Are you Asexual or Aromantic?

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Do you think you might be Asexual, Aromantic or a bit of both? Then this quiz is for you because it will help you discover if you could be on the aro or ace spectrum

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    Do you feel romantic or sexual attraction to people?

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2 days ago
Hey, i think when you are talking about being sexually or romantic Ally attracted to people or not and stuff, maybe put an option for people who are curious about it, but feel either nuetral/positive/negative towards it
13 days ago
I’m, I’m not aro and ace..
38 days ago
So glad to see panromantic asexual people like me here in this comment section :)
38 days ago
i think i got some false positive as i feel i maybe a little bit ace, but definitely not aro. some of the quiz answers/options with slashes like/this were clearly full of typos, so that i wasn't sure which option described my situation... the quiz kind of added to my confusion, but i did appreciate the questions cuz the answers that popped into my head were enlightening
40 days ago
I feel like the question asking who you are attracted to doesn't have enough options. It's like you can be either straight, gay/lesbian or pan. How about being attracted to both genders, or seeing gender but not caring (similar to pan, but it's actually omnisexual).
49 days ago
Being repulsed (or not) doesn´t have anything to do with asexualiti/aromantic stuff...
58 days ago
Thank you for the nice words at the end of the quiz. I am recently coming to terms with being asexual after being in a long term (romantic) relationship that was not so fun in -that department- and had never heard a non-ace say something encouraging. Although I'm just assuming. Anyways, thank you :)
68 days ago
The question about someone you have a crush on should have an option for no crush
74 days ago
I think some questions need to be more specific. Maybe adding questions that are more specific would help people tell asexuality and aromanticism apart. Nonetheless very nice
74 days ago
I got aromantic and I know I'm not aromantic because im in a wonderful romantic relationship right now. Wouldn't recommend this quiz.
91 days ago
101 days ago
I really liked how much i learned from this quiz, please keep making more so other people can also understand their different sexualities.
109 days ago
I got both even though I have had swx dreams and romantic attraction to others 💗 quiz
116 days ago
I am Pansexual, and read a lot of smut, but don’t like the idea of myself having sex, and I got asexual. Do I would say this is pretty accurate.
169 days ago
I am pandemiromantic asexual and sexrepulsed
170 days ago
Idk how accurate this is. I think of myself as a panromantic asexual person but this quiz told me I was aromantic. With the quiz, it makes sense a little bit because I usually don't wanna go on a date with someone immediately, so on the question with the cute person I said friends, but idk about everything else
178 days ago
It’s a pretty good and pretty accurate quiz but it could use a couple changes. I, myself, am Demi-panromantic and and I got asexual, like I said pretty accurate, but I do think that the quiz would be better if you could add in Demi-sexual, and or, gray-sexual, and Demi-romantic, anyway, it’s a pretty good quiz so don’t worry too much, but the changes would help (at least I think it would).
179 days ago
On one question it asks about wanting to ask someone on a date, and date and💗later, just sex, or just to be friends. I think an answer should be changed or added because I know it said💗at a later date, but I would want to wait for a long time and that option seemed like a lesser period of time (much love though, I hope your quiz does well and helps/ informs people)