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Which LeBlanc are you?

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Take this quiz to discover if you are Annie, Hayley, or Caleb! Please like this quiz and give it a high star rating. Also, subscribe to my YouTube account, Bae Tayley.

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Comments (48)


757 days ago
bestie, the caleb ones are pretty obvious
873 days ago
I get hayley and my last name is Leblanc
942 days ago
my comments doesn't mean i don't like Jules/Annie i love her too LeBlanc family is so special cause they show me when anyone go away anyone new came i love u guys thank you so much
942 days ago
And u must know hayley isn't famous cause jules is her sister she is popular cause she believe in family hope and friendship i love her and i am actually so happy i have Hayley Noelle LeBlanc
942 days ago
i have hayley and u know what? i am proud cause she is so strong
1003 days ago
I got Annie and that is so good bc I love her I watch her vids all da time I love her sooo much one day hopefully when I grow up ima try and meet her I'm literatly so happy
1046 days ago
I got Annie Leblanc I’ve always wanted to be a real singer but I’m nothing like her but I do look up to her I love the hole Leblanc family
1071 days ago
I got Annie but I happy to be the person I am and so should you. Hayley y you are awesome too. Love you both. Hope you post vids soon
1086 days ago
I got Annie I’m so happy she’s the best I’m so so so so so happy
1143 days ago
I got Annie Leblanc!!! I am soooo happy she's the best!! I have watched all her movies and I'm subscribed to her YouTube channel(Bratayley).😊
1188 days ago
Shalom guys!I hope your days been good! Ok so I guess all my fans know that I broke up with gavin Magnus! Please check out my YouTube channel piper Rockelle and subscribe! If you don't believe that's really me, you do not belong to the piper Rockelle family because I never lie to you guys! I know you guys say that Sophie is only using me but I know it already it's so clear! When I got married to Walker for 24 hours she was not even happy for me!I hope you accept what I mean!remember I love you guys🤗
1285 days ago
I got Annie Leblanc. Im seeing most of us get Annie and to get ger makes you happy. But remember were all unique in ways. Were all different and BEAUTIFUL
1313 days ago
I got Annie LeBlanc! I’m so happy for myself and because i like Annie.
1345 days ago
Hi I've got Annie am so glad its you .i am your biggest fan you are so talent and you are smart I want to be a famous singer and actor like you I like all of your song's and I am a fan of the chicken girls the movie is so good it's be amazing to be a famous singer and actor 💘❤💘
1390 days ago
I got Annie and I am so happy I got her I wanted her so bad I thought it was Hayley at first but I got Annie lablanc I love the lablanc fam!!
1433 days ago
I got Annie yay Annie leblanc I s my idol I love her so much and Hayley Also fun fact me and Hayley are the same age I am 10 so she is too My bday is aslo August 17 hers is September 2nd and Annie's is December 5th
1442 days ago
I got annie leblanc l was thing that I was going to have halley but l got annie yeh
1444 days ago
Yay I got Hayley!!! But I was sorta wishing for Annie
1449 days ago
i got Hayley,but i love Annie the most i hope you enjoy this amazing quiz :)
1465 days ago
I need to tell you something guys!dont ever say something mean to a other person or say that you have a crush to your friends!because one time one of my friends said to every kid in my class that I have a crush!she even told that to my crush and now he knows everything!from that day I never said her a other secret of myself!iam really sorry that I said the word friends 100times but please trust me!♥️