Do I Like Her? (For Girls)

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Sometimes it can be super-confusing when you’re a girl—AND you think you might like another girl as more than just a friend. Life is confusing enough, but if what I just described is your current situation, take this test to find out the truth once and for all!

  • 1
    Do you think about her often?
    Do you think about her often?
  • 2
    Are you uncomfortable with the idea that you might be gay/bisexual?
  • 3
    Do you talk to her? (Texting counts)
  • 4
    Do you think she’s pretty?
  • 5
    Have you told her you like her?
  • 6
    Do you want her to know that you like her?
  • 7
    Do your friends know you like her?
  • 8
    Do you feel uncomfortable when your friends talk about having crushes on guys?
  • 9
    Do your parents know?
  • 10
    Are your parents for or against LGBTQ+ folks?
  • 11
    If your friends don’t know, are you embarrassed to tell them?
  • 12
    Are there other girls or boys in your community (neighborhood, town, school, etc.) that have come out as LGBTQ+?
  • 13
    Do you think you have a crush on her?
  • 14
    How do you feel about this?
  • 15
    Lastly, did you enjoy the test, and was it relatable?

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15 hours ago
kms it’s real when you start drawing them.
18 hours ago
💗 i like her
she literally TOLD me she didnt like girls anymore
oh my god oh my god oh my actual ducking god
she was bi and that would've made this so so so much easier probably
i know that she only thinks of me as her best friend..
that's what i hate about this the most
is that i know for a fact that she wont like me back
i actually like her and knowing that shes most likely going to leave if i do ever tell her is terrifying
i wish that i had the kind of courage to tell her, but i dont, im afraid
and my parents are homophobic im in a family full of christains..
not to mention,the girl that i like thinks that its some girl named madelyn who doesnt even exist..
what do i do now..
9 days ago
help me, she says that she doesn't like guys, but she did, like, three years ago. Also she said that she's not lesbian for like twice or something, i just overheard that. When people talk about gay she simply says "the gayness" (whats that supposed to mean though). I think about her every now and then and i cant possibly get her outta my mind. i can feel that shes not really happy with me these days... and i wanna tell her that i like her. i love her. i feel happy whenever shes happy. In other words, even if she doesnt like me back, and shes happy with some guy, i will still feel happy for her. i just...
11 days ago
what if i told her and she friend zoned me, but k¿now she holds my hand, kisses me on the cheek, put her head on my shoulder, hugs me alot, and she still calls me her best friend, i feel like she playing with my feelings and some friends said she likes me but i dont know, yesterday was valentines day and she got asked out by 6 guys and rejected them all and spent the day with ME, we went to the cinema and just did whatever, then she complained about not having a valentine, i think she wanted me to ask her but im just confused with the way she acts with me, a lil bit of help please :(
15 days ago
this isn’t really helpful for me. i know she liked me, but not anymore i think, but when my friends said she liked me i REALLY liked her back, i literally admired her, but i said “nah i like someone else”. no, i love her, but now that she’s gotten over me, it’s gonna be nervewrecking if i ever do tell her, which i probably wont.
16 days ago
The girl I think I like is almost my best friend- I've known her and been close to her for three and a half years. I'm not completely sure if I like her, or if I'm just so much of a disaster that my heart throbs when a girl platonically holds my hand. She definitely doesn't like me,,,
16 days ago
Also she is bi but has a boyfriend and is really happy but it seems like she’s flirting with me sometimes and idk if that’s just because she has a flirtatious personality but still I keep falling harder and harder for her. SHE HELD MY HAND TODAY 😖😭 but it was just to get me to class because I was being slow BUT STILL!!!! She’s just so perfect like she always tries to bring out the best in me and pushes me to do things that I will benefit from(I love hearing everyone’s stories bc they’re so cute!!!)
16 days ago
Someone help me: I used to like me friend who is a girl and then I got over it. Recently it’s come to me that I might like this boy but I don’t know if that’s just as a friend because I feel grossed out at the thought of kissing him or anything like that now I think I like that same girl again and I’m really comfortable with the thought of kissing her 😫 I need help. Idk if I like boys at all but I definitely know that I like girls...
26 days ago
I identify as bi and I know a girl. She's so so soo sweet and is cute and in the assembly today in school I kept on glancing over to her because she looked amazing. The thing is, i dunno if she's bi or pan or les or poly or has like any attraction to girls. I think it'll be a passing thing but still. I really wanna hang out with her alone but we're in like the same friend group but also kinda in different? Like I'm friends with her friends, vice versa. We talk after school when she's waiting for a person to get her and I'm walking home so I just wait time to be with her. She's so amazing, but I might just have a squish (friend crush). I also know this guy who is pretty 💗 cute, very funny and I get along well with. Please help ;-;
33 days ago
See I know the girl I like is gay and I told her that someone has a crush one her but I didn't tell her it was me and then she started freaking out because she doesn't want anyone to like her or her to like anyone else yet. It was really heart breaking because she went to me for emotional support even though it was me that liked her and she didn't even know. 😥
34 days ago
Ya see my problem is she's hella straight. She goes on and on about the boys she is crushing on and my heart breaks a little more each time. I went to a sleepover with her and my other friends we played truth or dare in the evening and one of her truths was "would you ever kiss a girl?" And she immediately said "NO. Sorry, I'm just not a lesbian". That crushed me. She is so so sweet and we have super cute conversations going on and on about musical theatre. I could talk to her all day. If I told her i liked her it would ruin everything ...
34 days ago
idk if she is bi/lesbian but she gets jealous when i talk to her secret ex(she doesnt know that i know) help me i only told 2 people and i dont even know if im bi
51 days ago
Everyone i trust knows but my dad. He is not okay with the idea of being LBGT+ as much. He dose respect it.
60 days ago
What it's she's straight? HELP 😥
81 days ago
Thank you so much! This girl named Phoebe always says hi to me randomly. We have French together, and I occasionally talk to her on our french class group chat. She’s super adorable and nice, and today I was in gym with her, and basically we were playing all star tag, and we could team up with people, so they wouldn’t tag us out and if someone tagged one team member out, then the other team members would tag them out. ANYWAYS, nobody wanted to team up with me because I’m not that athletic and then she came up and said ‘Hey Freya, wanna be a team?’ AND THEN SHE SMILED AT ME AND IT WAS SO ADORABLE AND AAAAAH. I didn’t think I was a lesbian/bi, but with her....
83 days ago
Try hanging out with her more, and getting to know what she thinks of dating girls, then try asking her out again
135 days ago
What if we already dated? And she’s partially bi/ mostly straight? Help