When Will You Get Your First Period Quiz?

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This test is not meant to be accurate! Only doctors who specialize in this region can tell you when you may start! This test is meant to give you an estimate! Please leave a comment if your results were accurate!

  • 1
    How Big Are Your Breasts?
  • 2
    How much discharge do you have? (Yellow/ White substance in your panties)
  • 3
    How old are you?
  • 4
    How is your skin?
  • 5
    How Much Pubic Hair do you have? Down there
  • 6
    How much do you weigh?
    In pounds
  • 7
    Have you been having cramps?
  • 8
    How moody have you been?
  • 9
    How far are you off from when your mom started?
  • 10
    How long have you been in puberty?

Comments (7)


Carlie (22120)
19 days ago
@Please estimate me
I’m not a doctor but I’m guessing four months at most
Please estimate me (23576)
25 days ago
Estimate me please. 💕

I’m 12
I’m 5’1
I’m in grade 7
TONS of discharge
My 💗 are really sensitive and sore, they are also a triangular shape, I think I’m a B cup
Armpit hair - small blonde hairs
My area has like long, black, starting to get curly hairs
Cramps happen like 3 times a month
Mood swings happen like 2 times a week
Headaches happen 2 times a week
Arm and leg hairs - BAD
Started having crushes in kindergarten though lol
Oily skin - there is just a bit of oil
Oily hair - not yet
Acne - had since the start of grade 6
Have not had spotting yet
I also use deodorant and pantyliners and bras
Mum got hers when she was 13
Sister got hers when she was 12
My test results said about 3 - 6 months, I don’t think that’s right, most tests I’ve done said about 1 - 2 months and 1 - 2 weeks

Please help this girl out haha. 💕
Help me out (64075)
26 days ago
Do I guys have any good tips because it said six months and so have others
Horsey Love (41097)
28 days ago
I um...am kinda embarrassed but my breasts are rounded and kind of big and they hurt a bit. My mom made me start wearing bra's. I have white stuff coming out of my area. I'm really worried that I will start soon. I'm in 5th grade and I'm almost 11 😟😟😟😟
Jennifer (00081)
29 days ago
Yep. I've started
Anonymous (49067)
29 days ago
For me, this is accurate
Anime lover (99456)
30 days ago
Waaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa