Does He Like You Back? (for girls) (shy guy)

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Hey! Do you have a crush on a shy guy? Do you want to know if he likes you back?
Coming from a girl currently crushing on a shy guy, I have some tips to help you:) **UPDATED**

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    First question: Do you ever see him staring at you?
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    Okay, so this question is one I’ve personally being dealing with recently...

    Let’s say you are in the same area as your crush (so he can see you, and you are within a few feet or yards from him)
    And you see an guy friend of yours and you guys start talking! You’re laughing and having a good time catching up with your friend..what does your crush do?
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    Does he ever try and get your attention, try to impress you or start a conversation?
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    I know this may be a little strange, but does he ever “ignore” you or not talk to you..
    (Like not all the time, only occasionally)

    For example, sometimes I’ll see my crush, and he sorta seems like he’s in a bad mood and doesn’t talk to me that day
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    When you guys are talking, does he tease you at all?
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    Have you told his friends/people he knows that you like him? What was their response? What do they do?
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    Has he ever complimented you?:)
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    I know this one only happens in certain situations, but has he started wearing cologne or dressed nice when he knows he’ll see you?

    (My crush started wearing cologne and fixing his hair)
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    Almost done!

    This is a simple question but it matters, believe me!

    When you guys talk/hang out, how does it go?
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    Last question!

    Let’s say you are arriving at some form of social event or see your crush, he see’s you..what does he do?

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16 days ago
Exactly! Luckily though, I had the courage to talk to my crush today (we haven’t talked in like a month) and I felt so good about it. Sometimes all you have to do is talk to someone. That’s probably the best advice I could give.

Hope all is well with you :)

Xoxo Lexi
20 days ago
lexi, I get it. I feel as though im pretty good at giving relationship advice but I cant comprehend anything about my situation.
27 days ago
You know, it’s actually kinda funny you say that because I feel like with other people’s situations, I can help them, but with my own, I’m a know? I’ve just really been going through a tough time with my crush. But, overall, I’m glad I can help you love 🙂
32 days ago
@Firebreath (Hugsandkisses)

Lol! Thanks girly! I appreciate it! I’m so glad I can help you 😀❤️

Xoxo Lexi
41 days ago
Thx Lexi! man, you should put an ad somewhere that says, "Need relationship and love advice? Call Lexi _____ (insert your last name in the ___) at ________________ (insert your phone number in the second ____)!" you would sooo rock at that job!
53 days ago
Hey @Hugsandkisses!

Sorry for the late response!

To be honest with you, this is just (I’m assuming) a teenage boy being a teenage boy! Boys are strange creatures lol I think in his head, he was trying to get your attention. Boys think differently then us girls 😂 I wouldn’t worry about this too much. Based on things you’ve said in the past, I’m pretty certain this guy likes you!

Btw, I love Veggietales! I used to (and still do) love it as a kid lol 😂🙂❤️

Xoxo Lexi
73 days ago
So I drew a picture of Bob and Larry from Veggietales a few Sundays ago. (I know my crush from church) and showed my crush. then he insulted it in front of a guy I hate (and my crush KNOWS I hate him because the guy I hate is awful to all girls so why WOULDNT we hate him?) and im wondering if my crush likes me less. nothing like that has happened since.
74 days ago
Hi lol
74 days ago
Aw girl! You’re too sweet! Thank you 🙂❤️

Xoxo Lexi
74 days ago
You're totally the best. Really, you're soooooooooooooooo helpful!
75 days ago
Yay! That’s awesome!
Kind of makes me feel better about my crush too! (He does those things)

You’re very welcome! ❤️😃

75 days ago
Thx so much! He always asks to do things with me and stuff and always sits next to me if he can. I totally agree with you now. Thx soo super much! you're a super star! 🤩🤩
76 days ago
Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been inactive! I’ve been super busy, lol

Anyways, I’m here to answer @Hugsandkisses question :) Thank you all for commenting and I hope you enjoyed my quiz! I’m thinking about updating it based on recent situations with MY shy crush ;)

@Hugsandkisses question:

hey, Lexi,
so, ive taken a million other quizzes like this, and 85% of them say we're just friends. im really worried, because he seems to act the same way around a couple other girls as he does around me. like, he almost always is the one to pick to sit next to me/them, invited us all to his bday, and stuff like smiles at us, stands next to us, waves and just acts like he does with his other (male) friends. two questions: is he just friends with us all? and : does he like me? I mean, he usually does that stuff with/to me, but still 50% of the time he does it with the other girls... PLZ HELP!!!!

Thanks in advance,

My answer:

First off, hey girlfriend! Nice to meet you, lol

I totally get you, I’ve taken a bunch of quizzes on here and most of the answers for the questions are so vague that it messes with my test results!

Based on the information you provided, I think this guy DOES like you! A guy that likes you will ALWAYS try to include you in events, such as a birthday party! He seems to be treating you and your friend group very nice and seems like a outgoing person. I do think he likes you and isn’t just being friendly, there is definitely a connection.

I hope this helps you and please don’t hesitate to ask more questions/provide more info!

76 days ago
90 days ago
Hellooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
94 days ago
Hugsandkisses what news do you have for me!!!!!!
97 days ago
for: demi, cutie, and sweetpsycho,

go to the other site. I put something there that I don't think youll want to miss.
98 days ago
Hiya Ive answered you on the other quiz, Hugsandkisses.
100 days ago
gotta go... bye y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
100 days ago
Hey sorry for what I did earlier