Accurate period test!

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From a girl who took these and knew they were incorrect and then receiving an estimate, I bring you a period test from the girl now with hers, that will actually work:).

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3 days ago
It also always felt like I was sitting in a puddle
3 days ago
Hey so it’s a month later and I have to say my first period was terrible it lasted for 9 DAYS and it was constantly heavy and I had to change pads a LOT. Even if I wore 2 somehow it would get on my underwear. I’m very worried cus I was supposed to get it again on the 6th and I haven’t gotten it again yet!! 😕
12 days ago
its so lonely and cold and dead L I K E M Y S O U L A N D M E I N S I D E ReeeEEEEEEEEEeEeEZEeEEee
26 days ago
I F O U N D A S P R I N G T R A P X N I C K F A N F I C (acouplempntgsbackactually) R E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E (insert many E's here uwu) M Y L I F E H A S B E E N R E S T O R E D
42 days ago
@Ella here are some tips from my experience and personally think would help

wear different pads depending on your flow from my experience i wear night pads for a really heavy flow (theyre quite absorbant) long pads for a semi-heavy flow and normal for light if you dont have night pads long can also work for heavy flow

wear pads the next day or two after your period has finished sometimes there will still be a little blood that will catch you by surprise

get pads with wings pad with wings hold the pad better and is more unlikely to move

if your flow is heavy add a slight waddle to your walk(keep your legs together) but dont make it too obvious

bring spare pads and pants incase you leak or you get caught off guard but you probably already knew

place a towel on your bed where your 'area' is this is incase you leak while you sleep although if you move in the night it would be good to get a no-stain bed sheet ( if that exists)

hope this helps! .u.
46 days ago
Hi it’s me again so I finally got my period yesterday and I guess the quiz was right cus it said 4-8 months and it’s like 4 months later but ya I have to go back to school tomorrow I I’m fricken terrified of bleeding through my pants
48 days ago
noones here anymore. saddo
89 days ago
101 days ago
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106 days ago
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112 days ago
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113 days ago
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126 days ago
I am estimating Hiii I am not a doctor but I would guess 6 months, because you don't have much pubic, armpit, or leg hair. But I may be wrong and you will start your period tommorrow. I don't know, I'm just trying to be helpful.
126 days ago
I'm 13
I fit a B cup bra
I have tons of discharge everyday
I shave my legs every 3 day
And my pots everyday because it grows back right always
My 💗l hair I'd is covering the whole are and is dark and curly
I weigh 100 pounds
My mom had hers when she was half a year younger than me
I sweat alot
and feel sick for no reason
My breasts are super sore all the time
I grew 2 inch this summer

Pleasehelp a girl out and estimate me. Thankyou!
129 days ago
Hey can someone estimate me?

I’m 12 years old
My breasts are round but not fully developed
I get light discharge every day
I shave my legs twice a week and my pits once a week
My hair down there is dark and mostly curly
I weigh about 44kg
My mum got hers around the same time as me
I get cramps once or twice a week and feel sick for no reason often
Always having cravings and mood swings
Can fit an a or aa bra
147 days ago
yo wassup havent been here for a bit
156 days ago
I'm not a doctor but I'm guessing no more than three months!
160 days ago
Please estimate me🙏💘
I am 12 years old, I have hair down there, it’s full, dark, and curly, and have to shave my legs twice a week and I shave my armpits once a week. I have discharge almost every day. And when I go out, either to school or to just hangout with friends I always put a pantyliner on just in case if I start and for my discharge. My breasts are triangular. My mom started her first period at age 13. I have cramps sometimes but it’s totally misunderstanding, it’s mostly for like gas cramps.

If someone could please tell me and let me know when my first period is on its way that’d be so awesome💘
Thank you so much💞

(Also really want my period and so ready for it)
168 days ago
andddd im off it again...... fricccccccc meeee
169 days ago
panic over! i got my period