Does he like me? (Middle School)

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Take this quiz to see if he likes you! (I am not qualified to evaluate your relationship with this person. This quiz definitely may be inaccurate for your circumstances)

  • 1
    Do you have his phone number?
  • 2
    How often do you two text weekly?
  • 3
    You don’t understand your homework and you ask him for the answers, what does he do?

  • 4
    You’re on the topic of social media, he...
  • 5
    You change your physical appearance in some way, he...
  • 6
    You miss the late bus for school and his mom is coming to pick him up. He notices that you missed the bus, he...

  • 7
    You invite him to your birthday, and he...
  • 8
    He shows up at your birthday party, he gives you...
  • 9
    Have you ever spent time with him alone?
  • 10
    Where does he sit in comparison to you during lunch?

  • 11
    When you got the schedule for the year, who was the first to share their schedule with the other?
  • 12
    You are allowed to pick seats in class, and you and his best guy friend are in the class. Who does he sit next to?
  • 13
    You get a 99% your test, he...
  • 14
    He has...
  • 15
    When you are in a group and you go off by yourself for a little, he...
  • 16
    He is having a birthday party, he...

  • 17
    How many times has he complimented you?
  • 18
    You’re absent from school one day, then next day he...
  • 19
    Has he used any of the following words to describe you?
  • 20
    Has he ever called you “sis” or told you that you remind him of his sister?

  • 21
    Does he have a nickname for you?
  • 22
    Someone is being mean to you, he...
  • 23
    He has invited you to...
  • 24
    Does he talk about other girls around you?
  • 25
    Does he agree with you all the time?
  • 26
    Has he ever told you that he feels comfortable around you or that he likes talking to you?

  • 27
    How long does it take him to respond to you?
  • 28
    Do his friends tease him around you?
  • 29
    Does he let you borrow his things?
  • 30
    What do you guys talk about?

  • 31
    Who initiates the conversation? (over text and in real life)
  • 32
    Does he often imitate you? (When you cross your arms, does he cross his arms as well? If you scratch your head, does he scratch his head too?)
  • 33
    Where does he look when you’re talking to him?
  • 34
    Does he laugh at jokes you make?

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551 days ago
A lot of these are about social media, and texting and stuff, and
A) I do not have anyone’s number except my family
B) I do not have social media. I know he has Instagram, since when me and my friend asked him to join a meme war, he asked if he could use his own memes.