Are you attracted to girls(FOR GIRLS ONLY)

This is for girls only. This test will answer the question do you like girls.

  • 1
    You are walking home and you see a cute girl walking your way what do you do
  • 2
    Assuming you asked her out she wants to go to her house and "hang out" what do you do or say
  • 3
    You watch TV for a while then she invites you to her room what do you do
  • 4
    You are in her room and she starts undressing her self and kissing you what do you do
  • 5
    Your both undressed completely and she gives you a strap on to put on what do you do
  • 6
    You guys are having sex passionately and she is moaning from the felling how do you feel
  • 7
    You guys finish having your fun and you guys are tired what do you do
  • 8
    It is the next day and she wakes you with a kiss. She said she loved last night and wants to have "fun" again what do you say
  • 9
    Fast forward about two months. You guys are officially a couple. Both of you are at a restaurant for a date and a person you know ask you are you two dating what do you say
  • 10
    She wants to meet your family and you to meet her family so you guys don't have to keep your sexuality a secret what do you say
  • 11
    You guys have met each others family and she wants to marry you and adopt a boy and a girl what do you think
  • 12
    So what did you guys think of my first test? I think this will effect your score a little bit sorry first test

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