What's the first letter of your lover's name

Find out what the first letter of your lovers name is. Who has a crush on you?

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    What's important to you in a relationship?

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600 days ago
My crush name started with rv
604 days ago
OMG my bf name starts with V and my name is start with R
626 days ago
Omg!! I got my crush! I got r-v 😊😊😊( my crush’s name starts with an R! ) 💞💞 awee thanks! 😊
632 days ago
Omg I just realized my ex first name starts with v and last name starts with t
632 days ago
I got t-v and my boyfriend's name starts with c btw he's my second boyfriend and I'm also 11
646 days ago
I'm quite confused as the questions and answers are very random but it still got the initials right so um yeah...
675 days ago
it did not get the right person but there is a lot of good things written here
772 days ago
:D I got her initials!
773 days ago
773 days ago
so, this was right, black magic!
790 days ago
I got my crush! I'm so happy!
846 days ago
Hot and romance
864 days ago
Woah!!! They got my girlfriend first initial and I'm happy :)
901 days ago
First letter of my true love
1011 days ago
Erg they got it all wrong !!!!!!
1111 days ago
WRONG!!!!!!!!! none of the all tests I've done where right ):
1112 days ago
oh, I want to date soon
1141 days ago
Omg I got my actual crush!
1324 days ago
Ok ok i like this, good job :)