If you woke up a boy, what would you do?

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You are a girl. But then on day you wake up a boy. What would happen?

  • 1
    You walk into the bathroom. You are a boy. What do you notice first?
  • 2
    What do you wear? (You are a boy)
  • 3
    How do you feel?

  • 4
    You are at school and you need the toilet. Where do you go?
  • 5
    How do you go? (If you chose pants of girls, press skip), (if you held it in you had to go in the boys).
  • 6
    Who do you hang out with?

  • 7
    How does your hair look?
  • 8
    You feel something weird between your legs. What do you do?
  • 9
    A pretty girl asks you out what do you do?
  • 10
    Finally, if you could stay a boy, would you?

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479 days ago
Wow. I would ace being a male. I’m bigender, so I don’t mind. I would actually rather be a male.
491 days ago
hahahahhahahhaha I did it.
497 days ago
Its fake it changes your results after you press results :(
503 days ago
70% you are: You were amazing! Wait it go tomboy, you would ace being male! Though, you probably choose to stay a girl.
Haha I'm genderfluid anyway
519 days ago
Tomboy all the way! 80% AMAZING!!!🤩 but still want to be a girl.
524 days ago
80% girl I guess I like having long hair and its cool that my mom gets me everything because in a girl but boys have it easy with hair why just why can't girls be the same like that all they have to do is brush and put gel in it for girls you have to put relaxer Argan oil tea tree oil and stuff like that its SO CONFUSING #boy goals
526 days ago
Tomboy is the best boy
534 days ago
538 days ago
Tomboy all the way! Boiiiiiii!!!!
544 days ago
I hate being boy it sounds terible
550 days ago
cuz gays and lesbians tOtally don’t exist..
552 days ago
I wish there was an option to wear jeans... it's either shorts or a dress. I hate both
557 days ago
70% Nice I’ll take it!
557 days ago
Hey, if SHE'S "100% Crazy Girl", who am I? (Sorry, couldn't help it; everyone thinks I'm crazy, even the Urban Dictionary!)
557 days ago
557 days ago
It's TERRIBLE!!! It said I wouldn't mind being a boy but I would HATE being a boy!!!!
571 days ago
I'm 90% tomboy. I actually am a tomboy in real life. :D
589 days ago
Le cRInGe
608 days ago
Probably inaccurate.
Thr majority are saying they were a tomboy and would ace it.
I do not want to be a boy, yet it said i was 40% tomboy lol
609 days ago
Lol I’m a dude, and i just answered normally, but also in one question (the bathroom one) it says in your pants OF girls press skip, do you mean OR