Accurate period test!

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From a girl who took these and knew they were incorrect and then receiving an estimate, I bring you a period test from the girl now with hers, that will actually work:).

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    How old are you?

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Lilli (60926)
2 days ago
I'm not a doctor but I'm guessing no more than three months!
Hey (28974)
5 days ago
Please estimate me🙏💘
I am 12 years old, I have hair down there, it’s full, dark, and curly, and have to shave my legs twice a week and I shave my armpits once a week. I have discharge almost every day. And when I go out, either to school or to just hangout with friends I always put a pantyliner on just in case if I start and for my discharge. My breasts are triangular. My mom started her first period at age 13. I have cramps sometimes but it’s totally misunderstanding, it’s mostly for like gas cramps.

If someone could please tell me and let me know when my first period is on its way that’d be so awesome💘
Thank you so much💞

(Also really want my period and so ready for it)
anon (45114)
14 days ago
andddd im off it again...... fricccccccc meeee
anon (45114)
15 days ago
panic over! i got my period
Ruby (48136)
16 days ago
Can someone tell me how you can tell you are PMSing?
Sandra (65305)
20 days ago
From now to 4 months
LAUREN (58678)
22 days ago
Estimate me please! I’ve taken SOO many test and all of them say different things!

So much discharge (I wear pantyliners)
Breasts are small and round
I can fit an A to AA
Lots of mood swings
Public hair is dark and straight
Dark leg hair (don’t shave)
Lots of armpit hair ( I’ve been shaving for the last year)
Mood swings every other day
Sweet cravings
My mom started at 12-13
Sister started at 10
I’m in a growth spurt

Please please help me!
Also I kinda want it but kinda don’t;)
anon (45114)
22 days ago
why is no 1 commenting anymore i need answers 2 my questions in my previous comment
Ella (21165)
24 days ago
It's almost 1 in the morning and I'm crying soo much halppp
anon (45114)
24 days ago
i have a couple of questions that r not relevant with the test. 1: who here is a furry?2: have you seen the springtrap and deliah comic and who do you ship? 3:can someone make a springtrap and deliah springtrap x nick fanfic i cant find any anywhere
anon (45114)
24 days ago
oh ok. im still unsure if it is that tho
helper (93529)
25 days ago
@anon it takes 2 years for your period to become regular so don't worry
Kat (02636)
25 days ago
Mood swings? Hmmm. 💗 im trying to type! No I don't think so.
Ella (21165)
25 days ago
@anonymous I'm 12 too and just as freakin confused for me it's a range from 1-8 months, maybe 4-6 months for you.
anonymous (93529)
25 days ago
can someone please estimate me I have taken several tests that all say different things
mum started at 14
don't use bra but I have some growth
a lot of thick thick curly black hair down there
armpit hair is starting mainly short black but some long curly
grown 7 cm this year so far
alot of discharge I wear pads
some mood swings
I think I have cravings not sure
😂 please help me
anon (45114)
25 days ago
so i did some research on why i haven't had a period and theres this thing called 'amenorrhea' which is your ovaries shutting down( basically you cant get preg or have periods ) some symptoms have something to do with with periods my last 2 periods weren't right (they lasted 4 a day) and i havent gotten my period since early july. (also this was like 2-3 months back but one time i had a period that lasted 3 or 4 WEEKS YES U HEARD ME RIGHT 3 OR 4 FLIPPIN WEEKS JESUS JIMMINY HOLY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!
anon (45114)
25 days ago
could u tell me what PMSing is i dont know what it is
Loo (91260)
25 days ago
I have been PMSing for about a month now. Nervous.
Ella (21165)
26 days ago
So I took even more quizzes and the range is 1-8 months!
anon (45114)
26 days ago
@heya i dont know why it needs 19 characters i dont think anyone knows