First period quiz!

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I made this test to estimate the time a girl starts her first period. It will be as accurate as possible, but I am not a doctor!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    Do you have boobs, if so what are they like?
  • 3
    Do you have hair down there?
  • 4
    Do you have discharge if so how much?
  • 5
    How long have you had discharge for?
  • 6
    Have you ever had sex drives?
  • 7
    How old was your mom when she started
  • 8
    Do you ever have mood swings?
  • 9
    Do you get cramps
  • 10
    Do you have armpit hair

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emerson (63637)
6 days ago
i got 3-6 months til period the test said
24/7 Gynecologist (62727)
8 days ago
@Maria 6 months or more
24/7 Gynecologist (62727)
8 days ago
I can answer questions about your menstrual periods 24/7
Maria (50826)
8 days ago
Hi age 12 got like a breasts got about half way down there had discharge a month ago medium amount had a lot of stomach cramps for the past days as well as my breast feeling tender and had a lot of cravings most test say about now-6 months correct or what??
Butterflyzz (08353)
9 days ago
11 almost 12 mom got hers at 14
Breast buds lol ,dark straight hairs down there , blond armpit hairs, discharge only once a month (tiny bit) once it was light brown . Just started puberty this year. 80 pounds nearly 5 foot
I can answer all period questions (62727)
9 days ago
Osj, I estimated you o n the picture of the two girls whispering
Osj (14059)
9 days ago
💗:round and fairly full 34B
LOADS of discharge(it’s gross) I’ve had it for over a year
Daily cramps and weird cravings
LOADS of dark curly hair(down there)
Have to shave my armpits and legs
Get rlly sweaty rlly quickly
158cm tall
My mom got hers at 10
Hey..... (82127)
10 days ago
-triangular A 💗
- lots of discharge had for 1 year
- lots of armpit hair
- Half way developed brown curly Pubic hair
- arm and leg hair — lots
- 100 lbs
- 5.2 in height
- A few cramps
- no bloating
- massive mood swings
Mom got it @ 15/14
Thanks ;)
Late bloomer (87198)
16 days ago
Harry Potter fan,
I think you have 1-2 years. I’m not an expert or anything. Once you get a growth spurt, your period might be 6 ish months away. Your period can come 1-3 years after breast budding, but it really varies from girl to girl. I know it might seem hard to wait for your period, I have trouble with that too. Just try to stay on the bright side: swim, do sports, wear white, do everything that would be harder once you get your period, so you can enjoy childhood while it lasts 😘 Good luck!🍀
Late bloomer (87198)
16 days ago
Please estimate!
13 years old, sister got it at 13.5, other sister at 16, mom at 14 ish
5 feet tall, I think I’m having a growth spurt, 85 pounds
Sweaty, moody Sasquatch 😂
💗 started developingss last November or something, grew really slow but now are growing fast, though they are still pretty small
I wear a sports bra, I think an Aaa bra would fit me
Wispy blond armpit hair
Pubic hair started growing 2 years ago. It’s pretty dark, not super thick though
Discharge started 2 years ago, I get it every day but not a huge amount, every once in a while I’ll have a day where I get loads of it.
#HarryPotterFan (01772)
16 days ago
plz estimate
no idea when my mum had hers
no spotting
no discharge
tiny buds
no armpit hair
tiny hairs down there
no cramps
not sore
not craving anything
about 4ft tall
dont wear a bra

thank u :)
Murp (38198)
18 days ago

Thx. Its not my period but I think I might get it soon!!
Hi (64156)
18 days ago
Probably but if you wipe and there's more it's your period
Murp (38198)
18 days ago
Is this spotting??there was the tiniest red dot near the back of my underwear?? Some tell me!!
Hi (37786)
18 days ago
Pls estimate 
Don't know when mum got heres
Spotting twice
Some discharge
Short but painful cramps
Over half full curly hair down there 
Full armpit hair
Full leg hair
Arm hair becoming defined 
Cravings for pretzels
Sore 💗 
Mood swing
Growth spurt of 5 cm in a month
100+ lb
Good curving
4 ft 6 in I think
Please help me!!!!!
thank you in advance
Hi (37786)
18 days ago
@Special you have about 6 to 8 months honey so not for a long time. Just enjoy your childhood.!
Special (93510)
19 days ago
Estimate me: Age 13 Mom was 13 no armpit hair Shave my legs several times a week Wear 32 AA bra Breasts are growing constantly Craving and mood swings once in a while Discharge every day for a few months no spotting Want my period so bad estimate please!!!
Girl (92791)
19 days ago
Hi guys I am really nervous about my first period
ras (75797)
19 days ago
Ivory Girl (52689)
20 days ago