When will you get your period?

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Try to find out when you will get your period. A lot of girls ask this question so you can now see when. Hope you enjoy my test and let’s get into it!

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    How much pubic hair do you have?

    How much pubic hair do you have?

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Ive (01109)
11 hours ago
@poopiana by the looks of it, it is going to be in a few weeks to a few months is all I know. Are you the same age as your mom was?
itwasthecat (42120)
19 hours ago
hey estimate me if you want.
i have big ish breasts, they are round and starting to hang. but need a lot of support.
iam 12, 13 in desember. *my mom got hers in desember when she was 12*
i have a lot of armpit hair, hair down there, and leg hair.
i have ALOT of discharge. i got it first 2years ago same time my breasts started to grow.
and have "special feelings" a lot too.
Poopiana (94577)
Can someone guess..???
I 00lb
Stomach and head pain every now and then
Mom hers at 9
Yellow discharge
Bra size 34-36 A
Pubic hair over half a year ago
Ha e to shave armpit hair evedyday
Any idea? (03276)
2 days ago
Of course no one estimates me.. oh well byeee
2 days ago
lmao months. i got mine 6 months ago
Gemma (63291)
4 days ago
I wouldn’t listen to these tests cos it said I have some months to go as I started my period 6 months ago 😂
HateMyLife (00046)
4 days ago
Thanks blah
BTW what school does LuvMyLipgloss go to I think I know her
And btw LuvMyLipgloss comes from Dork Diaries
blah (41789)
4 days ago
@HateMyLife you’ve got about 4-6 months
blah (41789)
4 days ago
What was the last question?😂😂
HateMyLife (00046)
4 days ago
Can you estimate for me?
I'm 11 years old
Weigh 97.32 lbs
Have yellow\white discharge every day at least
Should wear panty liners
Height 5'2
My mom got her first period at 10 years old
Wear women's size C2 aka 💗 and have some sports bras
My 💗 are pointy and it's uncomfortable to wear sweaters
Please help me I need to know is there something wrong with me...
mia (75241)
4 days ago
v Thank you so much!
Mia (00518)
4 days ago
@mia hi, you are severely underweight which is why you haven’t gotten your period yet, you need body fat of some type to have a healthy working body, you should see a doctor!
And yes, my names also Mia
mia (17745)
4 days ago
hey, can someone estimate me please? i’ve been waiting a while and all of my friends have their periods and i don’t, and i’m concerned something might be wrong with me.
age: 13 *mom got hers at 12*
height: 5’2
weight: 90 lbs
i have small pointy 💗 with basically no nipples that are so tender they hurt to touch, i have a few dark strands of armpit hair, my sweat stinks, my pubic hair is curly and bushy, and my leg hair is black.
Hannah (84208)
5 days ago
LuvMyLipgloss-I think you'll get yours rlly soon. So probably around like 2-3 months. I also never had spotting for any other girls who don't have it. I also got my period a year ago when I was 12.
Any idea? (95901)
5 days ago
Age: turning 12 in 2 days mom: 14
Stage2 breasts, stage 2/3 pubic hair , blond armpit hair , discharge heat and there once it was brown? . Height 5 feet weigh: 80-82 pounds
LuvMyLipgloss (90277)
5 days ago
Btw my last '💗' meant SEX
LuvMyLipgloss (90277)
5 days ago
Btw plz can you estimate me?? If you can I'll be really grateful and it will only waste a min of your life!
I am 11 years old
I use a sports bra/a/aa/aaa and my 💗 are small but definitely need support and are half rounded/half pointed
I get heavy yellowish/whitish discharge every day, which I got roughly around months ago, I should use pantyliners
I got pubic hair when I was 8/9, which is black and way darker than the hair on my head and quite full and bushy
I have to wash my hair every other day
I started getting greasy skin and spots around 8/9 and got acne at 10
I have a few black hairs under my armpits
I used to have tender 💗 but I don't anymore
I have had cramps in my lower abdomen a few times and cramps in the lower back a few times
I have had a few headaches
I have curves and bigger hips
I have grown quite a lot recently and I have cravings all the time
I eat a lot
My legs have black hair darker than the hair on my head and quite a lot
Sometimes I really want💗or a proper boyfriend
LuvMyLipgloss (17395)
5 days ago
Omigosh guys you get hair on your feet in patches like on the toes and down the side parallel to your big toe obvs 😅😆!!!!!!!!! (jokes) btw it is a bit strange though 🤔🤔 and this quiz didn't tell me how long until my period just that I should carry around sanitary towels 😭😭
Luna (15643)
7 days ago
Why the h-e double hockey sticks are you asking me about my foot hair? XD
Ugh (96812)
7 days ago
It say that I should carry pads and tampons where ever I go