Lesbian Test

Now I obviously don't know what your sexuality is...only you can decide. But I thought it'd be fun to make a test of my own. Mind you, I'm a fricking middle schooler XD. Thanks for taking meh quizzzzzzzzzz.

  • 1
    Do you see yourself going down on the same sex?
    (Now, this might seem blunt and crass for the first question, but, curious kittens, please hear me out.
    This is a very important question to ask yourself. It's one thing to fantasize about kissing the pillowy lips of another girl, and it's another thing to imagine eating her out.)
  • 2
    Can you imagine a date with the same sex?
  • 3
    Are you letting fear win?
    (To elaborate a bit...if you've been pretty much crushed by so many guys...you turn to women for hope)
  • 4
    Are you physically attracted to the same sex?
  • 5
    Do you feel strong emotional bonds to the same sex?
  • 6
    Have you considered having a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex?
  • 7
    How do you know whether you prefer women or men?
  • 8
    At what point in their lives do people know what their sexual preference is?
  • 9
    How will I ever be able to tell for certain?
  • 10
    Not a question but...not liking the opposite sex doesn't mean you like the same sex. Do you agree?

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