When will you get your first period?

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Pretty accurate assumptions so take it!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much discharge?
  • 3
    How long have you been in puberty?
  • 4
    How are your boobs?
  • 5
    How long have you had boobs?
  • 6
    How far are you away in age from when your mom got hers?
  • 7
    Have you been moody?
  • 8
    How much pubic hair do you have? (hair down there)?
  • 9
    How much you weigh?
  • 10
    Have you been having cramps:(?

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Celia Boyd (17024)
11 hours ago
Okay I’m bored so someone estimate:
I’m 13
Discharge everyday 4 two yrs
Mood swings constant
Same age as my mom was
I’m 5’7 and 130 lbs
I get cramps all the time
I get bad headaches all the time
I’m a 36 C
And yeah so thanks 😂
got my period already (60680)
22 hours ago
so hi girls, I just started my period and i just turned 12. I gotta tell all of you girls, if you're excited for ur period don't be! it sucks and if ur here because ur scared dont worry u will be fine. One of the questions I see everywhere is how do i bring a tampon/pad into the bathroom at school without anyone noticing. What i do is I have an emergency kit in my bag and if I need a tampon I open my backpack as if I need a book but inside my bag I get a tampon put it in my pocket and go to the bathroom. it's pretty simple.
Rebecca (32288)
plz estimate:
11, 12 in 1 month
5.3 ft
grew 4+ inches this year
95 pounds
mild discharge for 1.5 years (every day)
i'm ALWAYS really hungry
32 aa bra
i sweat a lot more than i did before
i have mood swings every few days

Klaire (65618)
2 days ago
@ Some random girl
I’d probably say around 2-3 years for you
Some Random Girl (70890)
3 days ago
Please estimate

Age: Ten

Bra size: 30A

Mood swings: About five times every week

Growth spurt of 2 or so inches in six months

Weight: About 96 pounds

Lots of leg hair, some curly pubic hair and thin blonde underarm hair

No discharge

Cravings for milk and pizza (i hate both)
Anonymous (60269)
4 days ago
So I'm reading comments and one said that she was 14 and wore a 32A cup size for bras and I'm sitting here like bruh what because I'm 11 and wear 36A so like yeah
Sami (60926)
4 days ago
@ Girl princess
I’m guessing 5-8 months for you
Klaire (68895)
4 days ago
14 years old
(mom got hers at 13)
bra size : 34B
lots of discharge every day!!
cramps almost everyday
recently gone thru a growth spurt
extremely moody:/

plssss someone help give me an estimate!!!
Leah (79084)
5 days ago
It said I’ll be getting it in 0.5-1 yr but I already got mine 6 months ago and I’m 13. I guess maybe its cause i dont get pms at all and my flow is always pretty light
tween (78458)
5 days ago
I am 10 and they said 1.5 to 2 years. I am so relieved cause that means i wont get it in primary school
emilyyyy (58423)
5 days ago
okay, i already have my period, but i’m just going to give y’all some information about me and some advice on what to do when you start your period(plus other related tips):

i started my period when i was 13 years old

i’m 14 years old now

i’m 100 pounds and 5’4

the week before get my period every month, i have a hecka lotta discharge, TERRIBLE mood swings, and i can be meaner than a snake and not even realize it

i’m a 32A in bra size

i have a wholeeee lot of pubic hair, armpit hair, and mild acne (it’s noticeable but not that bad)

so my advice to you ladies whom are waiting on your period is: the DAY YOU START, IMMEDIATELY put a pad in your underwear because you never know how heavy the blood flow could be that first day. if you’re having severe or even mild cramps, buy a heating pad, (unless you already have one), and lay it right above your waistline to soothe the pain. if you want to go swimming but you’re on your period, then you can use a tampon, but you have to learn how to use one first. also, make sure to always have the right pad size because you don’t want to be uncomfortable. (trust me, i’ve already learned my lesson with that one😐) in addition to if you’re crampings, take a tylenol or an ibuprofen pill to eliminate or reduce the pain. lastly, if you’re in school and you happen to be on your period, make sure to ALWAYYSSSSS have an extra pair of pants and underwear with you, (in your backpack or somewhere out of sight), just in case you bleed through. (it happened to me once and i was unprepared, so i’m telling y’all now lmao) just remember that when you first start your period, don’t freak out, because it’s a natural thing. also: never, i repeat, NEVERRR have💗before marriage, especially if you already have your period, because if you make that choice, there is an 82% risk of pregnancy. so for all you younger ladies out there, BE CAREFUL!! teen pregnancy is NOT the way to go, because it comes with stress, anxiety, and depression. good luck to you, ladies!!💙
Girl princess (45721)
6 days ago
I also have lots of pubic hair and hair arm puts and on legs.
Moody everyday.
Please estimate, my other comment is above I think x
Girl princess (45721)
6 days ago
Help! Need an esmiate!
Mum got hers at 13 in spring.
I turned 14 this summer.
Hellaaaa lot of discharge for like 2-3 years.
Spotted a few times at random times.
Quite skinny but I don’t gain weight easily.
Very tiny 💗 there’s something but barely noticeable.
Please help! I’ve waited for ages and nothing, honestly I feel like such a freak
Girly girl-123 (38639)
6 days ago
I need an estimate on my period please I never got it before and I need advice and an estimate from a girl so please help?!?!

I’m 12 my mom got hers at 13

I get cramps a lot but not everyday

I am 5’2 and I’m 120 lbs

My legs are VERY hairy my armpits I shave them like every 3 days and down there is like a jungle I don’t think it can get worse

I have mood swings every day

I have discharge about every other day

I have lots of acne

My bra size is a 34B I’ve been wearing a bra since 3rd grade and they are very very sore and sensitive

I have major cravings

I sweat more

My hair is also very greasy

I also took about 6 test and they all said around the same about 1-3 months 8 months to a year and no less than 3 months

Can someone please help!!!!!!!!!

Hey_itsme (78108)
6 days ago
Please estimate me thanks.
Im 12 years old
My mum had her at 13
I weigh 37 kg
I am 1.42cm
I just have a little bit of pubic hairs and not armpit hair.
I have a little discharge but they happen very often.
Mood swings: a little
I starting growing breast in grade 5
CREEPP (27164)
7 days ago
34 a
100+ lbs
first i want salad then donuts
lots of hair everywhere
have grown 3 or more in
acne hhelp
Zoe (05779)
8 days ago
True im going through my period
Caitlyn (98784)
8 days ago
Why am I getting purple stuff in my underwear
Keira (87955)
9 days ago
Ughh I dont want my 💗 period, I have white bed sheets and I dont wanna wake up one morning with the flag of Japan,
Idk (99982)
11 days ago
PLS Estimate me
12 years old
My mom and sister got theres age 12 or 13
Lots of discharge
Bra size 40b my breath are really sore
Iv had some cramps lately
When I have mood swings they are BAD (almost threw a jar at my cousins head)
My hair down there is thick and almost full
Starting to get armpit hair
No spotting
Lot of leg hair