Are you Gay? (For Boys 11-16)

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Here, you will see if you are bisexual, gay, or straight.

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    Scenario 1- You are at school, working on a science experiment with your friend Tyler. You're sitting down, watching the bubbles in the bottle fizz. Tyler gasps and puts his arm around your shoulder. He does this a lot. How do you react?

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40 days ago
I'm emotionally attracted to girls, but sexually attracted to guys, I wish I had a Tyler😔
130 days ago
I'm gay btw I thought I used to like a girl but then I knew what love felt like when I met my friend Daniel but I learned that he wasn't gay...
131 days ago
it said i'm bi am i sike i'm striaght
132 days ago
@straight catholic’s usual don’t believe in gay People
145 days ago
If I was a boy, I'd be gay. Boys are so cute!
148 days ago
i am gay i have known since i was 8 and i am out to all my girlfriends. no boys know and my family doesnt know. but like i think everyone suspects it.
153 days ago
i just wish i had enough courage to come out that i am gay
162 days ago
Well can't come out, family hates gays school hates gays city hates gays life is miserable considering that the only people I've had a relationship with was online, 💗e
164 days ago
I’m straight my brother is trans but I’m straight and I partly knew that cuz I have a crush that’s a girl at my school
169 days ago
Also, whats wrong with being catholic?
169 days ago
Tyler is a fag! i dont mean this to insult all gays, but i'm 100% straight and i dont randomly creepily touch girls and take them to my house so i can rape them! Cmon we can all agree Tyler's missing a screw. (not because he's gay)
170 days ago
Jamie Jade i have the same problem, but i’m 99.8% sure that i’m gay
183 days ago
What are the odds?! My straight boy (I'm gay but know he is straight) crush (dissapointing lol) is named Tyler, my brother is named Tyler (don't think I'm crushing on my brother Tyler is a great friend that I find cute
185 days ago
I think im gay but i dont wanna tell anyone because before when i was straight people thought i was gay and made fun of me if i tell people now that im gay its just gonna get worse
189 days ago
so mostly about everybody at school knows im gay but im the only one
209 days ago
so everybody at my school knows I’m bi, even though I just like boys. I don’t want anyone to know im gay because it’s will change their whole opinion on me and everything is just crazy in my life
216 days ago
This helped me out so much, thanks I never thought I was bi but now I’m proud to be a member of the lgbt community
217 days ago
219 days ago
Religion huh?

Weird flex but ok
219 days ago
Oh and "im gay" if you turn out to be straight it can be boring so try not to be straight soo last year i have no life 😢