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Do you have anorexia?

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As an anorexic, this test is designed not just for the stereotypical anorexic, because you can be anorexic and not be thin, and so much more.

  • 1
    Do you fast, if so, how often?
  • 2
    Do you count calories?
  • 3
    Which weight sounds most desirable? Imagine your 5'0.

  • 4
    How many calories do you try to eat a day?
  • 5
    How often do you weigh yourself?
  • 6
    Do you want a thigh gap?

  • 7
    Where is your goal weight? (Overall goal weight)
  • 8
    What do you drink the most?
  • 9
    Do you go on of have an account on any anorexia websites or social medias (tumblr, myproana, etc)
  • 10
    Do you have any measuring habits, such as wrapping fingers around wrist or arms, pinching fat, etc.

Comments (13)


397 days ago
@help you're not overweight, please try and reach out to someone
397 days ago
I don't have anorexia. I've skipped meals and I only eat dinner, but I only do that once a week for a month. This time I think it'll last for longer though.
399 days ago
I'm almost 14, I'm 5'2 and I weigh 106lbs am i overweight
870 days ago
@Hi - That sounds like an eating disorder called ARFID. You should check it out because it seems likely that you have it
1029 days ago
I am anorexic...everyone says this. I just noticed that I've been showing most of the symptoms a week ago. But it's hard to eat when you gag every time. Oh well.
1257 days ago
Hey Vicky, you should listen to those people. They know what a person that is healthy should look like, and you’re not that. People can have lifelong health problems from anorexia and even die (seriously).
1291 days ago
Im 175 hight 54.1 kg but i feel fat with myself i tried all the diets and nothing works. What i do know is eat less than 100 calories or dont eat anything at all. Other ppl say ik to skinny but i dont believe them and i hate when they force me to eat.
1378 days ago
Devon same, along the lines of anorexia and severely depressed. Self - harm has gotten the better of me and I'm greatly suicidal. But I'm 13 and my parents don't believe me.
1390 days ago
uh so I made this quiz almost a year ago I just wanna tell you guys to try and eat and safe ❤
1438 days ago
I am Anexoric. MEh i need to be thinner anyways im too fat
1485 days ago
I am definitely anorexic. Thanks for the quiz
1559 days ago
Im anorexic and I have been for a year and I have had bulimia in the past and depression. I self harm and have many problems and I'm only 15
1638 days ago
Hey Guys! It's Brooke (The creator of this quiz, anyways, I hope you guys are happy and healthy, and if you ever need someone to talk to you can message me on my tumblr (sadbutalright) or you can talk to me through msp, if you play it, my user is i give v i p, i know it's cringy made it a long time ago.