More Gay, or More Straight? Test For Bi Men 18+

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Answer these fun, "Would you rather?" questions for bisexuals to determine if you’re more gay or more straight. Because no one is right in the middle, right? Try it now!

  • 1
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 2
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 3
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 4
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 5
    Would you rather do oral...
    Would you rather do oral...
  • 6
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 7
    Who would you rather?
  • 8
    Who would you rather?
  • 9
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 10
    Which would you rather watch?
  • 11
    Which would you rather star in?
  • 12
    Who would you rather date?
  • 13
    Who would you rather marry?
  • 14
    Who would you rather have intercourse with?
  • 15
    Who would you rather make out with?
  • 16
    Who would you rather?
  • 17
    Would you rather...
  • 18
    Who would you rather?
  • 19
    Would you rather browse a…
    Would you rather browse a…
  • 20
    Do you fantasize more about…
  • 21
    Do your sexual dreams involve…
    Do your sexual dreams involve…
  • 22
    Who would you rather be romantic with?
  • 23
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 24
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 25
    Who would you rather get a sensual massage from?
  • 26
    Who would you rather give a sensual massage to?
  • 27
    Who do you get warm, fuzzy feelings for more?
  • 28
    Would you rather have…
  • 29
    Who would you rather have a threesome with?
  • 30
    Who would you rather have group sex with (more than a threesome)?
  • 31
    Who would you rather have perform oral on you?
  • 32
    Overall, who have you had more crushes on?
  • 33
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 34
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 35
    Who would you rather?
  • 36
    Who would you rather?
  • 37
    Would you rather...
  • 38
    Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island with:
  • 39
    Who would you rather see topless?
  • 40
    Who would you rather see bottomless...
  • 41
    Who would you rather wake up to?
  • 42
    Would you rather give a handie/feel to...
  • 43
    Would you rather be a sex slave to…
  • 44
    Would you rather watch…
  • 45
    Who would you rather mutually pleasure yourself with?
  • 46
    Who would you rather?
    Who would you rather?
  • 47
    Who would you rather see strip?
  • 48
    Would you rather have a lap dance from…
  • 49
    Which lifestyle do you prefer?
  • 50
    What do you think you really are?

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Comments (25)


17 days ago
Said I was mainly gay which I agree fully. I belive 100%. I believe I'm 75% gay and 25% straight.
19 days ago
I’m gayer than I thought wow
22 days ago
I love this test I'm bi for sure
29 days ago
Ready for your result? You tend to find guys more appealing than girls. You might be either sexually or emotionally more attracted to females, but overall, you prefer hot, sexy guys. You might be bi, but leaning toward gay. Perhaps you’ll identify as gay later on. OMG Guys im gay
112 days ago
why are there a bunch of frickin adult men on this website thats just sad 😂
167 days ago
Completely bisexual. You like guys and girls equally. I prefer female for sex, but romantic stuff with man, idk
171 days ago
This said I was mostly gay on the bi thing- when I in most situations prefer women? Like i’m probably 85% straight and 15% gay?
176 days ago
still confused :(
193 days ago
Say's I'm completely bisexual I love it.. I do prefer to be a little more gay.. I absolutely love smooth shaved guys.. And I love butts I definitely have a major butt fetish.
196 days ago
Took the test twice and answered drastically different, I once again got bi leaning to gay.
220 days ago
What does it mean inclined to identify as gay? it's not really an option you don't choose?
237 days ago
I am a 100% straight male yet this test said I was bi leaning toward gay. This is definitely broken.
242 days ago
I'm totally bi and I love it
251 days ago
I got bi and I'm a 18 years old dude but i think the question were based on physical attraction more than emotional I don't know if I want to have💗with a dude rn but if there was more emotional questions maybe I want
259 days ago
I really enjoyed taking the test but I disagree with the assessment. My results said “bi leaning towards gay” which couldn’t be further from the truth. The majority of the questions were based on physical attraction, more specifically related to 💗 I identify as bi simply because it’s easier than trying to explain it. Simply put, I love 💗. I love giving oral and receiving anal. But it’s 100% physical. I’m not attracted to guys faces, overall appearances, personalities, etc. There’s no way I could be in a romantic relationship with a guy. I don’t even kiss guys on the mouth. My attraction to woman had always been stronger physically and definitely romantically. But in the midst of my personal sexual revolution where I’ve recentky begun playing with guys, it’s new, it’s fresh, there’s more to try now than there is with women now after a four decade head start.
273 days ago
I got right in the middle. It was just so hard to pick male or female. But whatever, I'm bi and proud of it.
281 days ago
I am bi and I picked It Ryan Reynolds (11 age) boy
288 days ago
Test results state that You much prefer the female sex, even if you are bi. You might like guys a bit more either sexually or emotionally, but you definitely prefer the ladies. Actually, I thought that i was bi before starting this test, but then i realized i'm only straight by looking at the comparison of pictures of men and women, and i picked up "💗"/"girl" for almost every choice. Plus, I've always been attracted to girls since i was a child and i still do, so i guess i was just a bit confused. Anyway it was fun XD
300 days ago
It say's i'm might come out as gay.......... but i also like girl's
349 days ago
Wow...I'm a really really really confused girl...this test is wrong I never liked boys MORE I MIGHT like both but I KNOW I liked a girl so...I'm CONFUSED :D also I might be out of place but I don't care I'm bored and I wanna talk to people