Does He Like Me?

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Be honest, you’ve spent time thinking about it.

Does he really like you? Or are you just imagining things?

On the one hand – it seems like he could really like you! Maybe he’s doing things that make you think he cares about you, maybe he’s trying to spend more time with you…

Maybe he’s showing you some signs that he likes you.

But on the other hand…

Maybe he’s being confusing. Maybe he’s not paying that much attention to you, or he said something to you that made you think he doesn’t really care at all…

So does he really like me? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    Are you and your crush friends?
  • 2
    When you talk, who mostly starts the conversation?
  • 3
    Does he ever stare at you?

  • 4
    How often do you talk?
  • 5
    How many classes do you guys have (including homeroom)
  • 6
    Has he ever walked by you and casually touched your hair? (Flip your braids, fluff it, etc)

  • 7
    Has he ever played stupid? Like asked you a question that was super obvious? (what’s the math homework, how do you spell this, do we have a test today, etc)
  • 8
    How long have you known each other?
  • 9
    When he’s around you, has he ever like nodded at his friend and his friend nodded back?
  • 10
    Has he ever stood close to you, like closer than normal?

  • 11
    If you guys meet eye contact, what does he do?
  • 12
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 13
    Does he show off in front of you?
  • 14
    Does he try and make you laugh?
  • 15
    Do you think he likes you?

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19 days ago
Bree- I would say 90% chance that he likes you, 7% chance that he wants you to think he likes you and 3% chance that he just wants to break your heart. you make the call
ps. you if you both love each other your brother's disaproveal should not be enough to seperate you two, just a word of advice though
19 days ago
Kerri- It is hard to tell if he is a really rebellious kid who always noisy and does not let people learn then I would say he was just trying to annoy you but if he normaly a quiet kid who likes to learn then I would say he likes you as he is changing himself to get you to notice him. You know him better than I so you make the call
19 days ago
Hi, i need help on whether a girl likes me or not we are good friends but i don´t know if she is being really nice to me be cause she likes me or because that is her personality. I catch her looking at me and standing next to me all the time plz help
36 days ago
There is this guy that is friends with another guy who I’m enemies with but haven’t spoken to for years. We’ve known each other existed for four years but we’ve barley said ten words to each other. Lately there have been weird occurrences with him. The first was before school. I was in the cafeteria sitting at a lunch table. They’re the kind that are like a long bench. I sit at the same spot each day. He and his friends group usually sit down at the further end of the table, or at the next table over. My best friend Is sitting across from me and we’re talking. His friend group is sitting on the side of the other table that is closest to me. He comes and sits next to me and literally LEANS on the right shoulder and basically uses me as a pillow. I’m annoyed. I try to continue my conversation with my friend. While I do that I elbow him in the back and move some of my weight to try to get him to move. I hear his friends say something along the lines of “if I was her I’d be punching you in the face”. That wasn’t what they said exactly and I can only infer what they were talking about, but I can imagine it was my situation. He then sits back up turns his head and says “sorry I didn’t see you there” Seriously! There is no way that that is in any way true. A few weeks later I’m selling matchmaker surveys at lunch for student council Valentine’s Day fundraiser. He and his friends come up. The other person volunteering and I couldn’t find his. I knew he had filled his out right because I saw his names on other people’s lists. Therefore he had to have one somewhere eventually we find it. It took a while. We had our next class together. It was at the end of class when we were waiting by the door for the bell to ring he tells me that I must have bad vision because it took me so long to find it. Even though I do have glasses that certainly wasn’t the reason I couldn’t find it. It was because it was sorted under his first name instead of his last. If anything it was his fault for filling it out wrong. The third time was also in that class. We were reading a book as a class for our unit. We had to go put the books back up on the table in front. I go to put mine back and I feel a tap on my head and then see his arm tossing the book on the pile. So, he had hit me on the head (more like a pat or tap, it was in no way meant to be violent) with a book and said absolutely nothing. I’ve taken a few of these types of quizzes to see if he likes and is trying to pull my attention or something. I’m not interested in dating or dating him. I’m simply trying to decide how I should take these actions. If he is trying to get me to date him, he needs to try a different way because this is pushing me towards the opposite direction.
45 days ago
Bree, That’s so cute! I think that this boy named Cole likes me, he is always staring at me. But my class wouldn’t be happy with that, they all ship me and Chase, like 25/30 people think we make a cute couple...
47 days ago
I like my brother's best friend. We've known each other for like a year now and I think he likes me back but I'm not sure. He comes to my house to see my brother, but he always hangs out with me a bunch, more than he hangs out with my brother. We dated a while back but it didn't last and we broke up bc my brother found out. We were in my pool yesterday and he gave me piggyback rides and put me up on his shoulders and kept trying to tickle me and stuff. And he kept staring at me and we would lock eyes for like 10 seconds straight and he said i was fun to stare at. And he kept smiling at me and raising his eyebrows up and down and going "heyyy" and he was showing off and seeing how I reacted. Buttttt he's a little mean sometimes too like he threw a basketball at my face but that's all. So what do you guys think? Does he like me????
54 days ago
@Astrid that's so mean 💗
59 days ago
why would a boy like a lo ser like you OMG 😆
No one will ever love you
Your just a fre ak
110 days ago
So I asked him out and he said he does not like me like that and he likes me as a friend 😭 I was so embarrassed this quiz SUCKS
110 days ago
OMG myn says

