How long left till your first period?

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I'm no expert but I am a teenage girl who has experienced it all and I will try my best to help you be prepared for this big step up!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    Have you had a recent growth spurt?
  • 3
    Have you put on a little bit of weight? {it’s okay if so it’s completely normal and is a good sign}?
  • 4
    *embarrassing question*
    How big are your breasts?
  • 5
    Boobs again!
    How do they look?
  • 6
    How much pubic hair do you have down there 👇?
  • 7
    Leg hair?
  • 8
    Armpit hair?
  • 9
    How sweaty are you?
  • 10
    How often do you have to wash your hair?
  • 11
    How much discharge{gloop in your pants} do you have
  • 12
    How moody are you?
  • 13
    How long have you been in puberty for?
  • 14
    When do you think your period will come?
  • 15
    How ready are you for it?

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30 days ago
Plz someone predict me

almost 12 years old
swaet so much i smell bad
i can notice arpmit hair but no too much
my breasts hurt when i touch them/apply pressure
mom got somewhere from 12-13
getting greasier hair
a few pimples
wear sports bra most of the time sometimes a training one
no dicharge
i'm 4'11
87 pounds
got growth spurt in summer
totally noticeable leg hair
get mood swings sometimes
few rare cravings

someone plz tell me i rly need and wanna know thnx
30 days ago
Also my bra size is B
30 days ago
Don’t get me started on pubic, armpit and leg hair
I have discharge and somethimes it just attacks and sometimes it’s normal
Greasy hair
Acne and blackheads
No spotting
Sweats a lot
My mom got it around my age
I. Have. Really. Bad. Cravings.
I start crying when someone does nothing
I get mad when someone does nothing
84 days ago
I am 9 and it said your period will come soon (BUT WHEN)...
136 days ago
Bra: Training bra but it has padding (soon I'll need small cupped one)
Very moody
a lot of cravings
Hair down there is not completely covered.
I get a some cramps
not a ton but some discharge(about 8 months )
Have to shave my legs every month or so
very little armpit hair(like one or two)
87 pounds
4'7 (our whole family is VERY small)
I have no idea when my mom got hers
I've been having a growth spurt about for about 3 months
Sore chest when Pressure is on it
Have a major crush
Thank you if you estimate me! please do it ASAP I need to know!
152 days ago
My test said very soon or has already come! 😨
169 days ago
It said I’m going to get it soon or have already gotten it!??😭 nooooo!!!
181 days ago
@help!!!! you probably got it but when you first get your period it s weird because it might not come back for 5 months and then you lol get it so I think you got it ask your mom or your sister if you have one
183 days ago
so I took the test and it said it should come very soon or has already started but when I went to the bathroom earlier i some light red on the tp but there hasn't been anymore for the rest of the day. I don't know what to do!! And all of the other tests said I'm getting it very soon.
189 days ago
Help! I think I got my period! I saw a dark stain in my panties with my discharge and that never happened before. I'm @ my grandmas house and I don't have a pad. Plz help!
189 days ago
hi is it possible for someone to estimate me xx i’m 158 cm tall had discharge for around 4-6 months 💗 for about a year v slow grower so i’m a 32A had pubes for around 2.5 years they’re curly and dark i sweat a lot i also get v moody and emotional and i keep crying i haven’t had any cramps tho and my mum was 14 when she got hers and i’m 13 i weigh 46-48kg (keeps on changing these past week lol) thanks
190 days ago
Can someone estimate me ???
13 years old
Mom got it at 12

Breasts more then just a bud
Breasts started developingss 1.5 years ago

Hair down there is almost all grown and curly
Started growing about two years ago

I get tuns of discharge everyday

I get really bad mood swings and I always want junk food

I think I got a little bit of blood in my underware I couple of days ago
194 days ago
It said soon or has already started! Wouldn’t I know if it already started??
200 days ago
I’m about to be 15 and I haven’t gotten my period, I took the test and it said it is coming very soon or has possibly already come
200 days ago
@osj I haven’t had my period and I’m 12 years old and I could even tell your period will be coming soon
203 days ago
💗:round and fairly full 34B
LOADS of discharge(it’s gross) I’ve had it for over a year
Daily cramps and weird cravings
LOADS of dark curly hair(down there)
Have to shave my armpits and legs
Get rlly sweaty rlly quickly
158cm tall
My mom got hers at 10
204 days ago
It said soon.
And I'm kinda not ready for this
205 days ago
Hi guys I do not no if I am going to have mine soon but I hope I can be with my mom when it does happen because I love with my dad in Maine and my mom lives 10 hours away in Massachusetts😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 help me
205 days ago
Soon noooooo help I'm not ready please no
205 days ago
@starflower maybe you could talk to another relative etc. grandma, auntie or older cousin/sister