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10 Questions - Developed by: Zaira Rooney - Developed on: - 3.020 taken - 6 people like it

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    Who is the oldest? Mark is ten and Elijah is double his age and Sara is half marks age! Who is the oldest?

Comments (14)


HEYDUDE1 (20447)
3 days ago
A 5 year old made this
idgaf (47252)
11 days ago
I was waiting in this to be some sort of joke because it was not making sense at all. But itISN'T?Yeah, worst test I have ever took
My name is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS (28932)
11 days ago
BTW on my last comment, I ment to put the "Y" upper case. My keyboard broke. LOL
My name is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS (28932)
11 days ago
OMG! YOU are currently NOT smart because in question number 1, you're suppose to put Mark's name UPPER case. NOT LOWER case. Oh yeah and you spelled supper wrong, too. You wrote super. Supper has 2 Ps as YOU can see. OKAY SO FIRST OF ALL, SOME OF THESE QUESTIONS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH SCHOOL STUDYING! Not to be mean but this quiz is horrible. I don't even know why I wasted my time to take this quiz. Sorry not sorry. You need spelling lessons by the way. Not to be rude but you do. you should know that supper has two Ps. If supper has 1 P then it would have been super. Wow.
Confused chick (60249)
12 days ago
The question doesn't make sense half the time
Aria Miller_KawaiiFanClub (16907)
13 days ago
Hi I loved this quiz!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!! Is it ok that I put it in capitals I need answers btw
Averil SquirrelGirl (40036)
13 days ago
10 out of 10... this was the easiest quiz I've ever taken.
Harry Potter #1 fan (61551)
14 days ago
Nice. I am a genius. And this test was very, very, easy.
Yuicdufe_12 (00138)
16 days ago
BTW Zaira nice quiz really good work
Yuicdufe_12 (00138)
16 days ago
Hard quiz I have to admit,but I still got ten,I guessed most of them...
That crazy girl (99145)
16 days ago
Hilarious I know all the people who commented here 😂
That crazy girl (99145)
17 days ago
Um... It was a great effort Zaira, but this quiz is... Confusing. I got 5/10 but I didn't understand ANY of the questions. So, marks for effort darling, but it was not good.
Emily 💖 (79670)
18 days ago
I didn't like this quiz and is it true that you are only 8
Zaira (94980)
19 days ago
This is my quiz please comment how you like it and what was your score!!THANK YOU SO MUCH