100 percent you are ;
What are you waiting for?
I am so happy for you. You should tell him you like him or at least have your friend tell him. I promise you won’t be disappointed

OMG I am totally asking him out !!!! 😆😆😆
172 days ago

"For 93% you are: HE LIKES YOU! OMG! What are you waiting for?
I am so happy for you. You should tell him you like him or at least have your friend tell him. I promise you won’t be disappointed! :D"

OMG IM SO FRKN HAPPYYYYYYY! Should i ask him out?
185 days ago
I................uhh................don& #039;t have a crudh on him. He's SPED. He's totally into either me or the class president. Apparantly, it's me. Ok lol
197 days ago
it said my score wasnt clear. bruh how.
242 days ago
Ok so I like this guy named Lucas. He's really cute, sweet, smart, and funny. I have his phone number and I know he likes me. The thing is, Lucas thinks that I friend-zoned him. Lately, he hasn't been answering any of my calls or texts. I asked my friend to ask him if he still likes me and she told me Lucas still likes me. At school I talk to him just fine (of course, his friends are just shipping us), but when I FaceTime him, it's just kinda awkward. How do I tell Lucas that I didn't friend-zone him without making it seem awkward? I'm thinking about confessing soon. Maybe the day before winter break? Also, any tips on how to make our FaceTime calls less awkward?
247 days ago
wow I can’t believe this 😡😡 I WANT REFUND
250 days ago
I have a crush on this boy he is on my bus and in my gym class every time I look at he he looks at me even on the bus since I sit acrossed from him on the bus and I admit I kinda like him I really think he likes me since he always looks at me once On the bus I looked at him and I caught him looking at me and we mad eye contact and we looked to Each other for about 5 seconds and I looked away do u think he likes me. Ps. His name is James and he is one of the bad boy's.
250 days ago
I started having a crush on this boy about 10 months ago. I decided to get his number four periods before our class and made a plan. I actually did get his number, and we started texting. We grew really friendly and he opened up so much to me. Usually, he’s closed off and cold and sarcastic, but with me he was open. He showed me things that I don’t think anyone else knows about him. (Yes, the former sentence is correct, I know it’s confusingly weird but it’s correct.)
Now, I have weird thoughts - not inappropriate, but still weird - and one day he just texted me to stop saying those kinds of things. I’d get in trouble for it one day, he said, and I joked, ‘Why does Bellatrix die?” He texted, “Shut the hell up. You need to listen” and I didn’t reply. He continued, “Don’t say you like ____ or something, it can get you in trouble” and finally, “Now I’m going to let you go and I won’t say anything about it just don’t do it again.” I was touched that he wanted to keep me from trouble but also kinda miffed he talked to me like that after a 4 months of texting each other.
Then he started ignoring me at school in our next grade.
I said ‘hi,’ and he didn’t say it back. I complimented his hat once (“Thanks,” he said) and that was the end of it. He doesn’t try to interact with me.
His sister contacted me into the school year and asked permission for a document she needed. I asked for confirmation of who she was and she introduced herself as his sister and added, “He’s talked quite a bit about you.”
Now, he goes quiet when I’m around and sometimes glances at me. I go outside everyday. He’ll watch me when we go outside sometimes. He’ll just quietly observe. I’ve noticed that when I don’t use the document for a long period of time, he’ll go outside to watch me with his friend. Does he like me? Did he ever like me?
252 days ago
I don'think he like me
360 days ago
The guy that likes me is friends with a bully, and I stood up for the one bullied. He doesn’t know I stood up for anyone. All he knows is I was his friend’s enemy, and so his too.
367 days ago
Also, we talk everyday but partly because we’re on a team.

But then again, there was this one time that he was having a talk with our whole team, and he was saying you guys are doing this and this wrong, bla bla bla, except for (my name) because she’s - here he stops and changes subject