Warrior Cat deaths

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  • 1
    I died from falling off a gorge. Who am I? (Status will be in brackets) [easy]
  • 2
    I was killed by a tree. Some say it may have been my lost enemy too. Who am I?
  • 3
    I was powerful. I died from murder in front of all the clans. Who am I?

  • 4
    I was came to my death. Some say it was suicide. But I was protecting someone I loved. I fell to my death. Who am I?
  • 5
    I was murdered to show that my murderer was strong. Who am I?
  • 6
    I died from saving my love. She was hurt still. And the leader was harsh to her. Who am I?

  • 7
    I died from age, but not peacefully. Who am I?
  • 8
    No one loved me is what I think. I "died" once. Then I died again from a great battle. Who am I?
  • 9
    My name is hot. My death quenched the sparks in my name. Who am I?
  • 10
    No one but my friend cared that I died. My clan ran like cowards. Who am I?

  • 11
    I died first from protecting. I knew it was going to happen. I was given a second chance though. Who am I?
  • 12
    I died from an illness the clans don't know. I was old when I died. Who am I?
  • 13
    My death was one of the last in the forest. It was from a twoleg cause. Who am I?
  • 14
    I was murdered. It was the first murder that my murderer had caused and was mentioned first. Who am I?
  • 15
    I died in battle after someone predicted wrong. Who am I?
  • 16
    I died from protecting my apprentice and his sister. Who am I?

  • 17
    My death was caused by smoke inhalation. I died with two other cats. Who am I?
  • 18
    I died from illness, far away from the clans. I had one friend with me. Who am I?
  • 19
    I died protecting the nursery. Most WC fans hate me. Who am I?
  • 20
    My death was never mentioned. Cats trust me. I lumber in a forest. Who am I?

  • 21
    I was carried away by a hawk since I was deaf. Who am I?

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120 days ago
OH? I got all correct nvm hi guys I’m moonclaw and my fav warrior cat I see SCOURGE I fuc Firestar sorry XD not
409 days ago
That was awesome! I got 20/21 because I thought it said yellowfang instead of yellownose. Props for the great quiz! :)
430 days ago
No sorry change of name I'm from Windclan thanks
430 days ago
19 out of 22. One I got wrong because new books had come out and information changed for who died last in the clans. Just heads up for peeps in the future.
834 days ago
I got 21/21
892 days ago
Cool quiz! I got 10 out of 21! It was really fun.
1551 days ago
Thanks, BADGERSTAR! Great job too
1600 days ago
AWESOME QUIZ! 15/21! a brain teaser too!