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Loving you part three

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Love against lies, part one

"Hey..Colin!" "Hm?" "What happened New Year’s?" "I spent it with Andrew. Why?" GREAT! He knew what happened that night! *he can't keep his trap shut lol he will tell me!* "Andrew said DHS showed up. What happened?" "Oh... yeah his mom was out with her boyfriend and left Andrew to take care of his sister, who is in a wheelchair." "Oh wow....that's....wow." "Yee." *oh yeah! I remember his sister now; she's in 6th grade, right? Yeah, she is. Right.* poor Andrew...

"Colin told me what happened." "Oh, yea... He said...-" "your mom..." "yeah....." "Welp. Happy New Year." "Hah right?" "See you later, then?" "Yep. See you." "Bye" *why him, poor thing. He just needs someone to be there.*

"Hey addie, c'mere!" "Yuh?" "Read this." My mom put her phone in my hands. I read an article from the town newspaper. "They only had crackers to eat? What kind of a mom IS that?" "I don't know, honey. I just saw Andrew's last name and knew you would probably want to read it." "You thought right. Just wow..." that was the beginning of an epic love story. Keep on to the next chapter for the love and drama you so crave.

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62 days ago
I love it! So amazing, as always.
478 days ago
He really is. That is exactly how I would describe him down to a "T" you are really gonna love 8th grade😁
499 days ago
Good Please read my fan Fiction stories!
502 days ago
Thank you, I can't wait for part 7 Andrew is an amazing guy yet confusing.... I love this series!
513 days ago
Haha yeah I try to make all my viewers happy! Glad you liked it!😁
513 days ago
Ommmggggg this is amazing, thank you for clearing up the talking! Its so much clearer now!!!!!!!!!!!
592 days ago
Adrianna its a little xonfusing with the talking. Overall this is one of the best fan fictions :)))
595 days ago
Nooo don’t stop I need more...😢
598 days ago
Hi Emily/rebel! Actually, this is based on my story with my crush so you aren't stupid😂 I exaggerated a bit and changed up some names, but yeah most of what you are reading is true (or at least as true as it needs to be😉)
598 days ago
Boy, am stupid. l didint read the begining. i was thinking about somthing.
599 days ago
make more plz

did this acutaly hapen to you? i am recently going through a breakup my crush dumped me 4 me best freind :(