When will you get your period?

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Try to find out when you will get your period. A lot of girls ask this question so you can now see when. Hope you enjoy my test and let’s get into it!

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    How much pubic hair do you have?

    How much pubic hair do you have?

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279 days ago
You have some months?!?!? What kind of answer is that?!?!?!
354 days ago
@I would like an estimate
2-4 months
383 days ago
Age- 11 and 12 in 5 months
Height- 5 ft
Weigh- 80 pounds
Breasts- small and triangular, for 2+ years and hurt to touch
Pubic hair- dark, curly hair for 1+ Year
Armpit hair- blonde hair
Pms- Cramps, headache, moody and craving
Acne- so much more than usual, like 7 pimples
Discharge- Everyday for 7 months or so
Spotting- a few times
Sweating more than usual
Most quizzes say any time now or 3-6 months

Can somebody estimate me quick
393 days ago
Not long 3 months at the most
409 days ago
Please estimate
Pubic hair- a lot, it's dark and curly
Discharge- a lot, it's watery,clear,sticky and stringy. I had this type of discharge for almost 3 to 4 month. I have it every single day and I can feel it.
Under arm hair- dark, curly and full
Leg hair- dark and curly, noticable.
I shave both every week or so.
Spotting - as I said I got it 4 months ago for the first time, and 2 months ago for the second time.
Cramps - at least 4 times a week
Bloating- almost all the time.
Sweating- all lot
Growth spurt- 2 inches in the last two months
Breast- I wear a 32A bra and they hurt to touch.
Mood swings- almost all the time.
I also feel constipated.
My mom got hers when she was 13 as well
My age- 13 years
All my friends have theirs.
Food craving- a lot, almost every day
Acne - some , especially at the end of the month
Oily hair- 2 days after
Nauseous- sometimes
I also take long hot water bath.

Please help I have been waiting for mine for a long time
417 days ago
I have to carry protection....

417 days ago
Yes I am moody as well sorry
417 days ago
And can't stop thinking about boys
417 days ago
Can someone please estimate me:

Age.11 my mom was the same age
I weight 91 pounds
Just have a growth spurt 5 feet now
My hair is oily
Acne. Mostly clear break out every 3 weeks or so and some redness
Cramps maybe every other day sometimes they hurt more than other days
Public hair dark and bushy full
Leg hair I shave every week or so
Arm pit hair I shave every 2 weeks or so
Discharge. Yellow and a lot every day
I wear a A32 my breast fill a little more sensitive lately
418 days ago
if you notice severe acne or mood swings every month or so it might be your menstual cycle
418 days ago
Hi, just a guess maybe somewhere between 2-6 months???? idk
419 days ago
Can someone estimate me, please? Thank you. :)

•Age: 11 years old (12 in a couple weeks).
•My mum was probably 12 when she got hers since that was the age both of my sisters were when they got theirs.
•Weight: I don't measure in pounds but I'm 6 and a half stone (40 something Kgs).
•Height: 5'2.
•Hair: lately it's been getting oilier a lot more.
•Acne: I don't have acne but every month or so a few spots appear.
•Quite a few cramps! (They really hurt)..
•Pubic hair: almost fully grown I think.. It's black, long and bushy.
•Armpit hair: it's black and getting long but there's still a lot to grow.
•Leg hair: blondy hairs. It's becoming a little more noticeable.
•Discharge: a lot everyday! It's been happening for over a year.
•Mood swings: get them every couple days or so.
•Bra size: A or B cup. I wear a 28 A but it feels a little small.

Thanks so much!💗 God bless!✝
420 days ago
1-3 months @unicorns good luck :)
421 days ago
Plz estimate me
I'm 12 yrs old, Weigh 95 pounds
Hair: Curlier than ever but can't tell if its oily or not b/c i wash it every day
Acne: Mostly clear, breaks out every month or so (menstrual cycle???)
💗: About 1/2 developed
Some cramps
Pubic hair: Like a bush that doesn't stop growing
Discharge very heavy
mood swings 24/7
can't stop thinking about boys
Mom was 12 when she got it
Lots of armpit/leg hair
423 days ago
@poopiana by the looks of it, it is going to be in a few weeks to a few months is all I know. Are you the same age as your mom was?
423 days ago
hey estimate me if you want.
i have big ish breasts, they are round and starting to hang. but need a lot of support.
iam 12, 13 in desember. *my mom got hers in desember when she was 12*
i have a lot of armpit hair, hair down there, and leg hair.
i have ALOT of discharge. i got it first 2years ago same time my breasts started to grow.
and have "special feelings" a lot too.
423 days ago
Can someone guess..???
I 00lb
Stomach and head pain every now and then
Mom hers at 9
Yellow discharge
Bra size 34-36 A
Pubic hair over half a year ago
Ha e to shave armpit hair evedyday
424 days ago
Of course no one estimates me.. oh well byeee
425 days ago
lmao months. i got mine 6 months ago
426 days ago
I wouldn’t listen to these tests cos it said I have some months to go as I started my period 6 months ago 😂