Are you an total idiot

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If someone accuses you of Being an idiot, and you are aiming to be right at all costs then this test will settle that score.

  • 1
    Are you the accuser or the accused
  • 2
    Is grammar your only offence and defence
  • 3
    Are you taking this test for yourself

  • 4
    I know I'm right and I'm determined to make others see this
  • 5
    The USA is Canada's asshole
  • 6
    I don't like bacon

  • 7
    Your triggered by politics
  • 8
    This is all the questions you need to answer.
  • 9
    You do a quiz and like others before it this one gets cut short before the ten question cut off You.
  • 10
    Your at the end finally and wasted however long to do this damn test to get to the results.the creator further half assess the process by declaring you all equal in measuring the idiot within regardless of test scores You..

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943 days ago
Eeeesssshhhhhh… not a good quiz…