Top 10 most annoying things siblings do.

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  • Place 10
    When you are literally READING and they TAKE THE BOOK OUT OF YOUR HANDS!
  • Place 9
    When they tap your shoulder and then go on the other side so when you look in one direction THEY ARE NOT THERE!
  • Place 8
    When you are doing your homework and all of a sudden they scribble all over it.
  • Place 7
    When they know you are smarter so they switch out your school notes with theirs.
  • Place 6
    When they make a ton of racket so you CAN’T SLEEP AT NIGHT!
  • Place 5
    When you are watching tv or playing a game and then they change the channel or game.
  • Place 4
    When they take your stuff
  • Place 3
    When, since they are older, hold something you need over their heads so you can’t reach up to get it
  • Place 2
    When they tell embarrassing stories of you
  • Place 1
    When they pull pranks
    All of these options were in random order, were random things, and you may not have been cursed with these...


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CrystalClear_12 (40204)
24 days ago
You have the same name as me @lizziethedepressed
lizziethedepressed (56505)
24 days ago
5,3 and 2 all apply to ME i have 2 annoying is 6ft.😢