What sharer member are you?

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Which sharer member are you Stephen Carter Liz or Otter?

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    What’s your favorite color

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270 days ago
Hi cater you are cool
294 days ago
on this test I ended up as stephen
465 days ago
I like to play video games
494 days ago
I always watch you and I love you liz you are the best sharer fam and I wish I could see you but I live in America.

don't tell the boys or anyone but you and millie and the dogs are best by far!!
527 days ago
I have been watching lIZ since 2013
534 days ago
I have watched her for 8 yrs! We love u Lizzy sharer I hope I get ur merch from my mum! But I have a blue and a purple one. But I love u Lizzy
897 days ago
952 days ago
Hey Carter, I am a fan of urs and I just wanted to say awesome vids that u post,sooner or later I may start a YouTube channel🤙
958 days ago
Hi. Carter. I. Watch our. Videos. And. I. Got. The. Letter

1057 days ago
green i want to make a wish two your house
1127 days ago
Hi I like your videos I like the Lamborghini sherer the love
1130 days ago
Yay I thought I was lizzy sharer
1172 days ago
love you guys share the love until you die
1181 days ago
I love ye