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This isnt me.

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A FtM Transgender story ( Ace ) sruggles with himself finding out who he really is . He struggles with binding, keeping his secret, finding out his friends secret, and struggling with dysphoria .

    I woke up one day, my mom having to go the doctor . I stood up as I felt dizzy as normal,''Ugh...". I walked into my bathroom to see myself as normal in the mirror . But for some odd reason I was not happy .''Am I fat? Too skinny? What's wrong with me? '' Ayla did not know what to do . She felt as if her clothes where to tight and made her look ugly. She changed into a white long floral dress as she began to brush her hair.Her mom walked into the bathroom as she sprayed perfume, "Something smells good in here, you look so pretty, but you're missing something.'' Her mom reached into a cabinet as a white floral bow fell out,'' This is what you're missing ''. Ayla looked at her mom as she was putting the bow in, '' Hey mom, do you think i'm f-fat? ''Her mom was walking out the bathroom as she began to have a shocked face, '' No baby, your beautiful and so cute! Any boy would love to be with you, plus its your first day at a new school, you will fit right in! '' Ayla looked up and began to smile but she knew it was fake, '' I don't feel good. '' Ayla's mom looked up and frowned, '' What is it dear, butterflies? '' Ayla knew it wasn't that but was not sure what it was but she agreed with her mom, " Y-yeah.'' Ayla's mom nodded as if she agreed, " Well don't be scared its your first day, the bus will be here any minute, here is your lunch, be safe! Love you." Ayla nodded,'' Love you too.'' Ayla ran outside and got onto her bus.

    Ayla arrived t school, she wasn't looking for a specific seat, she just wanted to be alone .She sa tdown not knowing what to do until the bell rang




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