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Her Last Words

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1 Chapter - 384 Words - Developed by: PurityAngel77 - Updated on: 2018-09-03 - Developed on: - 369 taken- Die Geschichte ist fertiggestellt - 6 people like it

I wrote a short poem about suicide and suicide awareness. Some of these sentences are copied from a song. If you get upset really easy, then don't read this.

    Just a pretty girl,
    always wore a smile,
    but beneath her face,
    she felt like she wasn't worthwhile,
    she hurt herself,
    not caring a bit,
    and if you ask her shell just say that the cat did it,
    she thought nobody cared,
    and that's why she dared,
    to end her life,
    nobody would miss her.

    Soon she hung there,
    body pale and limp,
    with tearstains down her face,
    she was forever gone,
    the world had lost her place.

    When her mother walked,
    walked into her room,
    her face grew pale and she felt it was too soon,
    for her girl to go,
    but she didn't know,
    the pain she felt over a long time.

    She picked up the note,
    with shaking hands,
    tears ran down her face,
    as she read her last words.

    "I'm so sorry mom, I don't know why I live, This world wasn't meant for me to fit in. I gave into grief, because I'm not a fighter, you'll make it through the night, just hug your pillow tighter. But now I've left you now, I cannot take the pain, but yet again, I've left you to see my bloodstains. I'm running out of space, nothing left to cry,

    This is it world,

    Goodbye X

    "I myself am not suicidal, but I needed to publish this to raise awareness of suicide. Thank you. No depressing comments please, I've made myself cry by writing this ;-; Thanks - PurityAngel77

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Olivia Wolfe (16907)
3 days ago
PurityAngel77 I just started year 4 and I have a LOT of homework so I know how you feel really. I know there's a lot of hours in school too which is really annoying so yeah

Also everyone in the comments what year have you just gone into?
PurityAngel77 (75270)
10 days ago
Because I've recently started Year 9, I won't be making much. Maybe the occasional short story. But thank you for my online fame, it's so pleasing to finally be gaining recognition :) Also, I have a little YouTube channel that I rarely post on. It's called iiWaterQuestii
Meow (19524)
11 days ago
Man I love the song Her Last Words
MoonTheDevilGal (16907)
12 days ago
Hi I like this one,its goog I guess...
wAoW (62632)
12 days ago
This is amazing. It is heartfelt and beautiful.
Vanessa (45626)
13 days ago
Oh god..... those bloody memories... Thank you, this is amazing.
FRESHER (94703)
13 days ago
It would help you a lot. I know you are going through a lot but don't make bad choices.
FRESHER (94703)
13 days ago
For Love, I think you should really download the app or game called High school story from pixelberry studio
FRESHER (94703)
13 days ago
This is a masterpiece, you've got talent. Just lovely. I have no words to describe it. 😍😍
Love (72615)
13 days ago
I need help... Past years I have been bullied, pushed around, verbally abused, and mentally abused. My friends have hurt me like crP! It's gotten to the point where I can just say I'm used to being sad. And, I'm public schooled because how awful I feel I' might be pulled out and be homeschooled
PurityAngel77 (75270)
13 days ago
Thank you for everyone who put aside time to read this, I really appreciate it. I don't check up on this quiz because it makes me cry just reading it. I suffered from mild depression when I was 12, and this is loosely based off that. Some lines are from a song by Courtney Parker.
Cutie Locks (57386)
14 days ago
I cried reading this. It's so heart melting and beautiful xx
Me (32596)
16 days ago
Oh, Emily! Your do right! Good job and wow.😢
Emily 💖 (79670)
16 days ago
This is beautiful, just beautiful