Am I Gay? A Quiz For Questioning Teens

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This quiz aims to help you find out your true sexuality, but through non-sexual scenarios and concepts, which will be more useful and informative than, ''Are you attracted to the same sex?'' kinds of quizzes. Good luck!

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    You are in school, in a super-boring class you don't really care about. You notice a member of the same sex you haven't seen around school before smiling at you. You:
    You are in school, in a super-boring class you don't really care about. You notice a member of the same sex you haven't seen around school b

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16 days ago
I found this test different than a lot of the others out there. For a whiel i have been identifying as bisexual after a bad breakup with a boy. He broke my heart so i decided i was taking a break from boys for a whiel. Well, what i didnt know was that even though i was taking a break from boys, that i wouldnt stop dating. In that time period i managed to get a girlfriend, but we broke up only a few months after. After we split i was thinking about how i hadnt thought abour liking or dating, or being attracted to a boy at all since my first break up. I was confused, but i continiued to identify as bi, because i figure "ive dated guys before, so i can date them again". I was wrong. In the time that i identified as bi, i was feeling sad and alone, and questuoning my sexuality. So i went online, and read some articles, watched a few videos and took this quiz. Now, I am truly being myself. A lesbian.
30 days ago
I felt a crush on my close friend (I'm a boy) I have fantasised everything with them I feel like he is my soul mate but I scared if he will not talk to me if he finds out I'm gay and I don't know If he is gay too I came out To my cousin brother as bi
But not sure if I'm bisexual or gay
42 days ago
i know i am a lesbian just felt like doing the test
104 days ago
I’m just so confused whether I’m straight or bi.
522 days ago
Have you ever looked into the label biromantic lesbian? That sounds like your situation.
522 days ago
This didn't exactly help me. I'm still very confused.
I know for a fact I have a crush on this girl cause I get all fluttery and shy around her, (I'm a girl)
I've never felt like this for a boy but I have imagined myself in relationships with them and thought they were fit and stuff, I've just never felt things for them. If that makes sense.
I know I'm not straight but I'm confused as to whether I'm Bi or Gay.
I'm also scared because whatever I am, my dad is very religious and he wouldn't accept me.

Any advice??
525 days ago
Well, cody. I was
Searching, am I gay test.

Plus, I know I'm gay.
526 days ago
Aw, I'd rather not say my name... I think I'm in love with someone too, and sometimes I feel like I hate them as well. I know what you're going through, just stick it out and you'll be alright ok?
527 days ago
Dear Cody (the Cody at OPJH),

I know that you'll never see this, but...I'm really sorry for being mean to you. The reason why I act like I hate you is because I'm in love with you. You're everything that I've ever wanted in a guy. I know that you don't like me back, but I just wanted to let you know before any of my friends find out. I'm so sorry, and I understand if you want to avoid me for the rest of your life. Goodbye, Cody.
529 days ago
i was testing out how accurate these results are because i know i am 100% gay. it said i was bi or pan and that they are “more accepted because you are partly straight” which is completely wrong. also a quick tip for you kiddos, if you are googling “am i gay quiz” YOU’RE GAY
529 days ago
This was better than most quizzes
530 days ago
A gal did this test btw
531 days ago
I got gay but i’m Not sure I think I may be bi or pan i’m Stuck here
532 days ago
my bud fell asleep in my lap so i put im in a garbage bag until hee wasnt
532 days ago
I am bi like normal
533 days ago
Welp I made bi as always
533 days ago
Same as always, I'm gay