

August 12th.
A new family was into a house next to Damien Walter. Damien looked out his window and saw the family getting out of a blue SUV. The parents appeared to have three children - two sons and a daughter. The youngest child, a son who was aged twelve and wore black glasses, saw Damien looking out the window. He smiled at the boy after they stared at each other for a moment. Scared, the boy with the glasses instantly blushed a deep pink and ran away.
“Aw, I scared him off!” thought Damien. “Or maybe he’s just shy…”
Damien wanted to be friends with the boy, yet he didn’t know how to approach the situation. Little did they know that they would be in for a surprise a few days later.

August 14th.
It was the first day of school - Grand Middle School, to be exact. Damien and the boy had met again in their classroom. They were sitting right next to each other.
Mrs.Morrow, the teacher, said with a big grin, “Hello and welcome to the 6th grade! I’m your homeroom teacher, Mrs.Morrow!”
After everyone in the class introduced themselves, including the teacher, it was finally time for the nervous boy to introduce himself. However, he was a little shy like his future friend predicted. He stood at his desk silently, not knowing what to say. Damien desperately wanted to know his name.
In an attempt to encourage him, Mrs.Morrow said to him, “It’s okay to be shy; we’re all friends here. Just tell us a little about yourself. What’s your name?”
Still trying to build up courage, the boy replied, “Um… My name is Alen. Alen Dino Mavic.”
Damien asked, smiling, “Is that your full name?”
“Yes, but please call me Alen.”
Now that they were in the same room, Damien was able to get a better look at what the boy he saw 2 days ago, Alen, looked like. Alen had slightly narrow, dark brown eyes; big eyebrows; a round face; and his glasses had a thin white stripe on each side. He wore a black watch, he had rosy cheeks, long eyelashes, and a somewhat large framed body. His voice wasn’t quite like everyone else’s. It was just a little softer, and Alen spoke with an accent.
“Whoa, he has an accent!” thought Damien. “Is he from a different country?”
What Alen said next answered Damien’s question.
“I am immigrant from different country”, Alen continued. “I am immigrant from Bosnia Herzegovina.”
As soon as he uttered those words, his classmates gathered around him, wanting to ask him questions. This made Alen feel overwhelmed, and his blush darkened a bit. However, he was happy he spoke up. Kids asked him questions such as:
“What’s it like in Bosnia?”
“What are some things you like to do?”
“Do you like it here in the United States?”
“Alen, do people speak English where you’re from?”
“When did you move here?”
“Alen, what do you wanna be when you grow up?”
“They do not speak English where I from”, replied Alen. “They say Bosnian. When I grow up, I want to be animator. I love to read, draw, sing, and dance. I like your country so far. I move here 2 days ago on my 12th birthday.”
“Your birthday was August 12th?” asked Mrs.Morrow.
“My birthday is August 12th”, answered Alen. “I am 12 years old.”
“Oh cool, you had your golden birthday!”
The other students were amazed. Alen turned 12 before anyone else in the class did!
“The rest of us are still eleven!” exclaimed Eryk.
“Alen, it looks like you’re the oldest kid in our class!” chuckled Mrs.Morrow.
Alen’s narrow eyes enlarged with wonder.
“Really?” he asked with a smile on his face. “I am oldest?”
Eryk questioned, “Do you think you could sing or dance for us sometime?”
“I get nervous when I try to sing or dance for people, but maybe I could. I been told I am very good at it.” Alen giggled. “Before I move here, I learn how to speak English, but there are still word and phrase I don’t understated - I mean understand.” Alen was now embarrassed by his mistake. “I am sorry I said wrong word.”
“Oh, that’s quite all right”, Mrs.Morrow told Alen. “We’ll help you. And Alen, I love your accent!”
“Thank you!” exclaimed Alen. “I like yours, too!”
Everyone was excitedly talking to Alen. Some people wanted to learn about Bosnia, others wanted to see his drawings and hear him sing, and others simply enjoyed listening to his exotic, Bosnian accent. Some of them even wanted to learn how to speak his native language!
“I hope to learn more about United States!” said Alen.
In the crowd of fascinated students, a girl named Era Glover seemed to be falling in love with Alen. His voice was like smooth velvet; it was soft and a bit deep, and to Era, he was just plain adorable - both in appearance and personality. She also thought it was cute that Alen didn’t know much about how things worked in his new home and that he was amazed by everything he saw. Seriously, everything. Even a pencil sharpener.
“Ooh, American pencil sharpener!” he cried out.
Era even got caught staring into Alen’s eyes while talking to him.
“Why you stare at me like that?” asked Alen.
Era snapped back to reality. She was daydreaming, getting lost in Alen’s eyes.
“Sorry, Mavic”, she managed to say. “Your eyes distracted me. They’re just so beautiful and enchanting!”
That was what people said to Alen when he lived in Bosnia. He never exactly understood why people thought this. Was Alen born with it or something?
“Uh, thank you”, responded Alen, a bit embarrassed by Era’s compliment. “How are my eyes enchanting to you?”
Era replied, “I - It’s just the way they’re shaped… ahh.”

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