Am I Gay?

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I was doing a bunch of these quizzes out of nostalgia, because like most queer people, I used to do them ALL THE TIME when I was like, 12. That should be your first clue, kiddo. So, anyway, I realized how terrible they all were, and figured with all my experience being the target audience for this sort of quiz, I could make a better one.

  • 1
    As a kid, was there ever a friend, teacher, or celebrity of the same gender who you felt inexplicably fixated by(and probably brushed it off as “admiration”)?
  • 2
    If you’re a girl, do you have way too many “girl crushes”? Or, if you’re a guy, a simply inexcusable number of “if-I-had-to-pick-a-dude”s?
  • 3
    If you will, imagine the most attractive person of the same gender you’ve ever seen. Now, imagine dating them. Kissing. Having sex. Moving in. Telling them you love them, and them saying it back. Them, or you, proposing. Marriage. Kids, if you want them. Retiring and being little old ladies/men together in matching rocking chairs. You know, spending your lives together. How does this make you feel?
  • 4
    Have you ever had a recognizable crush on the same gender?
  • 5
    Ever had a sex dream about the same gender?
  • 6
    Have you ever dated someone of the same gender?
  • 7
    Have you ever had a sexual experience with someone of the same gender?
  • 8
    How long have you been questioning?
  • 9
    Do you have a guess?
  • 10
    Final, and most important question: How did you find this quiz?

Comments (22)


Miss Denial (03891)
4 hours ago
Hah god💗 it! Maybe I just take the hint soon, after keepings going back to these quizes and "admiring" female artists and actresses...
Anon (89668)
7 hours ago
I love guys 💖 ... ... ...
kite (40269)
4 days ago
Dave (52184)
4 days ago
Want to be sexually used call me at 949 973 2515
Anonymous (75655)
5 days ago
Hey, I have an email written up about my experienes. Can I send it you, and after, can you tell me what you think I am? I might do it anyway since it seems ok but I just thought I'd let you know.
helen nicholls (70187)
5 days ago
sometimes i like to imagine a tentacle
and hentai lol
i put a finger up my bum in the shower the other day and it felt ok and smelt bad after.
i had smegma that smelt like cheese
nelly (70187)
5 days ago
i fancy annashe is a girl at school with big boobies a red coat amd sirname els
masonmason (70187)
5 days ago
i want to wee on a girl and i am a girl
masonmason (70187)
5 days ago
this quiz is 💗 im straight but like a vag once in a while. im a flappy gal so noone wants to lick me out
Gay man (60053)
6 days ago
I like to put willy willy in other mEns' bums and POKE THEIR POO!!
XD I'm 6 and NOT GAY!
13ndgay (59416)
6 days ago
I'm gay anyone want to celebrate
Serena (68191)
6 days ago
Welp... Time to let me be myself. xD
Kay (43832)
7 days ago
100% gay! Not news Allready new Just did it for fun
Hdjdjs (14927)
8 days ago
Uhhhhhh what does it mean “DEFINELTY NOT STRIAIGHT” this is the only “Am I Gay” wesite that said I’m NOT gay “if that means it”
james (56940)
10 days ago
Definitely not straight, can't argue with that result
Hello (61289)
11 days ago
I am not a gay sterotype, but I like boys and fantasize about them. Am I gay? please help someone
is life (44192)
12 days ago
Is it like you become more gay with age? Lol
Im so gayyyyyy (88137)
12 days ago
the badge should def be rainbow
zoey101 (20165)
13 days ago
I remember the first time I took a test like this I was blasting troye Sivan and Britney Spears all night
Grace (03990)
14 days ago
When I was 10 I was scared I was gay so I would take these all the time and I was scared I was because I was attracted to girls but I also liked girls so I was confused and went with straight. But yeah no I'm bisexual.