Are you in a toxic friendship?

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This is a quiz to discover if you are in a toxic friendship, and to see if the friendship is worth repairing.

  • 1
    Does your friend ever make you feel used?
  • 2
    Do they treat you differently at different times, depending on who is around?
  • 3
    Do they keep your secrets?
  • 4
    Do they become more distant when they get a boyfriend/girlfriend or a “better offer”?
  • 5
    Do they make you feel uncomfortable, nervous or frightened?
  • 6
    Are they possessive or clingy – always jealous of your other friends and insisting on being with you?
  • 7
    Do they make you feel you are being controlled or manipulated?
  • 8
    Do they promise things and then don’t come through?
  • 9
    Do they gossip and judge a lot, creating a negative atmosphere?
  • 10
    Do they think only of themselves?
  • 11
    Do they seem to compete with you all the time?
  • 12
    Are they two-faced – do they talk about people in a negative way and then act like they are best friends?
  • 13
    Have they ever talked about you behind your back?
  • 14
    Are they ever mean to you?
  • 15
    Do you fight a lot?
  • 16
    Do they act aggressively towards you?
  • 17
    Can you be yourself when you are with them?
  • 18
    Do they make time for you?
  • 19
    Do they listen to you?

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3 days ago
my long time friend has been getting progressively self absorbed. She tells me stuff about her life and when i say things about mine, she is half listening. She tells me things she likes but if I start to say something about what I like, she cuts me off and says she doesn't like what i like.These are just a few examples. I am discouraged. She doesn't like confrontation and avoids it. Any advice?
9 days ago
My best friend is so toxic... she’s constantly angry at me for the smallest things I say. If I disagree with her she gets super angry and won’t talk to me for days, it’s terrible
14 days ago
Best wishes to everyone!
14 days ago
Hey justAHippoThing, they want to manipulate you or bring you down, I recon that you should leave before it gets worse - onion
14 days ago
Same here 1MP3. It’s apparent they don’t care much about you, I recommend you talk to them about this and if this continues you might want to leave. I’m still with my toxic friends because they know me better than I know myself and they would tell everything to everybody and I have no one else. I wish you luck my friend! - onion
18 days ago
I have a couple friends that always want to come over, and when they do they watch tv and ignore me. They always leave me out and on the rare occasion they talk to me it’s gossiping or talking about themselves. But they’re my best friends and really only friends. What do I do? I’ve tried to stop being friends with them but they always “apologize” and do the same thing over again
21 days ago
I have a friend who can be really scary sometimes. He acts like some sort of king.
31 days ago
So, my issue is that I have two friends who are constantly making fun of what I wear, watch, eat, etc. They basically tell me that I have no life and I'm ugly and annoying. I absolutely hate them at this point, but they're in all of my classes at school, we all eat lunch in the library.
36 days ago
@landay walker,
He’s trying to manipulate you, don’t fall for it. This has happened to me, the longer you stay the harder it is to leave, and they might turn you toxic as well. Tell him you don’t feel comfortable with this (be carful as this seems to be a start of a abusive relationship) and cut him out best regards- onion
38 days ago
Alright, my issue is that i have a guy best friend who is only a best friend to me, but i have this friend who i'm gonna call Louis. My best friend doesn't like Louis for some unknown reason. Louis and I have been friends for a while now. my best friend gets mad when i hangout with Louis or other people for that matter. I don't want to let him go... he gets mad over little things and we argue quit a lot. I don't want to lose my best friend..... What should i do.
45 days ago
I’m XxonionxX. I forgot I was on here a few months ago
45 days ago
heres my issue. I’ve know this girl for two years now and she doesn’t care about me in anyway. I’ve told her almost all my problems but I’m scared to leave. She has a gossipy friend who she tells everything to. She also faked mental health and injuring herself. Should I leave. She knows me inside out. She also forces me to leav school grounds to go to a lake for no reason whatsoever. Should I leave?
49 days ago
I got a 85% my friend is so mean she always says to her boyfriend she's 16 but she's ## I hat it when she never listens to me no wonder I got a 85 percent she's a bad friend plus a bad girlfriend too, her boyfriend always tells me he doesn't like her but my friend is too clingy /:- omg so annoying guys
76 days ago
there's this 1 girl who i thought was my friend. we've literally known each other since we were babies & we've never really fought (seriously). any way, last year she started a new school & always wanted 2 hang out with me. but now she has all these new friends & only sees me when she needs 2 & i'm pretty sure she could care less about me. but when she does c me she's super nice & sometimes even gives me a hug i'm so confused. what is her deal?
95 days ago
@Luna Galaxy Wolf

If they are toxic you should end it soon, ive had two toxic “friends” and from that relationship I know for a fact the longer you stay the worse it gets and harder it is to leave it.
95 days ago
hey guys just wanted 2 let u know that i talked 2 my friend after school 2day & she said we're friends again:)
96 days ago
so i have this 1 friend who's such a 2-faced 2 this 1 person (can't say who) . she's so nice to her 2 her face but when she isn't around always gossips about her. i think (pretty sure but not 100%) she even once called her a b****. i feel really bad so i started calling her 2 faced and she got so annoyed. i know i should've stopped but it was kinda funny. she didn't really mind but this morning i called her a 2 faced in class and told her why i called her that & the teacher heard me say it. now she's so scared she's gonna get in trouble even though i told her she probably wouldn't a million times. i got into fight with her at recess... she told me to go away, leave her alone, and that i'm so annoying. so i did. but i think she's still mad at me & i feel really bad. i told her i'm sorry like a million time but she doesn't believe me. but i really AM SORRY, she just won't believe or talk to me):
96 days ago
My friend dropped me and I'm really upset about it but she wasn't that good if a person what should i do?
100 days ago
My friend forces me to listen to the music she likes and always shows me things she and she alone enjoys even though I hate it. But I always put on a fake smile and nod for her... while she bashes me repeatedly and and makes fun of the things she KNOWS I rely on for my day to day happiness to cope with my mental illnesses, calling them 'cringy'. I don't like it all but I'm a pushover and can't tell her that myself.
101 days ago
my friend doesn't listen and makes me feel awful, i don't know how to make her stop, sometimes my friends gang up on me and they never ever ever agree with me, I don't know how to make it stop without losing everyone or making myself look stupid, because they don't take me seriously. I constantly feel bad about myself when I'm around them, but we're best friends and they're mostly nice, I just don't know how to address the issue without losing everything.