When Will You Get Your First Period?

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Here is short quiz to find out approximately when you will get your first period! Good Luck:)

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much older or younger are you to when your mom get her first period? (If you don’t know just guess)
  • 3
    Do you have any Under arm hair?

  • 4
    Do you have any hair down there (pubic hair)?
  • 5
    Have you experienced any cramps?
  • 6
    Do you get any mood swings?

  • 7
    How big are your boobs?(sorry)
  • 8
    What Bra do you wear?
  • 9
    How long ago did your boobs start developing?
  • 10
    Do you have any acne?
    (Red spots or pimples or zits on you face)

  • 11
    Do you have any feelings toward boys or girls? (Do you want a boyfriend or girlfriend really bad?)
  • 12
    Do you get any discharge? (White, Clear or yellow goo in your undies)
  • 13
    How active are you on a weekly basis?
  • 14
    How long have you been in puberty and when do you think you will get your period?

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51 days ago
Lol yea that happens to me a lot😂
87 days ago
433 days ago
Pls estimate for me!!
I’m 13 I weigh normal for. 4’11 girl I’m flat Bc no one in my fam has breasts that are big😥😥, lots of curly pubic hair and it’s dark, lots of discharge, my mom was 14, I feel happy then sad randomly, I’m always craving something or loosing my appetite, my 12 year old BFF got hers yesterday and I really want mine!! Please help
691 days ago
Please estimate
Pubic hair- a lot, it's dark and curly
Discharge- a lot, it's watery,clear,sticky and stringy. I had this type of discharge for almost 3 to 4 month. I have it every single day and I can feel it.
Under arm hair- dark, curly and full
Leg hair- dark and curly, noticable.
I shave both every week or so.
Spotting - as I said I got it 4 months ago for the first time, and 2 months ago for the second time.
Cramps - at least 4 times a week
Bloating- almost all the time.
Sweating- all lot
Growth spurt- 2 inches in the last two months
Breast- I wear a 32A bra and they hurt to touch.
Mood swings- almost all the time.
I also feel constipated.
My mom got hers when she was 13 as well
My age- 13 years
All my friends have theirs.

Please help I have been waiting for mine for a long time
698 days ago
I think you'll get it pretty soon! Anytime from now to 3 months, but I'd say closer to a month! Good luck!
700 days ago
Plz estimate me
I'm 12 yrs old, Weigh 95 pounds
Hair: Curlier than ever but can't tell if its oily or not b/c i wash it every day
Acne: Mostly clear, breaks out every month or so (menstrual cycle???)
💗: About 1/2 developed
Some cramps
Pubic hair: Like a bush that doesn't stop growing
Discharge very heavy
mood swings 24/7
can't stop thinking about boys
Mom was 12 when she got it
Lots of armpit/leg hair
703 days ago
Hey girly231, I would ask your mom, she has experience with periods
710 days ago
hi Girly231, thats a very confusing situation your in
710 days ago
I have also been sweating ALOT since the middle of 7th grade and I’m in 8th grade now (been in school for about 4 months can someone plz help meeee
710 days ago
Hi, can you guys help me. Ok so for the past 2-3 days I have been going to the bathroom and finding a light pink red stuff when I would wipe I’m not sure if it’s my period or spotting it only happened for those days and I haven’t gotten it today. I have had period symptoms before such as a growth spurt,pubic hair growing mostly in 💗l area, discharge for about 6 months, mood swings, cramps and breast growing. I have taken other quizzes when I will get my first period at it was all between 1-6 months and once or twice 8 months( that was awhile ago tho) please help me figure out if I got my actual first period or if it’s something else
715 days ago
I would say any day from now to a week maybe. For the shaving i would just ask. Be honest and go for it maybe around no people of that feels better.☺
717 days ago
some quizes say 1-3 months and some say up to a year, I am so confused plz estimate me
I am 12
my pubic hair is from thigh to thigh, curly and bushy
I have a fiew dark armpit hairs
I want to shave my legs but dont know how to tell my mom
I can fit a b cup
I have a LOT of blackheads and a fiew pimples
I have been really tired lately and have been a bit sick, I've had a fiew cramps a week, have been really moody lately, have been craving sweets
My panties have been starting to be stained yellow like 6 months ago, I started getting discharge about a week ago
I have been swetting a lot more lately, even when it is cold, I HAVE to wear deoderant or else I smell terrible, I HAVE to shower every day or else my hair gets very greasy