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Are you an MJ fan?

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If you pass this test you are a true Michael Jackson fan!

  • 1
    What tour was Michael Jackson rehearsing for before he died?
  • 2
    What other songs did he perform in the Motown special 1983?
  • 3
    What was the song that he performed in all of his tours?

  • 4
    Finish this line of Earth Song: What about all their ____?
  • 5
    What year was his first performance without his brothers?
  • 6
    Finish this line of Heal the World:
    Create a ______ then you'll feel"

  • 7
    When was This Is It RECORDED?
    (Read the question carefully)
  • 8
    Who produced his Thriller album?
  • 9
    What is the song that he did not perform in the 1993 Dangerous Tour?
  • 10
    What his most famous song?

  • 11
    When was he born?
  • 12
    Which was the tour he did lots of linsyncing on?
  • 13
    What drink was the commercial on that he did with his brothers in 1986?
  • 14
    How many kids did he have?
  • 15
    How old was he when he died?
  • 16
    True or False:
    Michael Jackson music was still being released after he died?

  • 17
    What artist did he work with in the song Hold My Hand?
  • 18
    In the Dangerous Tour 1992, how did MJ leave the concert?
  • 19
    What MJ album came out in 2014?
  • 20
    What year was when the Jackson 5 got back together and did their last concert?

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1518 days ago
Another thing, the Jackson brothers did the Pepsi commercial in 1984, not 1986.
1518 days ago
I know I picked August 29, 1958 for Michael's birthday, but I was marked wrong and given the same choice for the "correct" answer. Something is wrong with this quiz.