First Period Quiz

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This quiz was created for those of you who are just dying for your period - I know how it feels. It’s a big step. This quiz might not be completely accurate but it should give you a good idea on when you will be ready to welcome womanhood!

  • 1
    How much and how often do you get vaginal discharge?
  • 2
    Do you ever have cramps (pain below your belly button)?
  • 3
    Do you ever get cravings?
  • 4
    How old was your mum when she got hers?
  • 5
    Weird question: What size bra do you wear?
  • 6
    How much do you weigh?
  • 7
    How old are you?
  • 8
    Do you get mood swings?
  • 9
    Do you have acne (spots)?
  • 10
    Another weird question: Do your breasts feel tender/sore?
  • 11
    How much pubic hair do you have (sometimes refered to as ‘hair downstairs’)?
  • 12
    And finally, do you have armpit hair?

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omg omg omg (77985)
19 hours ago
I got get ready for womanhood. I’m so nervous! Do you guys have any tips for what I can do to possibly help??
Someone Special (54063)
24 hours ago
Oh wow. It said I have about 8 months...I got my first period 11 months ago! This is not an accurate quiz, but I still had fun taking it, and I hope others did too! Have a good day or night! 😄
Random (06656)
This is sooo NOT ACCURATE! I got mine yesterday, and I just took this quiz to test it and it said 6 months! Like whattt!!!
Gracyn Jackson (61190)
2 days ago
I have a lot of symptoms of pms I have cravings, bloating, fatigue, and very many mood swings (every single day) I recently talked to my mom about my discharge I’m not sure how long I’ve had it but I have almost the whole pantyliner full every time Pls help I’m only 10!!!
girl (25368)
2 days ago
please help
my age 11
have lots of hair down there
not a lot of acne
34a bra size
shave 3 times a week
discharge every day had it for a year
started puberty 2 years ago
no armpit hair
not a lot of mood swings
my mom started at 14
the quiz said at the most 6 months
Delphina-Ray (78603)
4 days ago
Sorry I forgot some

Acne-not to much but beginning to be noticeable
Delphina-Ray (78603)
4 days ago
Hi! Please estimate.

Bra size- 32a
💗- growing Fuller
Discharge- so much, but I don't know how to tell my mom(I do my own laundry)
Hair downstairs- so much!! Very uncomfortable
Armpit hair- I shave it every two weeks
Leg hair- I save almost 2-3 times a week
Spotting- none
Cramps- every once in a while, but not too bad
Mom's age when started-13
My age-11
Mood swings- YES!! Almost everyday my mom noticed a difference and even said something
Puberty-started 1-2 years ago
xira (76740)
4 days ago
What does

First Period Quiz

Get ready to welcome womanhood! Keep a period pack with you at all times, and ask your mum about anything you are worried or concerned about.
xira (76740)
5 days ago
estimate pls
(distarge)~ a river dude~ my mom wont let me have pantyliners because she said they are for spotting in distarge but I feel gross and unhygienic
(age)~ 12 (13 in 5 months)
(I have pit and leg hair) my mom wont let me shave till 13 y/o
(hair downstairs) thicker and curlier than my head hair
(breasts) super tender A 38
xira (76740)
5 days ago
dear hey

id say a month to three months and after another 4-6 weeks wear a panty liner every wear so make sure after a month bring pads too and extra pantyliners in a bag with the pads at school
~ jason
Hey (28974)
5 days ago
And I’ve had discharge for about a year or two now, and my “hair down there” has been there for at least a year or more, not sure how long but at least over a year💖

Thanks again💞
(Sorry for all the comments I just have forgotten to put certain stuff in the first comment)
Hey (28974)
5 days ago
Oh, and my 💗 are triangular and “hair down there” is full, bushy, and curly

Please let me know💓

Hey (28974)
5 days ago
Please estimate me🙏💞
I am 12 years old, I have to shave my legs like twice a week and I have armpit hair that I have to shave at least once a week. I also have discharge and when I go out, either to school or to hangout with friends I always put a pantyliner on just in case if I start and also for the discharge. And, my mom started her period at age 13.

I’d love to know when I’d start!💖 if anyone could please write back and let me know how long until my first period!💞

Thank you💓
Hey (39330)
6 days ago
Hey unicorns I would estimate about a year, right before I got mine I started to develop a lot of armpit hair and I had discharge for over 2 years. And my 💗 34b but everyone is different. Good luck 👍
Unicorns (30524)
6 days ago
Plz estimate me

I’m 13 last month my mum got hers when she was just under 14. Hair down there is halfway full and bushy and curly.
My 💗 are flat but starting to bud. I’m an 36AA.
I have discharge everyday and where pantyliners everyday.
I shave my legs twice a week but no armpit hair.

I really want to know! So I’d appreciate it if anyone could estimate me.
Anonymous (42963)
7 days ago
Thanks*, not thank, sorry.
Anonymous (42963)
7 days ago
I got 6 months at most. Thank for the quiz. :)
Hailee (47677)
18 days ago
Hey guys,

Hope you enjoyed this quiz, I tried to make it as accurate as possible based on research I have done.

Thank you all in advance, good luck!