Alpha, Beta, Omega - Which Am I?

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Have you ever wondered where you would rank in a werewolf pack? If you haven't, do you now, thanks to the sheer power of suggestion? Well, take this imaginative, entertaining quiz and find out whether you're alpha, beta or omega material - or maybe aren't wolf material at all.

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25 days ago
I'm an omega, that explains why I'm so submissive and often targeted by 💗s and pedos
28 days ago
I got Omega, and honestly I agree. I’m generally the mom or the💗 of the group, and everyone comes to me with their problems. It was either omega or beta, cause there is no way I could ever be alpha.

I also booped many snoots and basically annoyed everyone...
30 days ago
37 days ago
thats it kanojo, im going to eat your snoot booping paw
41 days ago
for some reason question 11 made me start laughing continuously and uncontrollably and a didn't even find it funny- :-:
42 days ago
I really want alpha or omega all I can get is beta :(
44 days ago
im booping everyone's snoot >:)
59 days ago
if anyone tries booping my snoot i will tear off their snoot booping paw and eat it,
59 days ago
I am a Beta. Idfc if I'm an Alpha or A beta or an Omega . Btw I am a girl and I am a tomboy
60 days ago
I got Omega, makes sense cause I'm awesome.
65 days ago
@alpha wolfie, an alpha is not goody two shoes, being alpha is about doing whats good for the pack, even if it results in your own death
80 days ago
first time i got nothing bc i booped too many snouts ): buuut i retook it and got beta (:
80 days ago
I rilly wanted to be alpha.... Im beta... TIME TO TAKE QUIZ AGAIN!!!!!
86 days ago
I got an alpha wolf and i'm a girl but i'm a tomboy but idk how i got and alpha bc they like to follow the rules and they are like the goody two shoes but when it comes to me i AM NOT a rule follower
87 days ago
I got none of them
Maybe because I booped to many snoots :)
90 days ago
im a omega woohoo why so many questions
103 days ago
Im want to know what i am? But its so many questions so blehh and im is idk im girl but tomboy im from brunei blehh
110 days ago
Am i a alpha? Idk.. Maybe?
114 days ago
I'm a beta! Not bad but cool
119 days ago
I guess more people are a beta at this quiz